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    C.D. - Work, Work & Work - Our Internal & External Gov'ts

    in Business

    As-Salaam-Alaikum / God's Peace be on You!
    The federal governnment is back in "business", as a temporary agreement was reached, to allow it to function.
    Much finger-pointing, but it seems that Obama "won", as his vaunted Obamacare, lives to see more days.
    At a more closer view, we have our outstanding brothers, Yusuf Muwwakkil and Farid Shakir, as they go about the business of building and preserving an eco-structure, complete with farming, housing and other supporting edifices; a plan for success, a plan for the future of those who will long succeed us - if and when they qualify to run a "government".
    Join us tomorrow at 6:30 AM, on Critical Discourse.
    Invite your friends, neighbors and family members, and most importantly, invite yourselves and participate.
    A past show, featuring New Africa Halal Farms
    New Africa Hala website: www.newafricahalal.com
    Our e-mail address: criticalconvo@optonline.net

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    Dart Star David Arias Show

    in Lifestyle

    Discuss current events.
    Al J..purchase of Current TV
    House doesn't allow vote on Violence against women act
    Should the governnment bail out homeowners who did not have flood insurance (Storm Sandy)

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    Koran, Quran, Bible Burnning

    in The Bible

    A pentecosal preacher has plans to burn 200 Korans in florida. The methodist plan on holding there own rally next door. People upset, troops threatened, christians and muslims outraged, governnment officials outraged! Perhaps the scriptures have some of the answers. "Oh ye Hypocrites", you say one thing and do another when it's convienent for you.

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    David Fitzgerald Show

    in Politics

    Interview with President Damien Austin.

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