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    Prolific YA SF Author Jennifer Brozek LIVE on Science Fiction Spotlight Radio

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    Jennifer Brozek is a successful and prolific writer of speculative fiction  for young readers, most recently the Melissa Allen series. Also, Brozek is the author of over sixty published short stories. Further, she is one of the most successful and effective editors in her field, having edited 15 anthologies. To top it off, she has helped write and design several RPG which, for Military Fiction readers, does not stand for "Rocket Propelled Grenade" but for "Role Playing Game." She is a freelance author for several RPG companies and has helped create games such as: Dragonlance, Colonial Gothic, Shadowrun, Serenity, Savage Worlds, and White Wolf SAS. She is a Hugo Award nominee and the winner of the Australian Shadows Award for the Best Edited Publication.  Her novel, Never Let Me Leave, the second book of the Jennifer Allen Trilogy, came out on November 10, with the third book Never Let Me Die due out on December 8. Learn more at her fabulous website.

    H. Paul Honsinger, an emerging voice in Military Science Fiction is a retired attorney who wrote his first novel, To Honor You Call Us, at age 52.  He is the author of the "Man of War" Trilogy, which tells the story of 28 year old Cajun Max Robichaux who suddenly finds himself in command of one of the most troubled warships in the Union Space Navy during a war for humanity's survival. Check out his website.

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    On the Air with Marilyn Rodgriguez

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    Marilyn Rodriguez is a highly sought after coach and mentor known as the Soul Coach, specializing in guiding thought leaders and visionaries (artists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, coaches, speakers and authors) to come into alignment with their TRUE purpose. She is the founder of the Pink Heels Revolution, a #1 Best Selling Author, host of Show Up Ready Radio, an inspirational speaker and has shared the stage with Marianne Williamson, Lisa Nichols and Marci Shimoff as well as other spiritual leaders. A third generation healer, Marilyn discovered her healing and intuitive gifts at an early age and continues to transform lives with her gifts. She is the Visionary and Compiler to the book Beyond The Woman written by 50 visionary women which is set to release as a Best Seller in the Spring of 2016. To connect with Marilyn go to www.themarilynrodriguez.com."

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    Author & Actress Leanna Renee Hieber Visits Madame Perry's Salon

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    Actress, playwright and author Leanna Renee Hieber is the award-winning, bestselling author of Gothic Victorian Fantasy novels for adults and teens. Her Strangely Beautiful saga, beginning with The Strangely Beautiful Tale of Miss Percy Parker, hit Barnes & Noble and Borders Bestseller lists and garnered numerous regional genre awards. This currently out-of-print series will reissue in revised editions from Tor/Forge in 2015 and is currently being adapted into a musical theatre production. Leanna's Magic Most Foul saga began with Darker Still, an American Bookseller's Association "Indie Next List" pick and a Scholastic Book Club "Highly Recommended" title. Her new Gaslamp Fantasy saga, The Eterna Files, begins early 2015 from Tor/Forge. Her short fiction has appeared in numerous anthologies such as Queen Victoria's Book of Spells, Willful Impropriety, The Mammoth Book of Gaslamp Romance and featured on Tor.com. She is a 4 time Prism Award winner for excellence in the genre of Fantasy Romance. Her books have been selected for national book club editions and translated into many languages. A proud member of performer unions Actors Equity and SAG-AFTRA, she lives in New York City and works in film and television on shows like Boardwalk Empire and is a ghost tour guide for Boroughs of the Dead, NYC.


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    Crimson Peak Review

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    Robert Winfree welcomes special guest Jayson Teasley to the movie review club to examine Guillermo del Toro's love letter to gothic horror, Crimson Peak!

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    Black Geek Movie Talk: Crimson Peak

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    In this episode of Black Geek Movie Talk we'll be talking about "Crimson Peak" written and directed by dark fantasy master, Guillermo del Toro.  Mia Wasikowska plays a young woman swept away from all that's familiar to a desolate English country estate.  In the lonely, decaying house she'll discover secrets too horrible to mention here.  Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain and Charlie Hunnam round out the cast of this gothic horror story.  Tune in today at 1:30 PM PST to see if this highly stylized thriller is worth your hard earned money.  Or if you should skip it and just rewatch Tim Burton's "Sleepy Hollow" for the 99th time.

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    King for a Day Fantasy Football - 2015 Post-Draft Review-Gothic Conference Cont.

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    We ran out of time in  Part One of the Gothic so we're back to finish it off here in Part Two!  Join the Commissioner of King for a Day, Rick Gureski and fellow King for a Day owners Tim Sevor of Lost int he Sauce and Steve Wellman of the Meat Puppets as they discuss the 2015 King for a Day drafts.  Discussions topics will include what makes the King for a Day draft special; the impact of the Offensive and Defensive Flex trial rules; first ever defensive player taken number one overall; favorite teams from both the Gothic and Renaissance Conference Drafts and, time willing, a recap of pre-draft predictions.

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    14th Episode of the U.P. Schlock Show: Gothic Meets Ghosts

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    What makes a scary movie? For some it has to do with a masked killer for others it might be that creepy castle! If you're in that category, then you'll want to listen to the show tonight 10 p.m. central! The Shrieking Ghoul is going Goth tonight! The following movies will be talked about during the night:

    "The Innocents"
    "The Haunting"
    "The Haunted"
    "The Uninvited"

    And many many more....

    If you are afraid of creepy old houses with Victorian appeal you may want to listen tonight just for kicks of course!

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    Baron's Crypt

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    82nd Show, filling tonight's gothic macabre show is the Horror Icon of the Week Christopher Lee (and while he has passed no reason to discount his contribution to the genre and face it, many of us Horror Fans will be watching his flicks this coming week!

    Then the Spirit of the Week, Tons of Horror News, Info on upcoming shows, a Report of the Bizarre AC III (held last week); New Releases, Haunted Places to Visit, Horror History, Updates on the Top Reviews, and so much... Including Shout Outs (S/O)


    Here is the link to the Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Barons-Crypt-278247652362419/

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    Shredding Metal Beasts

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    62nd Show! Raging intensity, tired of people telling what you what do! Tired of the Job? Tired of the Boss? Girl Problems? Ladies tried of all the BS in life... This show brings the Hard Rock to Metal, even some punk music, with some Gothic Metal and Doom, Death, Grindcore and Black Metal! 

    2hrs! Playlist to found under the post for the 62nd show: https://www.facebook.com/Shredding-Metal-Beasts-675259772549628/ 


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    Douglas Clegg joins Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights LIVE!

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    Douglas Clegg is the bestselling and award-winning author of more than 30 books, including The Children’s Hour, Neverland and You Come When I Call You. He is currently finishing up several new books for publication, and his dark novella Isis will be out soon in ebook. He’s married and lives near the coast of New England.

    Available from Alistair Cross, The Crimson Corset ... When Cade Colter moves to Crimson Cove, he quickly learns that after the sun sets and the fog rolls in, the little tourist town takes on a whole new kind of life – and death.

    Available from Thorne & Cross: The Cliffhouse Haunting ... When the Blue Lady walks, De IIt ath walks with her ...

    Also available from the demonic duo: The Ghosts of Ravencrest, a serialized Gothic novel with more ghosts, ghouls, and governesses than you can shake a flask of holy water at.

    This is a copyrighted, trademarked podcast owned solely by the Authors on the Air Global Radio

  • King for a Day Fantasy Football Talk - Week 5 Preview Show

    in Football

    Join the Commissioner of King for a Day, Rick Gureski and fellow owner Kurt Kujawa of the Legion of Doom, ahhhhh WHAT A RUSH… as they recap Week Four of the 2015 King for a Day season.  Discussions topics include latest league news including a 9 player Gothic Conference trade, a review of total points and power ranks for the first third of the season and last but not least, predictions as to who will win in week Four.