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    If you had something you didn't want anyone else to know would you keep it a secret, tell a lie to cover is up or both???? 


    This week on PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE™ -Hosted by Ms. KiKi? the crew will talk about SECRETS & LIES... Is there ever a time it is okay to reveal another person’s SECRET?  Under what circumstances is it ok to tell a lie??  What happens when people keep secrets and tell lies??


    JOIN US and help the PDA cast break down some interesting scenarios regarding secrets & lies.


    And if that's not enough we have our Producer Cousin Chan's "Drink of the Week" and our weekly “Ask PDA” advice letter!! If you want to give your two cents....contact us on Facebook, Twitter, via email, or in our interactive chat room or LIVE on-air Wed night!





    Uncensored, Unscripted, UNAPOLOGETIC!!


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    Government lies and the sheeple too stupid to see it

    in Politics Conservative

    Lots of chatter this week that a guy named Gruber blew the whistle on deceptions used to enact Obamacare.

    Is this really new? If you've been paying attention, it's just another log on the fire. 

    Let's backtrack a bit.

    The Obama's have been telling you all along you're not supposed to be engaged, you're not supposed to understand government. 

    It's an old trick. 

    And if Americans were smart, they would have caught on and expelled its perpetrators a couple of election cycles ago.

    So, where do we go from here? 

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    Conversations with Trent - "When a Man Lies"

    in Relationships

    Nearly every relationship is susceptible to dishonesty. When one or both partners hide or lie about actions or true intentions, it can tear a couple apart. In order to deal with the dishonesty, you must accept it and come to terms with it. In doing so, you might discover additional dishonest actions in the relationship. When a man lies.....

    Join us Friday at 8pm (CST) / 9pm (EST) as we discuss  "When a Man Lies"

    Call/Listen (347) 324-5327


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    How To Speak Government Lingo!

    in Business

    Join us today for Women Leading the Way Radio as Deanna Potter, your host of Sassy Sales & Biz Development, interviews Tammy Rimes, Founder of Tammy Rimes Consulting. 

    Working with government contracts and employees is a whole different world.  It takes a special approach, language, and understanding as to how they do business.  How you typically approach business in your current environment will most likely not serve the same outcome in the world of government.  So, what does it take to break into and compete in government today?

    As the former Purchasing Agent for the nation’s 9th largest City, and a consultant for cities, counties and local agencies across the country, Tammy Rimes knows government. Tammy will share with us her experience, techniques, and philosophy on how to implement and maximize your approach when dealing with the government side of the business world so that your lingo is in line and effective.

    Deanna Potter is your host of Sassy Sales and Business Development, a show focused on down and dirty conversations from real women on real challenges in how to sell. As a woman business owner for the last 15 years, Deanna has delivered stellar sales results over the course of three downward markets.

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    in Prayer

    There is a fog of lies that has decended upon the nation that if it were not so serious would be funny.

    What people are now willing to believe is unimaginable. The national discourse has become childish

    giberish as we are entertained by those who are willing to say whatever tickles the ears and fantasies of the 

    populace. There are now no limits to the ridiculus. It is clear that we are helplessly vulnerable  and ripe for deception.

    The compass is broken and only GOD can help us. find the way again. Join us for live prayer at 6:00 AM Mon.-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.  

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    Glitz And Glamour - Lies, Lies, Lies

    in Radio

    Model Angela and Houston ReRe go in with weekly gossip, caller feedback, and more! Also call-in to discuss this week's topic at 347-202-0389. Featured Topic: "Lies, Lies, Lies" Have A Topic You Want The Team To Talk About? Contact Them At: https://www.facebook.com/GlitzAndGlamourRadio

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    Government conspiracies against Islam and the Muslims

    in Islam

    Ever wondered why the Muslims are really divided, or why none of are so-called scholars haven't re-established Khalifate? Do you think you are ready to hear the #HardTruth about this world we live in and why the Muslims are being attacked all around the world? Why are these governments preying on the Muslims and making false claims about terrorism and terrorist attacks? Why aren't the so-called Muslim nations uniting under the banner of Tauheed instead of fighting and killing one another for greed and prestige? Tune in this Wednesday night at 9pm on You Tube (Muhammad Hard Truth Smith Government conspiracies against Islam and the Muslims https://youtu.be/og29Gyr97lo  ) and Blog Talk Radio (Hard Truth 0)  as we discuss whats really going on in the Muslim world and what we need to do to stop  the madness. Call in, we want to hear from you (347-324-3601 #1). Either tune in or take the LONG KISS GOODNIGHT with the rest of the world.https://youtu.be/og29Gyr97lo 

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    Government Control of Your Water, Windshields and Lemonade Stands

    in Politics Conservative

    Bards Logic welcomes Political Blogger Susan Craft.

    Our Guest: Susan Kraft or on facebook it is Susan Steffen-Kraft. She has a political group called Government Bytes(Bytes) Her blog's link www.thegrannychannel.com

    She calls many of our politicians even in other states and an avid activist in petition signings. Susan has called all 100 Senators on auditing the Fed. She says she is "always polite but very firm", once stating 'Mitch McConnell got offered a pair of brass ones to replace his cotton ball fluffy ones.'  She has not heard back on this offer. Susan also has Democrats that send her e-mails like Brain Schatz of Hawaii. If you don't hear from Democrats you are not doing your job. Bernie Sanders has also e-mailed her. Staffers of Senators and Congressmen Crapo, Risch, Labrador and Simpson from Idaho know who she is. Susan is a member of the John Birch Society and sais she usually learns from and take my cues from them. Tonight she is talking about the our freedoms that are being eroded. From collecting rainwater on your own place to lemonade stands and cracked windshields.

    Want to be Heard on National Radio? Don't like waiting in a Queue to never get onto the show? And if you do get in not being able to get out all you want to say. Want to be able to stay on the air with the Host more than just 5-10 minutes? Frustrated when you're told thank you for calling just after a few minutes of being on then told good bye and enjoy the rest of the show?

    If this is YOU, join us on Bards Logic and BE a Part of the Show.

    Please Remember to Share this Link, Follow us on BlogTalkRadio, and Like our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/BardsLogicPoliticalTalk

    Bards Logic is the Grassroots, We the People Show.


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    CWSC SPECIAL: Naimah - SetItOff!, Imam Qasim Ahmed,Coalition for Good Government

    in Music

    1st Hour: Tampa Bay Area Muslim Association speaks with William Kareem regarding the Pope's visit and Muslim engagement in politics.

    2nd Hour: Imam Qasim Ahmed

    3rd Hour: Coalition For Good Government

  • The Power over Satans' Lies

    in Christianity

    Many times we will experience times when we will be lied upon and accused of things which are not so. Today we will share with oyu on how to overcome them. Pastor Diane Winbush will provide this lecture for the listeners. For mroe information about us, please go to www.saintpeternbserg.com.

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    I. H. Elders Speak: He Who Speaks Lies Does Not Stand In My Presence Part 2

    in Culture

    The I. H. Elders will continue to speak in Part 2 of this lesson about how important it is to be truthful in all things.  Psalms 101:7  He who practices deceit Does not dwell in my house; He who speaks lies does not stand in my presence.