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    True Christians and materialism

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    Should true Christians engage in materialistic practices? What does the Lord have to say about this important topic? Is a little materialism OK? What qulifies as materialism, opposed to just meeting ones needs? Tune in to see how the Lord inspires our host to address these and related topics

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    The Spiritual Envoy and Philip Comella author of The Collapse of Materialism

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    Does matter exist outside of the mind, with no rationale or direction, the universe created completely by chance?   Since ancient Greece, materialists have held that there is no room for purpose or design.  However, a different and refreshing view is creation has co-existed with the materialist point of view.  In this expanded version the universe is a creation of a powerful and purposeful force, on that exists outside of  matter and indeed is the creator of matter.

    In The Collapst of Materialism, Philip Comella proposes a profoudn shift in the way we look at the exchange of beliefs between these two domains.  Comella believes civilization is at the beginning of a new epoch,  a time of great spiritual awakening with humanity transcending to a higher truth, one which unifies science and religion. Philip Comella explains, embracing the universal mind will lead us back to ourselves and to God.  

    Join Danah Hilden of the Spiritual Envoy as we talk with Philip Comella about his ground breaking book,




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    Reflections Conquer Materialism

    in Spirituality

    9/12/14 9:30PM Central Time

    On todays episode of reflections we will be discussing Materialism. Why does cash matter? Why are people so concerned with what they own and be limited to a list of wants and empty happiness? 

    Love and Light

    MJ Hannigan



  • Episode 2, I had the bravery to come back

    in Atheism

    The initial episode was admittedly a bit rough with plenty of stuttering, but I'm ready to give this show the work it needs to take off.  

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    The Collapse of Materialism - Visions of Science - Dreams of God

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    Philip Comella believes that civilization may be at the beginning of a new epoch, a time of great spiritual awakening with humanity transcending to a higher truth, one that unifies the now colliding cultures of science and religion. In his book The Collapse of Materialism, Comella explains that through this viewpoint will come the ultimate understanding of the interconnection between our minds and the world around us. 

    Many scientists now believe that it has been shown that matter originates in the mind and the mind is universal. Philip Comella explains that embracing the universal mind will lead us back to ourselves and finally back to God.

    Philip Comella is a lawyer, visionary futurist, and host of the popular radio show Conversations Beyond Science and Religion, podcast at www.webtalkradio.net. His book, The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God, is a culmination of decades of work committed to developing a new and credible scientific paradigm to unify the physical world of science with the metaphysics of religion. He lives with his wife and daughter in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

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    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Jeff Rasley & Kim Players

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues with Lloyd Rosen with his guest Jeff Rasley & Kim Players:

    Jeff Rasley is the author of eight books; the most recent is GODLESS --Living a Valuable Life beyond Beliefs. He has published numerous articles in academic and mainstream periodicals, including Newsweek, Chicago Magazine, ABA Journal, Family Law Review, American Athenaeum, Pacific Magazine, Indy’s Child, The Journal of Communal Societies, The Chrysalis Reader, Faith & Fitness Magazine, and Friends Journal. He is an award-winning photographer and his pictures taken in the Himalayas and Caribbean and Pacific islands have been published in several journals. He has appeared as an expert guest on over forty radio programs.
    Rasley has engaged in social activism and philanthropic efforts from an early age. In high school he co-founded the Goshen Walk for Hunger. In law school he was an advocate for renters' rights as the leader of the first rent strike in Indiana, and he served as a lobbyist and president of the Indianapolis Tenants Association. 

    Kim Players is an inspirational speaker who educates and empowers men and women professionals to overcome overwhelm and be unstoppable. As a keynote speaker, Kim is known for transformational energy and masterful training ability. For the past 25 years, Kim has been listening to men and women alike, sharing with them, and cheering them on as they meet goal after goal regardless of their background and experience. Her passion and commitment to health and fitness and background as a in demand personal fitness trainer is the reason she was selected to be a key team member for Zone2BTone. This new program features elite health, fitness, and beauty professionals in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

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    Master of Puppets: DefCon FUBAR

    in Politics Conservative

    DefCon FUBAR: subjects engage in an orgy of materialism in this season of Hope as the puppet masters stoke the fires of division, denigrate law and order, diplomacy and authentic defense while upholding militarism and economic control.

    Our system is predicated on natural rights, obligatory duties, democratic delegation and republican enumeration and limitation, recognizing the vicious nature of man and pitting power against power to foster liberty. We’ve allowed the push and pull between democratism and power consolidation to smash liberty on the anvil of socialism with the hammer of fascism. We are the puppets in a game rigged by the masters, and we have been conditioned to choose it while directing our angst at the ‘other side.' There is no other side-only liberty or tyranny.

    Corporatism is private oligarchs control over government. Yet, the most useful tool of control is the corporatism of the mind. The oligarchs are the Master of Puppets and we are caught between the hammer and the anvil, but the desire for liberty cannot be smashed without the consent of the governed.  Without puppets, there is no master.

    Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together right now to restore Constitutional governance from your own neighborhood on up to dismantling the Welfare/Warfare Party. Restoring sound money, free markets, Constitutional Militia of the Several States, religious and civil liberties and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, collectivists, oligarchs, useful idiots and fellow travelers especially the Democrat-socialists, first you MUST CRUSH the Neocons. . .for liberty!

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    Church of Reality 78: Divide and Conquer

    in News

    The police are beating and murderering people, chemicals in the air, food, and water, famine and war all while the elite get richer. We are a dumbed down ignorant society caring more about materialism than unity

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    The Collapse of Materialism

    in Spirituality

    Philip Comella gives an extraordinary interview on issues that are current to our daily lives: materialism. Comella is a practicing attorney in Chicago, author and radio show host of Conversations Beyond Science and Religion. He has a new book out titled The Collapse of Materialism: Visions of Science, Dreams of God which blurs the line between science and religion.

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    Extremely Early in the Morning 12-1-14 for Some People but not for Me...

    in Education

    Show link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2014/12/01/extremely-early-in-the-morning-12-1-14-for-some-people-but-not-for-me

    Covered all the articles today that spoke of “The End” to things. Namely,

    Montague Keen’s, Michael Snyder’s, and Preston James’

    MP3 link: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kpradiohawaii/2014/12/01/extremely-early-in-the-morning-12-1-14-for-some-people-but-not-for-me.mp3

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