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    Dream Art With Erica Goss

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    In this segment of the D-spot meet artists who have used their dreams in their chosen work. Meet painters, poets and musicians who have received images, words and musical scores in dreams and who have practiced the 'art of recollection' to turn their dreams into reality. Hosted by Poet and Writer Joan Gelfand, this show will include a call-in period for questions and answers. Today's guest is Erica Goss, Poet Laureate of Los Gatos, CA. 

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    Holly Stephey & Samantha Goss ,Sleeping Awake Photography , Beautiful Images!

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    "Making Ordinary Extraordinary " Is somthing Samantha Goss lives by !

    Samantha Goss is a Fine Art photographer. Art has always been her passion  since she can remember. She originally started off as a fine art drawer and later found her passion for fine art photography. In her own words she says ,We all have ideas, stories, and dreams. I make mine come to life through my work. Not only am I expressing my inner most personal thoughts, I am also exposing other people’s as well giving them the okay to feel. With my work I’m letting my audience think, get lost, and even become part of the images itself. We all connect somehow and how I connect to other people is through photography. I've always said, “Where my words fail me, my images speak.”

    Go see her work https://www.flickr.com/photos/sleepingawakephoto

    Read her thoughts and Images http://www.sleepingawakephoto.blogspot.com

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    Noon Day Chat with Sheila Goss

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    Sheila Goss writes in multiple genres. USA TODAY says, "Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose…" She's received many accolades in her career, including being a finalist in the mystery category for the 2013 AA Literary Award Show and a 2012 Emma Award Finalist. Her books have been on several best sellers lists, such as: Essence Magazine, Dallas Morning News and Black Expressions Book Club.

  • The Joneses Discussion By Shelia Goss

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    Keeping up with the Joneses isn’t all it’s made out to be. In this intriguing novel full of drama and plot twists, one family tries to hold on to their “perfect” life before their secrets, lies, and scandals are exposed.

    On the outside, the Joneses seem like the ideal family: Royce Jones, a funeral home mogul, and his wife, Lexi, are parents to Charity, Hope, and Lovie—and everybody wants to be them. But it’s true that money can’t buy happiness, and the Joneses are harboring secrets that can’t stay hidden forever…

    The funeral home business has been slow lately, and Royce is in serious trouble. When Lexi learns of their financial strain, she vows to hold on to her status by any means necessary—even if it means going behind her husband’s back. Lovie, seeing his beloved mother so stressed, will do whatever it takes to put a smile back on her face. And sibling rivalries tense up when Charity and Hope both fall for the same guy. On top of this, they all have secrets they’re hiding not only from people outside their family—but from each other. It’s only a matter of time before the Joneses’ perfect life goes spinning out of control and they’re revealed for who they truly are.

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    Heather Vale Goss: Creating Rock Star Content!

    in Marketing

    Vegas Vince welcomes Miss Heather Vale Goss for another blistering trip behind the 8-Ball. Live. Uncut. 100% Bad-Assery!

    Heather Vale Goss is a writer, interviewer and journalist also known as The Unwrapper™. For the past 20 years she has worked in all media: TV, radio, print and online. She has written for some of the top online publications, including Livestrong.com, eHow.com, Education.com and Thalo.com, and worked for many of today's most respected internet marketers and online entrepreneurs.

    She has also written for publications such as the Toronto Star and worked as a news anchor at Canada's #1 News-Talk radio station, CFRB 1010 am. She has hosted TV shows, numerous online radio talk shows, and co-hosted a talk show on KLAV 1230 AM in Las Vegas.

    She is known as one of the best content creators in the online marketing industry, and teaches others how to create powerful, profitable content through interviews.Heather Vale Goss is a writer, interviewer and journalist also known as The Unwrapper™.

    Another Vegas Vince Joint in association with Stay Legendary Productions. Produced, Arranged, Composed, and Written by Vegas Vince.

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    Getting To Know Authors A. Yamina Collins, Sheila Goss, and Jae Henderson

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    A. Yamina Collins is the author of the quirky short story collection The Blueberry Miller Files. She has written for publications such as New York Resident magazine, Our Town and the Manhattan Spirit. A graduate of New York University, she lives in Manhattan. The Last King is her first novel. Check out her blog at: Yaminatoday.com. or follow her on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/yaminatoday.

    Shelia M. Goss is a screenwriter, national best-selling author and a 2012 Emma Award Finalist. Her book,Montana’s Way, is nominated in the mystery category for a 2013 African American Literary Award. She has over sixteen books in print and over seven books as ebooks. She writes in multiple genres: Christian fiction, romance, women’s fiction, suspense, and young adult. USA Today says, “Goss has an easy, flowing style with her prose…”

    In February 2014, Shelia’s seventeenth book, The Joneses, will be in stores. Published by Strebor

    After embracing careers as a radio talk show host, marketing and media professional, freelance writer and voice over artist, Jae Henderson made her debut as a Christian/Inspirational romance author.

    Other accomplishments have included serving as a contributing writer for the award-winning, syndicated Tom Joyner Morning Show and a successful career as a voice over artist.Her signature voice has been heard in hundreds of commercials and even a couple of cart



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    Tomboys: Goss Save the Queen

    in Pop Culture

    Leeann Tweeden and Dana Commandatore talk about whatever they want with whomever they want in this weekly 1-hour conversation between two friends.  
    This week Leeann's good friend, Matt Goss, discusses royalty, boxing, Bond, Dirty Virgins, Strike Back (of course), tattoos,  the military, and his upcoming album.  There is even an exclusive that you won't want to miss.  

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    SeasonII TRIBE Literary Festival: Shelia Goss & JL Thomas interv. Joey Pinkney!

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    Essence best-selling author Shelia M. Goss of My Invisible Husband, The Lipgloss Chronicles and "Zane" presents, The Joneses, will be joined by the lovely lady of literature, autho,r entrepreneur of Asoral Publishing, LJ (Jamela) Thomas as they tag-team the prolific author interviewer, radio show host, and author Joey Pinkney!

    This is going to be an EPIC broadcast as these ladies delve inside the mind of the man behind the hilarious social-media "Plot-Twist" posts. But on a seriou note JP has built a literary empire most known for his widely popular author interviews, "5 Minutes, 5 Questions with Joey Pinkney."

    Sponosred, in part, LJ Thomas, CEO of Asoral - Helping your business reach its goals http://www.asoral.org/


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    A Candid Interview with Indie Music Channel Winner Gino Goss

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    Gino has performed with some of the best in music including the late Art Porter, Jr., Kim Waters and many others. Gino decided to form Gino Goss and Jammajazz. Releasing his debut CD ALMOST FAMOUS to glowing reviews, Gino is featured on trumpet, flugelhorn & Latin percussions. Through Gino’s close work with some of the world’s greatest musicians, as well as drawing from a wide-ranging repertoire of pop, jazz, contemporary, & R&B music he has been led to create aesthetically rewarding performances which capture & accentuates the warmth, excitement, chemistry, & spontaneity of his shows. Gino’s unique sound & style leaves you with a silky, sexy, smooth & mystical feeling.

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Gary Fuston and Gino Goss!

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    When two artists are drawn to the other's work, that's beautiful - regardless.  When those two become friends via common goals - one living in California and the other in Oklahoma - that's destiny!
    Such is the case with Gary Fuston and Gino Goss.  Gino is a superb trumpter who also plays flugelhorn - and has a true world vision of instrumental music.  In 2008, he formed Jammajazz and carved a new niche within independent music circles. By 2009, "Almost Famous" came to the attention of those ever-widening circles.  And now we can call Gino - some few years later - an award-winner.  You'll hear about that when our guest visits on Tuesday, 10/1.
    And you'll also hear about Gino's popularity on GHP Radio - a creation from our other guest, Gary Fuston.  Not only the host VIA GHP - but a musician as well - and a producer, promoter, composer and graphic arts designer.
    Gary and Gino discovered each other while championing the cause of independent artists - and found that they had musical chemistry too strong not to pursue.  A recent collaboration is getting major buzz: "Just Don't Want Another Broken Heart."  Hypnotic and evocative of another era - yet giving you the impression that you're hearing a new kind of Hybrid - this song has been given yet another pair of wings with a remix featuring respected guitarist, Roberto Restuccia.  That mix had its world premiere on the last GHP show - and we'll hear it again when Gino and Gary visit us!
    Here's what is exciting about their visit in a BIG way: we can discover ways that we can push the cause of indies.  It's one thing to lament the lack of support that an artist can be given - instead of moaning about it, Gino and Gary can suggest ways to help an effort that is now universal.
    And it's First Tuesday on Hybrid Jazz - so EVERYBODY wins!

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    30JK -- "The Big Boss" DEAN GOSS (pt.3)

    in Entertainment

    Let's meet the Goss Family -- Dean, Deborah, Chris & Addison... READY FOR ACTION!!! You know where I'm coming from. No, it ain't "Family Feud", it's YOUR chance to meet this multi-talented family in the conclusion of this really cool show... as ONLY "30JK" can bring it to ya! See ya then!(SPECIAL NOTE!!! As a BONUS!!! My online buddy James Greek will be subbing for me, should I be late to do the show! So tune in and check this out!)

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