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    #1 Portrait of a Harlot/Saint :P My First Self-Published Bk

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    I have decided that it is too difficult to teach "in process". By this I mean that I cannot go through daily life and give you a proper perspective knowing that it is the Spirit guiding and not my emotions or intellect at the moment so instead I am going to something that I have already made public.
    I am going to be reading my first self-published book. While I read it I will be commenting on what is written, the how's and whys, and you might hear me comment on present day a bit as well. I know that all this is to help me to heal and I pray that it may useful to someone else as well, perhaps someone who has travelled a similar road or my posterity as they wonder how in the world did we get "here". : )
    May God direct as I do this. I am also preparing a book to go up on May 1st that will begin the definition of the woman behind the Portrait of a Harlot/Saint : P.

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    #65 Courage To Be God's Daughter Lets Talk About Courage

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    This is a big week for me. My name changes again and I declare a voice and a purpose or goal of testifying of the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the plan of happiness that God has given us.
    A lot of what I said tonight was about courage. I am not one who has found it easy to have courage...you know, even as I say that I believe I would have to say that is not true. I have had courage. Courage to be and do a lot of things that I did not want to do. Courage to bring children into the world and stand by them, as long as I could when the the world was so mixed up I did not know which way to turn. I have had courage to reach out and claim a life and a walk that helped me to define who I was and allowed me to face those "forks in the road" where I had to choose who I would serve.
    I currently have a 5 day a week radio show that I do and a full time job. A part time job and an active facebook that I witness on regularly. My blog has not been so active but that will need to change. I may make a new one just for this book series that I am going to do on Kindle. I am very excited for it. Courage, I know that I shake the adversary's cage and as I do he will not rest in seeking to bring me down. I have faith that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will provide a way for me to do the work I have been called to do. I just have to get in there and do the work. And so I shall. And the rest I will leave to him. I love the gospel, I love the church, and know that this organization is the greatest of all upon the earth and it will be preserved for God's purposes. Till we meet again, Christa-Ann.

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    #1 Courage to Be God's Daughter

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    Welcome to the inaugural show with Christa-Ann for "Courage to Be God's Daughter"! In this first show of many to come, Christa-Ann will give listeners a brief background and talk about the goals of the show. Christa-Ann will also be talking about the Freedom to Be and discussing the meaning of Courage, Sacrifice, Faith in Christ and Honoring Self.

    My hopes for this program is to be a bridge:
    -for those who do not understand what the Mormons are all about
    -disgruntled or concerned members
    -to understand God's pure and complete love for you
    -self love and honoring self is important as walking as a son or daughter of God
    -to show a way to be at peace

    *Disclaimer* Christa-Ann is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints but is not a spokesperson for the LDS Church. The entirety of the content of this show is Christa-Ann's personal understanding and interpretation of what is presented.