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    Hear Some Good Jazz On The Good News Good Music Show Tonight!

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    Hey Everybody Wishing You AND Family A Great Holiday! 

    Come On And Relax By The Best Jazz Played by Mathell Givens Host of The Good News and Good Music Radio Show!

    Tune In And Jam To The Smoothes Jazz On This Hot Summer Day!

    Mathell Givens Is Not Only Your Host But She Is An Author of A Book Entitled "Angels in My Life"...Also Available on "Audio".... To Order Contact www.iuniverse.com 

    Thank You For Listening Every Monday at 5:30pm  Call in No. 347-826-7436

    Many Blessings And Much Love!



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    Monday Blues On The Good News And Good Music Show!

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    Welcome Blues Lovers...

    To the "Good News Good Music Radio Show"...

    Your Host "Mathell Givens"...

    Play The Best In Blues This Evening!






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    Nothing But Good Music!

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    Good Inspiring Music! Awesome Groove To Make You Feel Relaxed!

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    The Music Scene with Apokolyptik Sikkness

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    The Music Scene features artists and bands interviews and performances LIVE from Las Vegas, NV USA.

    Special thanks to Improvroc Recording Studios for sponsoring our show and allowing us to broadcast live from thier location.

    First guest for the Dec. 9th 7 pm PST episode is Seth Steinmetz aka Apokolyptik Sikknes.

    He will perform and be interviewed by Stephanie DeGraw.

    The second eposide of the night will follow featuring  Darion D'Pocket who performs and be interviewed by Sookie Session.

    If you would like to sponsor or be a guest of the show email us at 




    Apokolyptik Sikkness 

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    Music Talk

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    we talk about the latest music and then we listen to it

    This episode

    Tove Lo

    Taylor Swift

    Shawn Mendes

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    Author,Wellness Entrepreneur James M. McLester stops by Good Deeds w/Dr. Sunday

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    James Michael McLester is in need of a life-saving kidney transplant.To know James is to know he loves music.  He attended his first rock concert at Tarrant County Convention Center in 1978 at age eleven in Ft. Worth, TX. From that point forward, he knew that is what he was born to do and so he set out to follow his dream to become a 

    rock star.  Those were some turbulent days but, through the grace of God, James has reconciled with his family, long-term girlfriend and is a professional drummer/musician with his Christian band SuperNova Remnant, Temple of BOOM with DJ Drue Mitchell of JUCE TV, 

    Manafest, and the worship team at Crossroads Tabernacle Church. However, when James was in his early thirties, he had a near-death experience soon after being diagnosed with end-stage renal disease.  It was due to mercury toxicity leaching from the many silver fillings drilled into his teeth at a young age.  Fortunately, James has been placed on the list for a kidney transplant at the Texas Transplant Institute in San Antonio.  Though lifesaving, transplantation is enormously expensive.  A campaign has been established in James’ honor with HelpHOPELive, a nonprofit organization that has been assisting the transplant community for 30 years. If you are able and would like to help, please consider making a contribution by calling 800.642.8399 or visit helphopelive.org and search for James 



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    Pedii Talks Music ep. 23

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    Our twenty-third episode. We will have an interview along with songs from Bambizzle our featured artist!!! check out more songs from him at @bambizzledc https://soundcloud.com/soamazingmusic and don't forget to like us on facebook to always know when to tune into the best music radio podcast in the DMV area.https://www.facebook.com/PediiTalksMusic

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    Is Ur Music 4 The Hood Or The Good Of Humanity & Wld Tupac Be Proud Of Ur Lyrics

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    Most hip hop artist today are quick to tell you how much they admired Tupac Shakur and how he influeced them in their music...But when I listen to the lyrics of today and the overall messages in hip hop music today...I beg to differ!!!  Though some seek to debate it, Tupac Shakur was one of the most influential hip hop artist and poets of all time!!!      His music spoke about the plagues of racism and poverty and how it creates violence, despair, and pain and how imperialist violence and war impact domestic racism and poverty...

    But, let me say this; for those who have a lazy way of thinking about Tupac's music...only to focus on songs in his later years that had heavy themes of consumption, violence, misogyny, and capitalism, so many of his songs truely reflected his poetic abilities and social consciousness...Though Tupac had (some, not all) songs with capitalist consumption and patriarchal bravado (I believe we call it SWAG today) many of his songs really discussed the intricacies of poverty, race, class and gender...for instance the hit song "Keep Ya Head Up", which was a huge hit single in 1993; ...which was a great message he used as a upliftment and empowerment tool for women and a call for men to do what's right...

    So how did we go from Tupac's "Keep Ya Head Up" , to the crazy whacked out blunt ambigous lyrics of today's music...Tune in, & check us out right here on the creation station that plays them hitsssssss ya'll...The Get Heard Show!!!

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    Recording Artist,Producer Tamika Dunning stops by Good Deeds w/ Dr. Renee Sunday

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    Tamika Dunning’s, All I Am, is a remarkable triumph of artistic brilliance. Tamika’s beautifully 
    skilled voice takes you on an epic journey through childhood, friendship, family, love and 
    loss. Every sense you have will be aroused and seduced by an authentic voice that takes you 
    to a time when music was lyrically rich and the vocals were complex and the instruments 
    masterful and real. No synthesized music here; but live instruments hewed by the creative 
    hands of geniuses and craftsmen whose love for music glares through like sunshine and 
    pierces your soul.
    You will love this album if you have breath in you.
    Tamika’s unique style will captivate those who are alive and who have ever loved or 
    triumphed or lost. It’s for the every person; A truly rare artistic masterpiece.
    From the jazz hit Just the Two and the beautiful R&B soul hits, Paper Chase and Obsession, 
    classic sounds of I Found You, and the pop dance hits of Me and You Against the World and 
    Back To Me, to the country soul wonders of Family and That’s the Way Life Goes you will be 
    taken on a journey that moves your soul. Why and the other songs on this album will leave 
    you asking for more.
    There are twelve hits on this album. Enjoy this wonderful achievement.

    IMEA Award 2014-R&B/Soul Album of the Year “All I Am” 
    ? Nominated for two IMEA Awards 2014-R&B Album of the Year “All I Am” 
    Song of the Year “Why” 
    ? Named One of the Top 5 Artists to Watch by ReverbNation 
    ? #1 on ReverbNation for R&B Soul, Atlanta, GA 
    Currently in Top 10 on ReverbNation 
    ? Selected as a writer for the Songs of Love Foundation 
    ? Working on Second Album 


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    Good Music

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    New music from rappers in Memphis!

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