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    This is a special episode where blogger Sacerdotus congratulates students who are graduating or are graduating.  He gives them some reflections to think upon and encourages them to continue learning even after earning their respective degrees.  

    As a scholar and academic himself, he knows first hand the struggles and stresses of being a student, but focuses on what blessings a great education brings in life.  Knowledge is power and the Truth comes from God.  

    Congratulations to all graduates of the past and those who are graduating this year and for years to come!  You have made it!  You deserve it!  Now it is time to change the world and make it better than how it was when you found it!  God bless!  


    Photo credits:  From Google images and photos for Sacerdotus' own graduation. 

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    Well, it's that time of year where there are some "joyful" people in the world.  I've finally made it.....now what?  What does it actually mean?  What am I going to do now?  Can or will I make my dreams come true? Have no fear!  The Joy Dr. is here to guide you through this phase of Graduation

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    The Bastardization of Graduation

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    The Big Dawg tears into the unfortunate phenomenon of how we have de-valued and often disgraced graduation ceremonies. 

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    In the Man Cave, we want to talk about Graduation. In a man's life what does graduation mean, is at a high point in his life or is it a part of life that becomes a depressing and meaningless portion of his life. What Is Graduation
    I had the privilege of attending a graduation ceremony At Penn State University, it was my daughter and I'm so proud of her. But the graduation class of course had more women then men. So I asked again graduation.
    This Is a radio talk show for men of all ages, so please tune in and become encouraged. The life of a man is a very important one and his life should be full, So Tune into Real Men Speak and become empowered.
    I'll call a number is 718-664-6891 and our e-mail address isrealmenspeaks@aol.com, please feel free to comment your concerns and also we appreciate your feedback.

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    Back to School - Is a 100% Native Graduation Rate Possible - YES, WE HAVE PROOF

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    Back to School Show Part 1 - Is 100% Native Graduation Possible - YES, AND WE HAVE PROOF - Tonight we'll be talking with Ramona Stately who has helped her Native Students obtain a 100% High School Graduation Rate in the Osseo School District!

    She:kon and Thanks for joining Native Trailblazers!  The award-winning Native themed online radio show. Listen in Every Friday at 7pm EST with hosts Vincent and Delores! Join us live in our chat room - Here's How 

    Check out our website & Sign up for our mailing list: www.NativeTrailblazers.com  


    Vincent Schilling (Journalist, Author, VP Schilling Media, Inc.) www.Twitter.com/VinceSchilling

    Delores Schilling (CEO, Schilling Media, Inc.) www.Twitter.com/DelSchilling

    Google Plus:


    Native American Google+ Community - Here

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    This is my dissertation, Homie this sh*t is basic, welcome to graduation...

    in Pop Culture

    Since it is graduation season... this episode is for those recent graduates or soon to be graduates. Join us today by sharing your graduation stories, fears, or embarrasing graduation moments. We will also be covering the Solange and Jay-Z mishap! What?! Bey's world might be turning upside down! Of course we have some juicy celebrity gossip for you with the Hollywood Hotspot and the low down on fashion for the season! Also, you can still win a free gift card in maybe more ways than one! 

    Be sure to listen in to be our lucky caller to win a free gift card!!!

    That's right, I SAID A FREE GIFT CARD!!

    Hit the digits! 646-652-2264

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    Life After Graduation

    in Psychology

    Graduation season is in full swing. What is it like to be a graduate in today’s environment? What challenges do graduates face personally, socially, spiritually and occupationally? My guests today are two stellar high school graduates, Kimi Bryson and Symone Holmes. Tune in to hear what these young women have to share about “Life After Graduation.”
    If you or someone you know would like to be a guest on the show, contact Dr. Peg at info@drpegonline.com.

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    Now that you've graduated High School or College many incredible opportunities and amazing experiences await you...NOW LIFE REALLY BEGINS!  Life is just starting once you receive that diploma.  Join Todd & Larry as they offer advice, personal experiences, and what pifalls and mistakes to try to avoid based on their many years after their graduations.

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    CC Graduates & Graduation

    in Education

    Join Leigh this week as Leigh talks to a number of CC parents that have children already graduated or about to graduate from CC homeschool!
    This show will hopefully inform parents on ideas to celebrate graduation in order to make that day special for your homeschooled child. If you have an idea or want to contribute to the discussion, we are accepting phone calls for this show. You can also sign up on blogtalk and chat in your questions or comments to our producer.
    Don't miss this exciting opportunity to find new ways to make your homeschool experience even better!

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    21st Century Internships: Get a Job Before Graduation!

    in Work

    In this broadcast, Mark Babbitt of YouTern will talk with David Shindler of The Employablity Hub about their collaboration on an e-book titled "Internships in the 21st Century: How to Get a Job Before Graduation" -- now available on Bookboon!

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    A Conversation With Laura Hayden

    in Comedy

    When Laura Hayden is not killing patients–with laughter, she is killing it on stage as a stand-up comedian and inspirational speaker. Dr. Laura Hayden is a practicing physical therapist, touring comedian and speaker. Laura’s stand-up career started at the front of the classroom while she earned her Masters in Physical Therapy from Mount Saint Mary’s College. Her ability to highlight the humorous side of medicine led her classmates to nominate her to give their graduation commencement speech. To this day the faculty at Mount Saint Mary’s College still talk about that “infamous” commencement speech. Laura credits this as her first stand up performance.

    The impact of Laura’s humor on her patients and classmates and her personal struggle with caretaker burnout led Laura to research the correlation of laughter on overall health—especially how it affects those charged with taking care of the sick and injured.  Laura’s personal journey and research on the healing aspect of laughter led her to pursue her PhD in Physical Therapy from Boston University. The emphasis of her PhD was burnout and therapeutic laugher. Caregiver burnout is a serious issue in the medical industry and as a caregiver herself she understood how difficult it was to stay sane and positive when dealing with the stress. She found that laughter truly is the best medicine for patients, their loved ones, and the medical professionals working the front lines.

    Today Laura lends her humorous take on the absurd, bizarre and rare moments that make living and healing such a great part of the human experience. Part of her mission to serve others, educate and entertain  with kindness and humor, Laura crafts one-of-a-kind speeches and uplifting presentations that helps people cut loose and find the funny side of any situation. The prognosis . . .terminal laughter!



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