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    What is going on?

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    Now you know Last week in my What’s going ON? We talk about Thanksgiving and The Black Friday! How my guess Magda was working on that day and she said that it wasn’t so bad that day due to the weather… but when I told them the difference between United Kingdom and United States and how they did their Black Friday… Man United Kingdom Won!! I am sorry  for being generous and well respected while we in the United States Fight over stupid stuff by pushing, kicking, stampeding the whole store… I mean My Goodness people please next year Grow Up! Be like united kingdom and show some respect with each other.. 
    NOW! As we know the holidays are coming! So My question is the everybody 
    Also, how Tina and Marilyn had help out by mentioning about true meeting of Thanksgiving!! You guys I was bless..  How my sisters explain really well about the holiday season!

    So what is going on??

    The Holidays are coming!! What do you mean? well you mean Christmas and New Year!!! 

    Let's really quick talk about the main event that going on this month and that is Christmas!!! So tell me what do you think? 

    I think to me it is a nice beautiful holiday but!! some people do not agree!! but tell me for those who don't agree with me that is a nice holiday why you don't like Christmas or what is the effect of this holiday!!! Many people may have the holiday blues!! maybe because they had lost a love one and it will not be the same at this time of the year!! or You tell me! Or is it the spending the money! or Tell me help me out! Some people celebrate the holidays different as you know the Jewish celebrate hanukkah, Africans  or (African-Americans) they celebrate kwanzaa. the Latinos we do celebrate Christmas but on January 6,2016 we celebrate the Three Kings Day!! They are so many Celebrations! Lets go on New Years... tell me!



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    Working To Change Public Schools

    in Education

    Dr. J. E. Carthron, host of Better Public Schools for America will be discussing "Working to Change Public Schools", with his special guest and they will speak on the following points:

    How to increase the teachers expectation for your child.

    How to help your child have their best year ever in school.


    We will also be taking call in questions and comments from across the county.

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    VACCINES & VETERANS ~ Anita Stewart on "Public Advocate", Host Sallie O. Elkordy

    in News

    Anita Stewart has her own radio program, "Wise Women" http://www.wisewomenmediaradio.com

    "Public Advocate" Host, Sallie O. Elkordy for Mayor, Vaccine Free NYC

    Blog with 11/11 Event http://BillionToddlerMarchForSurvival.blogspot.com
    Legislation for a Vaccine Free 2015 http://tinyurl.com/VaccineFree2015


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    What's Going on Christmas Special

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    Well Hello and Merry Christmas night! And welcome to my show What’s going on AKA Chica show I am your host Mayra Rivera and we have some guess here… and I just want to wish you guys a merry Christmas!! Whaoooooooo!!! Well you guys we are going to talk about Christmas around the world!!!!! Yes People Christmas around the world!!!!! Well I got something to share but it is call music from around the world! I just recently download some Christmas songs from around the world! And I want to share and tell me what you think? there are so many Christmas songs out there please name one I can not play it but we can talk about it... 
    Also if you guys have anything you want to share about your Christmas time how you guys celebrate your Christmas Eve and Day! Tell me… call me at 657-383-0357 or go to my Facebook page What’s going on AKA Chicashow! Share your comments on my page so I can share it to you.. Remember I will say you first letter of your first name okay!! 

    I just want to say to all the troops over seas a Happy Holidays Merry Chirstmas and Happy New Year… Who else do you want to wish for!! 

    To all my friends and family I just wan tto wish you guys a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.. I love you guys so much and thank you for all the support....

    Please no sexual stuff if you want to call me on the air.... about your personal stuff that is sexual I will report you! 

    because last time I had a dude calling me saying something that is  not nice... so  Please people do not call me about your personal stuff such as your sex life we do not want to know..thank you very much!

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    what's going on? How we get Rejected in 2016 and on!!!

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    Hello and welcome to my show Chicashow  “What’s going on?” I am your host Mayra Rivera and my number is 1-657-383-0357 please call in or ask a question…  

     we have Co host here his or her name is --------------- I like to welcome to my show.

    Before we go on Lets talk about last week show about finding true love 2016 well  I learn how I can find your true love in 2016 and the best thing to find it is let your best friend help you find your true love… Or there are several ways but many people are different. 

    Co host: tell me what will you do…..

    1-657-383-0357 please call in and listen and press one to ask a question or you have comment… 

    Before we go on break I am going to continue a little more about last week show and I am going on about “Rejection” 

    And we are back welcome 1-657-383-0357 please call in to listen in or go on line at www.blogtalkradio.com/chicashow

    Let us talk about rejections

    What is rejections???
    How we get rejected in Life
    *Career (Job)

    According to the dictionary Rejection formally known as reject it is refuse to grant or consider also it is refuse to admit believe or receive or it can be throw  out  as useless or unsatisfactory in a noun rejected person or thing. 

    That is what in the dictionary means….. So tell me does anybody out there who are listening being rejected by a job or crush etc. please call me 1-657-383-0357 or post me a comment at Facebook group page  at https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chicashowblogtalkradio/


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    What's going on Find your true love 2016

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    Good Evening and Happy Saturday To everybody and welcome to my show I am your host Mayra Rivera AKA Chica! And I am so glad to be back.. And welcome to the 2016.… well  well well!!! Let me talk to you guys about this topic I am going to discuss for this New Year… well the Main Topic for this New Year.. Is about Finding your true love for 2016... Ok people how many of you just find your true in the 2015...??? Well I did before but it went up to turmoil…. But I am strong like super woman.. Any ways… Now its all of ya’ll call me in 1-657-383-0357 and tell me how did you find your true love and how long did it last? You can remain anonymous… I just listen to this show on Monday and I tell you it was good the name of the show was Journey of to wholeness 2016 The soul of American radio at Blog talk radio.. Boy I tell you guys I highly recommend to listen to it.. So please as a support to our friend to help out please listen to him on your own free time..  That show is the best show I ever hear.. Please people add it… 

    This was the second Monday I listen to it.. I even call him talk to him and share my feelings! about my situation about this abuse and etc,. when you find your true love think about this and listen to this station.. before you find  your true love.... 

    Breaking News Even though it is old news but I will like to share this legend even though I love the 80's music and I love Queen... but a legend has passed away on Monday morning... when i find out that day I was sad... and I was Hey At least Freddie Mercury has his partner and they are singing "Under Pressure" people I want to you to listen in honor of these two artest these legend of life... this is "Under Pressure" by Freddie Mercury and David Bowie RIP you two... 

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    What is going on this week?

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    Good evening everybody and happy Saturday everybody! 

    Welcome to my show chicashow I am your host Mayra AKA CHICA

    we have a Co-host _____________ I will like to welcome my friend ___________ to my show! 

    Word of Our sponsor:If you need a spiritual advice and you don't know where to go well Please join in at www.letstalkandpray.com with your host   Mrs. Marilyn Vasquez Pheres… come join  her conference calls it is every Sunday night From 7:00-8:00p.m.central time for more information please go at www.letstalkandpray.com 


    Today we care talking about losing friends and don't really care.. 

    Why I say that well one maybe these people are not your true friends 

    Second mybe you feel unconfortable to them.. who knows

    If I lost my true friends Yes I do cry... i will be feeling like a big break up 

    Questions: Had you ever got into a fight with a friend(s) over stupid stuff?

    For those who have face book.. had you ever got block or got deleted over stupid stuff and you don’t care about it?

    Had you ever gotten block from any social network and you didn’t know about it? 

    Let me know share your story at 1-657-383-0357

    Let me tell you something, I got my true friends and I got about 4 so far… why 4 because I do not want to be popular nor be show off.. If I have about 1,000 friends at face book well you know my true friends are and you know how many true friends I got.. I am sorry that is just me… If any comments please call me at 1-657-383-0357 call me or go at www.blogtalkradio.com/chicashow
    Or https://www.facebook.com/groups/Chicashowblogtalkradio/


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    What's going on? AkA Chicashow

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      Last week I had a guess who she a really big help to me  we had mention about the domestic violence and how we as woman can't hesitate to get the help as need. Ladies and guys too please get the help please support my sister Tina Nesbit by going to her facebook page and her page is “Love doesn’t hurt” please join her page. Anyway, My friends who are listening right now I have a group page for this radio show if you want please join to my page it is call “What’s going on?” AKA THE CHICA SHOW! Well ladies and gentlemen I will like to bring a guess to my show and she is like a little sister to me and me and her we are about three months apart yes ladies and gentlemen we are three months and same year  And we became friends since high school I was a sophomore and she was a freshmen and she has been a true friend for a long time even though she is lives in Kansas and I live in Texas I will like to welcome Magda Medina to my show So tell me about yourself? What do you do for a living? If you have one chance in life what will it be? So tell me what is going on In Kansas? well Here in Killeen we had a lighing ceramony! well once again I will like to give a shot out to my sister Marilyn.

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    What's going on world?

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    Hello and Welcome to day two for What’s going on? I am your host Mayra Rivera and I am so thrill how yesterday was pretty good.. Well after the radio hour, I post some things on live video… it was about the yesterday I was trying to help a friend of “Lets talk and pray” once again please help sister Marilyn out her webpage is www.letstalkandpray.com in the future she will do a blog talk radio pretty soon… Yes I will help her out… 
    I had a guess and this guess is a good person even though we went up and down. BUT! We will always be together no matter what. I will like to introduce my friend TINA NESBIT 

    So Tina tell me about yourself?
    What will you do if you have your own Blog talk radio what will you name your radio show? 
    I see you have a dog boy she is so cute so tell me about having a service dogs/animal?
    You made a page on face book call love don’t cost a thing? 

    So tell me what made you start the page?

    My statement
    My sister no matter what happen between you and me we will always be together.. Even though there are people who need the space to be heal or they need to take time with themselves… so my friends who are listening out there I am here to support everybody and I need that too but sometimes is the time we need…

    Is like PBS you know PBS is supporting the viewers and they donate the they can keep the program on well this is like keeping the friends to be together no matter what… 
    I am doing this for my self esteem I want to be happy in life and I want to show my two sons I got to see what I can do for a living not to be box in like what happen in the past.. Yes the past can hunt you down no matter what but you don’t want that to follow you… People out there you don’t want to live in a cycle of life. “Please take care of yourself and each other.”

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    What's going on everybody?

    in Friends

    HI and welcome to my Blog talk Radio "What's going ON? My Name is Mayra Rivera AND this is my first time doing this radio yes People I will do my best so bare with me every who is listen here.... well I am so excited to bring you my lovely guess... Well this 
    lovely lady that I know her for many years from my college years don’t know how long but it’s a long time….and she is very created with her spiritual life styles.. Well She had made her webpage for about five years which it is called “Let’s Talk and Pray” which her page is www.letstalkandpray.com 
    She also is doing her conference calls every Sunday nights from 7:00 central time till 8:00 p.m. central time.. 
    I just want to WELCOME to my guess Mrs Marlyin Vasquez-Phares
    So tell me How did you start doing this web site or page…
    What made you do(start) that webpage? and why? 
    How many people support that website?
    What do you for a free time?
    So tell me what is conference call number?
    1-712-775-7031 PIN:1114303184#
    So I see you want to do this Blog talk radio which I tell you that is a best idea I just want to help you Marliyn so you can have a better support for everybody.. I know your hands are tight right now.. but only the Angels will guide you!
    ***so tell me you where involve in a drumming group so tell a little bit more about it!

    So tell me are you going to start a radio show for “Let’s talk and pray”?

    Motivation positive thinking meditation prayers talking about God building up self esteems 

    that is what I like the best I love to read the bible and I like to pray to all my friends and family 


    This girl I met in class she was in a hot mess when she was suffering in life she call her mom for prayer but she was feeling better I mean better in spirit You should thank 


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    Whats going on?

    in Motivation

    What's going on World? And how is everything going out there?  This is an interesting topic.  I'm not sure what I'll be talking about exactly. But it's going to be interesting.  This episode is going to be spontaneous.  Anything could happen.  I'm just as excited to see what I'll say, as much as you are. let's have some fun shall we. we shall.


    Guest appearance...... maybe

    www.facebook.com    Jule Lyle The Speaker

    www.youtube.com      Brother Jule Everlasting Life

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