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    BOOK VS MOVIE #1: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil PART 1

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    Welcome to BOOK VS MOVIE!

    Join Margo D. (Brooklyn Fit Chick) and Margo P. (Nacho Mama's Blog) as we discuss which was better, the book or the movie.

    On today's show: Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

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    GOOD vs EVIL Morning Show with Christopher Reburn & Jenny Stewart

    in Spirituality

    The Morning Show with Christopher Reburn & Jenny Stewart is back and better than ever! Don’t miss Christopher & Jenny together again discussing some of your favorite paranormal and spiritual topics! It’s always fun and informative when Jenny & Christopher get together! 

    TOPIC FOR THIS SHOW: Good vs. Evil: How To Tell & Know The Difference

    ‘Conversations with Christopher' may be heard from your computer or smartphone from anywhere in the world! The show is on iTunes at http://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewPodcast?id=269150491

    Want to learn more about your spiritual journey? Check out Christopher's courses! Details at http://www.thepsychicspirit.com/spiritght.html

    Visit Christopher online to book readings, prayer & healing center and more at http://www.reburn.org/

    Learn more about Jenny Stewart, her Paranormal Research & Resource Society team and her mission for helping people learn more about truth, knowledge and integrity within the paranormal arena at http://www.prrsociety.org

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    "Blurred Lines... Gay vs Straight, Sexy vs Classy, Good vs Evil

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    Did you miss last year’s classic episode of “The Dedan Tolbert Show”, where we discussed “Blurred Lines”, focusing on: the difference between metro sexual and gay, classy vs sexy, good vs evil and wife vs freak? To also hear our discussion on the breakups of Khloe & Lamar, Kris and Bruce Jenner, Preachers of LA, gay pastors, the Government Shutdown and MANY other topics…tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a special rebroadcast. Listen 7 nights a week by calling 646 200 0366 or online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com... “Real Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    Psychic Predictions 2015, Spiritual war between Good and Evil

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    I will focus on my 2015 predictions and more on the spiritual war between good and evil. I can see it more everyday.  People are acting like zombies and thre is more road rage and anger in general.  

    I will answer psychic questions as well. Just call in to the show. 


    Love and Light, 


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    CULTURE WARRIORS: Good vs. Evil Governments

    in Politics Conservative

    Debra Rae and Audrey Russo join Sharon to talk about Gov't Abuses, Laws and Taxes on this Tax Day. Such as the Nevada rancher, Clivan Bundy vs. the FEDs; violation of free speech; international and Middle East abusive laws and more...including Pres. Obama's 2013 tax return...guess how much he gave to his church...to charity? Lots to talk about as we look at historically and currently worldwide -- what government actions and laws are abusive and would you check off as constitutional or unconstitutional; and 'evil' or 'good'? 

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    Glitz And Glamour - Good Parenting Vs. Bad Parenting

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    Model Angela, Desi, and Houston ReRe go in with weekly gossip, caller feedback, and more! Also call-in to discuss this week's topic at 347-202-0389.

    Featured Topic: What is good parenting versus bad parenting?

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    in Christianity

    Good vs Evil Part Three by Theologian and Radio Talk show host of "This Added Life" Dennis Vetrone. 

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    The Evil Stepmother Book & Class: The Saga Continues, Chapters 4+

    in Women

    Our stepmother saga continues as we study chapters 4++.  Yes, it's time to talk about the kids and our homes.  What's the story with our houses anyway?  We probably did not think about our housing when we remarried, but it becomes an issue.  Where are the boundaries?  Do we have any space to call our own?  Got to read the book and join class to find out!

    If you are having one of those times where you just don't feel as if you can figure things out on your own, that is what I'm here for.  Just send me an E-mail at Barb@TheEvilStepmotherSpeaks.com.  Or see my website under Stepmom Support http://theevilstepmotherspeaks.com/stepmom-support/

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    "The Good vs. The True" - Page 12

    in Spirituality

    True, it is: we find ourselves living in the most auspicious of times, an era in which advanced scientific minds and other quantum theorists have pretty much proven the unity of all things. True it is: scientists give much better demonstrations than mystics! However undeniable, these proofs are yet to assist the individual or the collective to “love the neighbor as ourselves,” stop the wars and find their fulfillment as they bless the planet’s evolution. What’s missing? What aren’t we ready to accept the truth that will change our life? Why believing in scarcity and giving our power to fear – indeed False Evidence Appearing Real?

    Greek philosophers have given us a clue, while revealing the triple gates of the Good, the True and the Beautiful, meant to open the soul to the Eternal. The gate of the Good is opened by Religion; the gate of the True, by Science, and the gate of the Beautiful, by Art: Religion, Science and Art are across cultures the foundation of Wisdom Teachings. Whereas Science is certainly fulfilling its role of demonstrating the True (e.g.; e=mc2), it appears that Religion is failing its mandate of revealing the Good!

    The very fact that we would have a plural for the word “religion” does imply comparisons (good vs. bad): right there, this is where we miss the mark! It is then not so surprising that various religious institutions would promote, in subtle and not so subtle ways, a deep investment in the illusion of separation; e.g. ‘our “God” is better than your “God,” and if you don’t convert to our faith, you’ll go to Hell!’ Because Religion refuses to grow up, Science cannot come into its maturity. Both sides now are acting as a stubborn ostrich with its head conveniently planted in the ground, not wanting to really understand what is at stake for the other or the whole.

    Tune in for more...


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    Ep.2: Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil PART 2

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    Welcome to BOOK VS MOVIE!

    Join Margo D. (Brooklyn Fit Chick) and Margo P. (Nacho Mama's Blog) as we discuss which was better, the book or the movie.

    On today's show: PART TWO of our discussion of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

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    Is There A Such Thing As Good vs. Evil?

    in Entertainment

    Welcome back to LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER radio w/Tone & LB for another edutaining experience. 

    LIFE.LOVE.LAUGHTER radio w/Tone & LB is a place where we bring the wisdom, knowledge, and experiences that we have acquired so far in our journey, to those who may be curious about whats really happening in the world or those who may just be looking to have fun listening to something entertaining, but also enlightening. We are a edutainment based radio show where we are open to all topics and we encourage callers to call in and speak and say whatever they want with the mindset that we are all here to learn from each other.

    Shows include: music, giveaways, special guests (not every show)

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