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    Insights into where your Soul is going through Astrology

    in Spirituality

    Evolutionary Astrology: I have a special guest on today's show.  Allison- is an Astrologer from the Boston area for a number of years, she was introduced to Evolutionary Astrology.

    My first show Allison was the guest which premiered April 20, I encourage you to listen to this show, its very powerful. All my archived shows are listed, and you can listen from my website at www.youhavethepowerwithin.com/radio show.

    My special guest Allison Ahearn from the Boston area. Allison is an amazing Astrologer, loves fine arts, dreams interpretation, Reiki practitioner, and taken classes in Evolutionary Astrology, her website is www.artastrohealing.com.

    Eclipses - what influence do they have?

    Evolutionary Astrology- what is it, how it helps you? why you are here.

    How Astrology guides us?

    They undoubtably play a role in the big picture.

    Pluto's correlation to the Soul? Placement in a birth chart.

    How one's birth chart or Natal chart is used in Evolutionary Astrology

    I'm Del- Intuitve, Reiki Master/practitioner: Owner and creator of youhavethepowerwithin.com.

    I work with people who are stuck, confused, worry and sometimes have fear. I use my Intuitive,psychic, mediumship abilities, and my abilities as a Reiki Master/practitioner, so they can move forward with their life with more clarity, freedom, harmony and flow..  www.youhavethepowerwithin.com. 


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    Success Through Diligence: Going Into Battle

    in The Bible

    Last week on "Christ Voice of Thunder", we learned by Jesus' example, we are able to "Rule in the Mist of Battle" (Matt. 8:20-27).  

    Your "Peace" is the proof of your victory. 

    This week we will continue our discusion "Success Through Diligence". We must learn how to walk in victory during battle. Jesus has given us authority to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing will injure you. We must believe this in the midst of trials and temptations.

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    Through the Looking Glass w/ Janet Lee-All by MySelfie

    in Spirituality

    Recently, I was crowned the Selfie Queen among my circle of friends. And it is true. I am always taking selfies. I take selfies because I am often by myself when magical things happen in my life. Hence the newest social media term "All By Myself-ie" (You heard it here first!) This week, we welcome the world's foremost self portrait expert, Raji Kelley! Her work is astounding and she is sharing it in a workshop called Selfie Love self portraits as an act of radical self love, expression, and freedom.

    I hope you will join in to our conversation and consider calling in to ask questions and make comments. Let's set an intention to change the opinion of Selfie Queens and Kings...radical self love is the way!!

    Call in and talk to Janet Lee and Raji! The number is (646)915-8288.

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    All About Service Dogs Hosted by Doc Vencil Featuring Morgan Elizabeth Hetzel

    in Pets

    In this episode we will interview Morgan Hetzel. Morgan is a young Service Dog Trainer who has trained her own service dog and now trains dogs for others. This young lady works with her clients to assess and train potential service dogs and trains the dogs with the owners.

    Please join us as we explore the world of service dog training through the eyes of this young trainer.

    This show is a production of Saint Bernards Service Dog Academy, Inc. A non-profit, tax exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. This is a listener supported broadcast and we appreciate your giving to support this show through PayPal at stb.sda@aol.com or email us for intructions in giving.

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    The Tufts Get Going! "Sharis Rhodes"

    in Hip Hop Music

    9 am Eastern, 6 am Pacific: "The Tufts Get Going!" host Rosanna Tufts:

    "Sharis Rhodes." Meet a star in the making, calling from Hollywood! Sharis has been burning up the local charts there, with her eyes set on breaking through nationally. Lady E joins me this morning to interview her, and play "Single and Lovin' It," "Wait Mix," and "Welcome to the Spotlight." Do you hear a hit? 

    Her manager will also be with us: John E. Williams III, who started out as a DJ and went on to become a tour manager for many top R&B and Rock bands -- and then caught the musical theatre bug, rising as high as playing the Beast in Beauty in the Beast on a national tour, and Jekyll & Hyde in London. He is currently the CEO of A Class with Broadway, a nonprofit which educates teenagers about Broadway. 



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    All About Service Dogs Hosted by Doc Vencil Featuring Wendy Palmer Hallenbeck

    in Pets

    This episode we will feature Wendy Hallenbeck The owner of Thistle Ridge Diabetic Alert Dogs and VP of the Diabeties Alert Dog Alliance. We will discuss these two groups and their purose in our community.  We will also discuss other topics such as puppy enrichment, Diabeties alert training, purpose bred service dogs, and a little about Wendy's history. We invite you to call in with questions and comments, when prompted.

    This episode is produced by Saint Bernards Service Dog Academy, Inc. A non profit, Tax Exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. This is a listener supported broadcast and we appreciate your support through PayPal at STB.SDA@aol.com. Or email us for directions on how to give to support this broadcast.

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    Open Conversation: What's Going On?????

    in Entertainment

    Tonight we going to talk about everything.  What is really going on, we are going to talk about what is going on with the debates.  We are going to talk about what is going on nationally.  We are going to talk about what is going on in Memphis.  What is really going on......tune in tonight from 7pm to 9pm and call in at 347-308-8813 to join in the conversation

  • HEALing THrough Hurt Presents A Birthday Message of Life Reflection by C Maria

    in Women

    Today is my Birthday and so much has happened in the past 365 days that I had to take some time to reflect on my blessings, traumphs, tragedys, pain and purpose.  They say when one door closes another opens; this year could not have been more representative of that.  HOW has your life changed?  Who have you helped unconditionally? Where are you going from here?  Join me for a look back into my last 365 days. This is not about saying happy birthday to me it is about total reflection of our lives. 

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    Beer Here - Door County Brewing Company's Story

    in Lifestyle

    On Thursday August 20th at 5:00 PM CDT Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca takes the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room Studio on the road again for another fun adventure!  This time we are heading to Bailey's Harbor in Door County Wisconsin to talk with Danny McMahon, Head Brewer for the family owned Door County Brewing Company. Located on County Road F, Door County Brewing Company is fast becoming one of Door County's main attractions.  Dad John McMahon and sons Ben and Danny each play vital roles in the success of this brewery.  Live music often accompanies an afternoon of beer sampling in this quaint tap room.  We will broadcast live from the brewery so if you are in the area on August 20th, join us live at five and sample some awesome brews! 

    You can find out more about Door County Brewing Company on their website, on Facebook and on Twitter! 

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    God is going to give it!

    in Spirituality

    Alright, at 1030 sharp, we are going to make it happen. Think of your want and need. This time is a little different as the Lord showed me today: Bring the need or want of 1 person and then bring the need and want of you as well. I AM WARNING YOU, IF YOU ARE NOT READY FOR THE REQUEST, PLEASE DO NOT ASK GOD. God is going to answer your prayers. O, Yes he is!!!!!!!!!! Now then, we are going to have a great time with God. Some amazing things have happened since I last spoke to you all and more doors are opening up for GOD. People listen to the ministry because of GOD and his word saves and His word heals! Once again, as you have time to think, I would like for you to only ask for that which you can handle. God is going to open up the window of Heaven for you and you won't have room to receive. I want you all to be sincere and we are going to go through that activity and pray unto God. I guarantee that God will answer!!!

    Listen in by Alfredaloveshow.com. All you have to do is press radio. You can also call (347) 843-4981

    FB: Alfreda Love

    Also if you are in Texas, please come out on December 18th at 6pm at the Bellmead Civic Center!!!!

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    HEALing THrough Hurt i Talk Radio (CHAT box LIVE)

    in Women

    It is CHAT BOX LIVE tonight.  What is on your mind?  Many people have sent me questions and comments about a plethora of topics from relationships, to politics and current events.  Tonight lets talk about you, me and our destinies so many of us want the success and fame for the wrong reasons.  We are spending too much time copying others in hopes we will obtain what they have instead of workign on our own personal  niche in this world.  Other are trying to be something they are just not cut out to be.  Lets shed some light on our paths so that some of us can make the proper detour becuase we have been travenling down the wrong roads for too long.