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    'No Money-No Honey: Great Sex Does Not Pay The Bills!"

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    Please Join Spices Of Life As We Discuss Women, Money, and Sex! Thursday April 23, 2015 @ 8/7 PM EST! 

    Too Many Times When People Hear Money And Sex In The Same Sentence They Automatically Think Prostitute Or Gold Digger, Why Is That? Why Do Men Think It Is Ok To Play But Do Not Think They Should Have To Pay? Will You Date A Man/Woman That Only Has Great Sex To Offer? What Happened To Knowing Your Worth As A Queen/King And Setting Standards And Goals For Yourself In Both Your Financial And Sex Life? Why Can't These Goals Coincide To Achieve A Common Goal...Does That Make You A Prostitute Or A Gold Digger?

    To Add Your Spice To The Conversation and Answer These Questions And Many More

    Call 914-803-4501 And Be Sure To Press 1 Only One Time!

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    Confessions of a Golddigger by Lisa Maria Carroll

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    Lisa Maria Carroll Author of Confessions of a Gold Digger will be on The Love Zone USA.com to talk about her book "CONFESSIONS OF A GOLD DIGGER" find out what White Women know that Black Women don't via our Guest this Thursday 9/27 on The Love Zone USA. To advertise on this or any other of The Love Zone USA.com episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com

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    Tonight on Re-Evolution Radio we discuss, "The Year of The Simp" and the effect the simp mentality has had on the roll of the Father in the household. Join in on this discussion with our full panel tonight on Re-Evolution Radio's DE-Cypher. 347-855-8862

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    Image of a Black Woman: Hollywood Style

    in Pop Culture

    Black women are either portrayed as the sex vixen, the bitch, the mouthy one, or the golddigger. What's up with that ? Mo' nique (who is now blackballed in Hollywood) won an Oscar for portraying an abusive pedophile mother, Halle won in a role getting her back blown out by Billy Bob, on reality shows black women are loud & boisterous, Olivia Pope, Mary Jane and Annalise Keating are all mistresses...and Cookie...well...Cookie is just Cookie. Lol! Let's dig into it...join us and Don't Bite Your Tongue. 6pm 646-716-5470.

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    Why do Older Men leave their Wives for Younger Women

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    Find out why Older Men really leave their Wives for younger women and contrary to popular belief it is not always sex.  Your Host Mike T explores this Hot Topic on The Love Zone USA.com.  If you have an opinion about this topic be sure to call in at 347-539-5729   To Advertise on this or on any of The Love Zone USA.com episodes email sales@masterpiececorp.com

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    Off the Cuff Radio featuring Madison Jay

    in Entertainment

    If you're a fan of Hip Hop and Wrestling then this is the show for you. On this episode of Off the Cuff Radio, We're gonna feature RDU emcee Madison Jay! 

    The main topic of this show is we're gonna tackle Golddiggers. Who should hold the crown for the most notorious Golddigger of all time? How did it become accepted in today's culture?  This will definitely be a interesting show!  

    We're also gonna be talking about the Grammy fallout, The Up and coming NWA movie,  Drake's surprise album,  J Prince coming out of the shadows,  and  celebrating the release of ILa R DaSandman? and Sage Mckenzie? OTG album. Wrestling fans call in too because Madison is a HUGE fan of Wrestling as well. 

    Instagram Thots aint safe!


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    the topic of black men dating races other than black women has come up recently in my home.because i date white women i have decided to get in on the noise.i have my own reasons for not dating them,but i will also go through what other people say.i have had bad experiences with black women,and no good ones.i will try to be fair,but i will as always be brutally honest.if i offend then i have done my job,you know the number.

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    Golddigger vs Panty Radier

    in Lifestyle

    women are you called a golddigger becuase you expect a man to wine, dine and shower you with presents?  guys do you expect a woman to sleep with you after you have wined and dined her (or just bought her a couple of drinks?)  What is your defination of a golddigger and at what point should a man expect sex from a woman?  let's talk about it!!!

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    The Red Lipstick Files Ep2: I Ain't Saying She A Golddigger

    in Lifestyle

    I Ain't Saying She a Golddigger Part 1:  
    Dating a man with money can be a tricky thing...especially with  the sideeyes that come along with it.  So what's the big deal with women being gold diggers?  She wants a man with money, he wants a chick who looks great....or is there more to it?What exactly makes a woman a "gold digger"?  Is that any different from being a pure opportunist?  What usually comes along with these arrangements?  So many questions and I have the answers.  
    Join us Thursday January 31st at 11:30 PM/EST as we explore the world of sugar daddies, sponsors, benefactors, gift givers and the women who enjoy the life these men provide.

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    Why You WANT Your Dream Girl To Have A Little Gold Digger In Her

    in Lifestyle

    The MANformation Weekly Podcast is out! In this week’s episode,  we talk about the biggest fear that plagues every man who has become wealthy (or plans to become wealthy someday) . . . the GOLD DIGGER! But let’s think about that for a moment. Maybe a woman with a little gold digger in her is GOOD for you. If you’ve been trained by society look down on a woman who is attracted to a man who has earned a lot of money, this podcast will get you to think.

    “I remember when Gene Simmons’ wife was asked in an interview if she’d still be with him if he wasn’t a rich and famous rock star. ‘No. Because then he wouldn’t be Gene’” was 

    her answer. – Adam Ference

    Join your hosts Skip La Cour and Adam Ference for some “Bro Talk” as they challenge society’s stereotypical views of the “gold digger.” Sit back, relax, and have some fun with 

    you new brothers-from-another-mother. Hint: Don’t forget to visit http://manformation.com/golddigger for a free bonus video!

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    MONEY OVER MEN: I don't need love

    in Moms and Family

    golddiggers, sugarbabies, whatever you want to call it. I only have time for men that can provide me with monetary means. this lifestyle is not for everyone.But I know you are curious of what it is about. They're are so many judgmental people. Let's talk about it!!!!!!

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