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    Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures - Grady Eilts on TBFS Radio

    in Business

    Host Kevin Hunter and crew took a zipline with guest Grady Eilts, owner of Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures in Silver Lake, Washington. It was a great afternoon in the woods, quiet, and meeting a few new people. It's the perfect executive team-building experience or family fun. As Grady said when we were up up the green fir trees, "'What better office is there?'"

    For more on Treehouse Island Zipline Adventures, please visit http://www.thizla.com/default.html 

    Welcome to Treehouse Island Zip Line Adventures located in the heart of the Great Northwest, located just 45 miles north of Portland, OR! Discover the excitement that can only be found playing amongst the branches, as you zip along our 6 line course! Treehouse Island is a fifty-acre paradise boasting a gorgeous array of Cedar, Ash, Maple and Fir trees for your zipping pleasure. Enjoy breathtaking nature, abundant recreation and incredible views that you can only find in the Northwest.

    Treehouse Island... be a kid again!

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    Love Coach, Cornell Grady

    in Romance

    Cornell Grady –Creator of the best-selling program Discover the Treasure Within has a new program entitled Attraction Triggers and he say’s - rather your single and happy, married, separated, widowed or successfully divorced you have to understand Attraction comes before LOVE!

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    in Entertainment

    It’s Masters of Suspense on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show Wednesday, March 18, 3 pm ET when joining Halli at her table are two celebrated authors of the genre Dennis Lehane and James Grady.

    Dennis Lehane grew up in the Dorchester section of Boston. Since his first novel, A DRINK BEFORE THE WAR, won the Shamus Award, he’s published nine more novels including GONE BABY GONE; MYSTIC RIVER; SHUTTER ISLAND;  and LIVE BY NIGHT, which won the Edgar Award for Best Novel in 2013. MYSTIC RIVER, GONE BABY GONE, AND SHUTTER ISLAND have been made into award-winning films, and the film rights for LIVE BY NIGHT are under option to Warner Bros. with Ben Affleck producing, writing, directing, and starring. Lehane was a staff writer for HBO’s The Wire, and is a writer/producer on HBO’s Boardwalk Empire. His latest book WORLD GONE BY. 

    Montana born, author and screenwriter James Grady captivated America with his New York Times bestseller SIX DAYS OF THE CONDOR, his book-turned-into the popular film Three Days of the Condor starring Robert Redford & Faye Dunaway. directed by Sydney Pollack. The movie became the father of modern spy thriller films. Besides working as a screenwriter for CBS, FX, HBO, and major studios, Grady’s journalism includes street time as a muckraker for columnist Jack Anderson after Watergate and being a cultural columnist for AOL's PoliticsDaily.com. He’s written for The Washington Post and the New Republic. He returns to the character that became a household name with his new book LAST DAYS OF THE CONDOR. 

    Mystery, suspense, a thrilling hour with two celebrated authors James Grady and Dennis Lehane on The Halli Casser-Jayne Show, Wednesday, March 18, 3 pm ET. For more information visit Halli Casser-Jayne dot com.

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    PulpCast 2.0 Ep#5 Grady & Moore

    in Pop Culture

    Join Josh Adams, Jennifer J, and Artist Adam Hicks as they jump into the world of comics like never before on PulpCast! Hear all the latest news and catch interviews with the comic book industry's best, as well as up and coming artists and writers from around the world. This weeks special guests are Jeremy Grady and Aaron Moore! Visit the website at www.PulpCast.net to find out more about the show. Listen LIVE! every Sunday from 6pm to 8pm EST, and learn about other ways to listen or download.

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    Recovery Radio Fresno with Louis Angel Matt O' Grady

    in Motivation

    The NNIA network presents Recovery Radio Fresno with Louis Angel and Matt O' Grady

    Matt has been exploring, playing, studying and applying the Law of Attraction for almost 15 years. When he was first introduced to the LOA, he knew that his entire life journey had brought him to this point and that it was his destiny to work with the LOA to help people improve their lives.

    A lifelong entrepreneur, Matt has worked in various forms of marketing and promotion for over 20 years. Starting off as a restaurant and nightclub promoter in New York, he followed his passion and founded a Holistic Consulting business in San Diego, CA in the late ’90s. Returning to New York City, he worked in the Marketing and Publicity departments of Harcourt Publishing and in Sales and Advertising at Luminary Publishing and ScheinMedia before co-founding his own magazine, canvas, and the custom-publishing and event marketing company, Footprint Media.

    Today, Matt is the acting President and CEO ofHarmonia Media. Scroll down to find out more about Harmonia Media.

    Matt also has a story of recovery he will also share with us.  If you would like to be a guest call me after the show at 559-492-0215, or at recoveryradiofresno@gmail.com.  

    We are bringing the message hope to the listeners.


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    Chatting it up with Geraldine M. Grady

    in Books

    Geraldine M. Collier-Grady Was born November 7th. She is the mother of four. In her spare time she loves to read, write and fish. She began her career almost two years ago. Her love for the craft has grown tremendously. She had a desire to write one day while sitting alone in my room just thinking how much I miss my Mom (Reverend Irene V.W.Smith, and my son Terome T. Collier my son). May they continue to rest in peace and in my heart forever. I thank ''GOD'' for giving me the gift to write.

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    Episode 9 - with Grady Hurley, Brian White, and Jason Anderson

    in Sports

    This week we take a look at V3's Nashville card and maybe do some fight picks to kick off the show!   Grady Hurley drops by to talk about his fight this weekend in his hometown of Tupelo, MS for Summit Fighting Championships.  This is the first time in approximately five years an MMA promotion has brought fights to Tupelo!  Brian White is on the show to discuss his fight on the same Tupelo, MS card against MMA veteran Jason Anderson.  Jason makes his second trip to Mississippi in two weeks to fight for the SFC against top local competitors!  I'm sure we will hear from the Usual Suspects AKA  Michael Lancaster, Ben Parrish and probably a few more! Remember, Ben has a Light Heavyweight Title fight this weekend on the Tupelo card!    Matt Weibel returns as co-host this week!!!   Tune In, Call In, TALK!!!!!!

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    Low Society, Hurricane Ruth, & C.K. NEW MUSIC From Rory Block & Grady Champion

    in Music

    Sturgis Nikides plays the blues but does it with a flavor of rock and roll, from its origins in delta blues to its far dark alternative edge. Together with the vocals of his partner in life and crime, Mandy Lemons, their music has found its home. Together they are Low Society and I will sit and chat with them about their journey as we listen to You Can't Keep A Good Woman Down, which dropped last week.

    The band Hurricane Ruth consists of Hurricane Ruth LeMaster on vocals, Dave Lumsden on guitar, Gary Davis on bass and Jim Engle on drums. They originate from central/southern Illinois, packing venues throughout the region. Critics and fans hail their shows as powerful, raw, emotional and dynamic. Their new album, Born On The River, consists of 11 originals that prove their reputation as tthe Ultimate Blues Rock Experience. We'll talk about their road to this point and how they found each other in the world of music.

    Then I am thrilled to have TWO COUCH KID NEW MUSIC SEGMENTS on the show.

    First, Ms Rory Block returns with her latest gem, Hard Luck Child - A Tribute To Skip James, a full week before it releases!  Rory and I will talk about what she has been doing since her last visit on June 17th of last year and explore her new album, the fifith in her Mentor Series.

    Then Grady Champion returns to The Couch to talk about his new album, Bootleg Whiskey which dropped last month.  Grady originally took a Seat On The Couch way back in January of 2012, and I am excited to have him return with the new album.  We'll explore what he has been up to and reask a question we asked in his first interview, "If you had not won the IBC, would your career be the same?" to see if his answer is the same.

    "Musicians You Should Know"

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    720 Degree Tennis - Grady McKee - Texas - Eye Coach

    in Sports

    Bill Patton is a 26 year veteran of the Tennis Industry. As an Author, Coach, Thought Leader, Tournament Director, etc. he has never stopped working to branch out and learn new things. Bill has written four boo See his Author Page on Amazon.  You can also contact Bill directly for discounted and signed books.  Aside from that Mr. Patton also is an account manager for TennisConnect Professional Services (TCPS, LLC), which provides incredible website services and power components for clubs and tennis professionals.  You can follow Bill on Twitter,  Facebook, and WordPress

    I have been a Director of Tennis since 1999 (and I knew little about what I was doing, but I was enthusiastic!) and have enjoyed the process of learning the difference between being a player and being a coach.  I have enjoyed how the Eye Coach system allows us to bridge the gap between beginners learning faster, talented players executing in big points, and keeping all our pros teaching from a similar model.  Their experience is valuable, but when it drifts from the program objectives it is confusing to the clients.  We have all had this happen in one way or another and the Eye Coach system helps me ensure continuity from a look and feel stand point!  We utilize the Product, the Process, and the Science in all of our drills so our program is unified despite the many opinions and options in tennis coaching.  Every club is a little different, but this works great for us!



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    Will & Carly Show: writer Grady Ellis

    in Television

    Tonight we have the wonderful & talented writer
    Grady Ellis that writes
    The Online Sitcom
    " Life With Myrtyle " and
    The Online Drama Series
    " Daylight & Darkness "

    and also will be talking about

    Topics Discussed
    Tonight **


    The Dedication " Tonight's Show is Dedicated to my BESTIES very talented and inspirational daughter Ava & Ava's Fight!







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    "THROUGH THE FIERY FURNACE" (Archived Episode) - BonaFide Talk w / Felicia Grady

    in Radio

    Archived Episode:  BonaFide Talk with Evangelist Felana as your host, and Evangelist Felicia Grady as her guest.  

    This is a powerful episode that will discuss how to really TRUST God even through the fire!  


    BonaFide Talk is on KLJN 107.7

    Visit our website www.KLJNradio.com

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