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    JaQueLynne Goode

    in Current Events

    Please join us when we will have JacQueLynne Goode on our show speaking about the jewelery that she creates and her recent spread in Essene Magazine.

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    in Books

    Darryl J. Johnson grew up reading any and everything by Stephen King and sneaking to read his mom’s Harlequin novels so he learned the power of words and mental imagery from two very unlikely sources. In his adult years he was introduced to Zane, E. Lynn Harris, Eric Jerome Dickey and Michael Baisden and his mind was blown! They made mommas Harlequin novels look like a Nancy Drew Mystery and the truly erotic side of him was awakened. In high school while all of his friends were beating on the lunchroom tables with aspirations of becoming rappers he was writing rhymes for a completely different reason. He started writing poetry as a way to get people to overlook my stuttering and to get the attention of females. He was encouraged to publish my poetry by a nosy yet well intentioned ex-girlfriend when he forgot to hide my rhyme book any curiosity got the better of her. He write mostly erotic short stories and poetry that delve into the depths of sex, love, lust and everything in between. He enjoys telling people "I don’t have a dirty mind, I have a sexy imagination". Recently He's embarked on a journey of introspection because like Aristotle said “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” The original title “Mental Penetrayshun” was inspired by one of his favorite songs by Dead Prez called “Mind Sex” and because everything is written in such a way that a vivid mental picture is painted of a very sexual nature. He says he misspelled penetration on purpose because "misspelled words tend to stick out in people’s mind".

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    The Biblical Counseling Moment with Stephen Goode

    in Christianity

    Responding biblically to unplanned pregnancy.

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    Elena Goode

    in Entertainment

    Rising star Elena Goode is as adept at portraying a strong, passoniate woman as she is playing a vulnerable and complicated character.  This fresh-on-the-scene Puerto Rican beauty is currently starring in the festival hit, Elliot Loves, written and directed by Gary Terracino, and receiving a lot of buzz from critics and fans.  Elliot Loves follows the adventures of a boy at two stages: as a nine year old who is best friend to his single, barely-keeping-it-together mom, and as a 21 year-old looking for love in New York City.  Deemed a ‘Latin spitfire’ by a reviewer for her role, Goode plays a single mother raising a Dominican-American son who is full of heart and hungry for love.   The film won “audience choice” at Miami Gay and Lesbian film festival and will showing at the Kansas City Film Festival, Q Fest in Philadelphia, Outfest in Los Angeles, New York Latino Festival and Giffoni Film Festival in Italy. 

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    Determined To Live with Lynette R. Goode

    in Women

    Meet Lynette R. Goode

    After  having the Gastric Bypass she endured over 48 surgeries because of complications. 

    For years Lynette ate through a feeding tube. She is a living,breathing, walking miracle. 

    If we lived based on statistics, Lynette would be dead. She should not have survived what she went through. But we don't live our lives based on statistics,experts or in the natural. We, as belivers live  by FAITH. 

    Listen as Nicole  chats with Lynette about her victorious testimony and her book "Determined to Live" 


    About the Book

    Determined to Live brings awareness to the epidemic of obesity. Lynette was obese the majority of her life. This was a result of not knowing proper nutrition growing up. Because of health reasons she was faced with making the life changing decision to have gastric bypass surgery. Traditional weight-loss methods such as strict dieting and
    exercise did not work for her. This is her story. 

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    The Biblical Counseling Moment with Stephen Goode

    in Christianity

    Responding biblically to unplanned pregnancy.

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    Kp Radio Hawaii 6-23-15... "What is Going on with these Energies?!?!?!"

    in Education

    This felt like a High Energy show.

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/06/23/kp-radio-hawaii-6-23-15-what-is-going-on-with-these-energies

    Talked about (among other things):

    The multifaceted layers of energies playing out right now… collectively and individually.

    Examples from Kp life and others.

    Mauna a Wakea events and connections to dissolving of the old paradigms.

    Corey Goode’s Mars colony disclosure, and how it is related to all of this.

    The energies are like Sandy Beach trade swell waves… rapid fire.

    Going with the flow of these “Sandy Beach wave” energies is fun, and we can all do it.

    MP3 download link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2015/06/23/kp-radio-hawaii-6-23-15-what-is-going-on-with-these-energies.mp3

    [Pre-show notes: “Well, the title says it all…”]

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    Kellogg's Komments - 2014 NFL Draft - Hood Goode and Van Dyk

    in Sports

    Analysis! Interviews! Commentary! Join Greg Kellogg and special guests as they talk about everything from the absurd to the zany in this weekly football gabfest!  Join Wally Spurlin and Greg Kellogg as they talk about the NFL!

    Wally and Greg interview 2014 NFL Draft Prospects Arizona DT Tevin Hood, Kent State WR Tyshon Goode and Portland State OT Mitchell Van Dyk tonight!

    Call-in Number: (347) 826-9620

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    Milling About with Matthew Goode

    in Entertainment

    Matthew Goode or Goody as his friends call him, joins host Robin Milling to discuss his career turning role as a creepy psychopath in Stoker. Matthew tells Robin some of the belt strangling scenes got a bit dangerous, causing his co-star Alden Ehrenreich to gasp for air, but says Nicole Kidman was a real trooper insisting he go for it!
    The Watchmen star is also going for it on the small screen, starring in the upcoming Showtime series The Vatican where he'll be playing the papal secretary Bernd Koch opposite Bruno Ganz' pope. He tells Robin he is nervous to be directed by Ridley Scott who's late brother Tony also produced Stoker.
    Matthew also hopes to grace the New York stage some day in a production of The Glass Menagerie, a play that is dear to him as he cut his teeth on Tennessee Williams' monologue before starting University in England.
    For more information on Stoker visit http://www.foxsearchlight.com/stoker

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    Stephen Goode talks about Marriage Triage

    in Romance

    Stephen takes the next few weeks to discuss his newly released book Marriage Triage and takes calls.

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    Beantown Pals, The Adventures of Bucky and Betty with Nancy Goode Talalas

    in Family

    Tom Hayes and Tommie 'Enzo Cannellini' Kussie speak with Nancy Goode Talalas, author, illustrator, artist, filmaker, wife and mother. Nancy wrote and illustrated the book, 'My Private Places' to inform children about the importance of honoring their bodies and insure that private places remain, 'private places'. This week Nancy premiered her first film and iMovie entitled, 'Spread the Word' on youtube. Join us as we hear the audio track to this film and hear the story of how it came to be.

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