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    MILA: Pittsburgh Octane vs Grand Rapids Dragonfish

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    The Pittsburgh Octane travel to Michigan to take on the Grand Rapids Dragonfish this week and try to avenge their loss from last week. Daniel Tenbrink has the call. 

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    Women Who Rock In Grand Rapids with 3rd Ward Commissioner Senita Lenear

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    Senita Lenear moved to Grand Rapids, as a child, from Chicago, IL. She has lived in the Third Ward for 30+ years. She is an alumnus of GR Creston High. She is also a summa cum laude graduate of Cornerstone University with a Bachelors in Business Management and minor in Ministry Leadership. She is a mother, community volunteer, and a member of New Hope Baptist Church where her husband Dallas Lenear serves as Executive Pastor.

    Senita was voted as the Third Ward commissioner on Tuesday, August 6, 2013 by receiving an overwhelming 60% of the vote. She's grateful to have won in the primary because it afforded her an opportunity to engage with the employees of the City and engage in community efforts to get to know the issues better.

    She looks forward to representing the Third Ward and doesn't take the assignment lightly.

    Ladies and Gentelmen, I introduce to you the one and only Commissioner Senita Lenear!

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    DJ Grand Mill on LIF Talk with Cherie

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     DJ Grand Mill, a Tennessee native, is a turntablist.  DJ Grand Mill is not only a dj, but is also known as THE RAPPING DJ and is also a producer as well.  Mark 5:8-9 says, “COME OUT OF THE MAN, THOU UNCLEAN SPIRIT.”  And he asked him, “WHAT IS THY NAME?” And he answered, saying, “My name is Legion, for we are MANY.” Bishop Terry Minor (Grand Mill’s Father), had a PROPHETIC DREAM one night that was Divinely Interpreted!! In the dream: Bishop Terry Minor was standing in a room and the nations were outside all around the room crying out for help shouting “Pastor Minor!!!! Come on!!!!” Across the room from Pastor Minor was a big man balling his fist, as if he is ready to fight. Pastor Minor said ”Who are you?” the man answered him saying “I am Legion, for we are many.”  Then while Bishop Minor VERBALLY began to REBUKE him, “Legion” dropped to the floor in appearance as a CD. And before Bishop Minor COULD CAST HIM OUT OR SPEAK TO HIM (while Legion fell to the floor as a CD) it was DJ Grand Mill who appeared and PHYSICALLY grabbed the CD and through it out!! With Legion representing “MANY” and the nations outside under the dirt crying out for help, at that moment DJ Grand Mill realized it was time to fulfill the calling That God has on his Life to cast out and move out Legion with and through his music. DJ Grand Mill making beats all his life, felt the Holy Spirit in him to Rap-Preach The Word through his music. DJ Grand Mill is now pursuing God’s calling on his Life and preaching the Gospel through his music and is being a BODY that Christ will use to spread the message. 


      PROVERBS 20:26

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    Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 60

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    The 2014 FIFA World Cup has officially kicked off! Brazil and Croatia played a game that could best be described as 'ruined completely by the referee' to start things off today, and Ben and myself will surely have a few words about that one, along with the rest of the WC and our predictions for the US Men's National Team.

    Besides that, the Rapids lost a match against FC Dallas last weekend that we'll get around to, and there might be some time for Open Cup chat as well? Who knows anymore with us.

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    Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 59

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    We're here early this week! We saw a fantastic showing against the Houston Dynamo last weekend, and there's a quick turnaround to a game against the Chicago Fire. Though our shows are usually on Wednesdays, we decided to push our schedule up a day in order to bring the Rapids Thugcast to town before the Chicago match. We'll talk up the Rapids' Dynamo performance and the underperforming tendencies of the Fire. Quincy Amarikwa's 'grit' and 'hustle' will likely make an appearance.

    Oh yeah, and the USMNT played another game. That might come up with the World Cup only a short time away!

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    Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 58

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    When's the last time we had a win this good to digest on the Rapids Thugcast? The Montreal Impact came to Dick's Sporting Goods Park last weekend and were toasted by Dillon Powers and the Colorado Rapids, 4-1. Good stuff all around, and a huge three points. Theres another match against the Dynamo coming up this weekend, and we'll also chat about the US Men's National Team (We haven't gotten the chance yet!) and tonight's Open Cup match between the Rowdies and Lions on the Thugcast tonight.

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    nwo truth radio - The Grand Chessboard

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    nwo truth radio - The Grand Chessboard series intro 

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    Women Who Rock In Grand Rapids-Commissioner's Candace Chivis & Ruth Kelly

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    Ladies and gentlemen we are in for an informative time on this episode of In Life Now Radio as we listen and learn from Kent County Commissioner Candace Chivis who is over District 17, and City Commissioner Ruth Kelly who is serving the 2nd Ward in the city of Grand Rapids, MI which is a part of Kent County. Let's find out what it takes to become a commissioner and what you have to do in order to be relevant and help sustain a community!

    The first African American woman to serve as a Kent County commissioner, Candace Chivis said, "I felt that my voice wasn't being heard. The voice of an African American female wasn't being heard. And obviously it wasn't, because I'm going to be the first one." 

    Second Ward City Commissioner, Ruth Kelly said, "I had spent a lot of time getting out in the community, listening to people and making sure I understood the issues," Kelly said. "I believe in problem-solving and I think that good, well-crafted public policy can solve problems and prevent them."

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    Colorado Rapids Thugcast: Episode 61

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    It's still World Cup time, and all of our predictions are still looking decent, though that might be because most of the teams have only played one game. We'll find time to talk about all sorts of World Cup material after an incredibly exciting first round of matches on this week's Rapids Thugcast.

    In more Rapids-centric news, the burgundy boys played Orlando City SC in the US Open Cup yesterday, earning a lovely 5-2 win off the back of a Deshorn Brown hat trick. Does Pablo play another first-choice team next week against the Atlanta Silverbacks?

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    The State of Grand Rapids Public Schools with Supt. Theresa Weatherall Neal

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    Teresa Weatherall Neal has worked for GRPS for 35 years. She started out as a student worker as a teenager. She has worked in numerous capacities throughout the district including as an Administrative Assistant, Coordinator of Compliance, and Co-Director of Community and Student Service. Just prior to her appointment to Superintendent, she worked as the Assistant Superintendent of Community and Student Affairs for seven years.

    She has a love for both the students of Grand Rapids and the city itself. She, herself, is a product of Grand Rapids. She comes from a large family with deep roots in the City. She is proud of her education in GRPS and will brag to anyone that she attended South Middle School and graduated from Creston High School.

    In her State of the Schools Address, Superintendent Neal made a statement that seemed to resonate with many people in the District and in the community. She stated, “These are our students, our schools, and this is our City.” She truly believes this and is working, and has charged her staff to work, with that statement in mind

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