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    GMO Crossroads: The Point of No Return

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    To celebrate the airing of our 25th broadcast episode, tonight's show examines some of the highlights in previous shows and developments that have happened since. A discussion about everything from GMO labeling, to the global presence of agribusiness, to the frightening innovations under design in the biotech industry that may have serious impacts on consumers before another year comes to pass. We have seen good progress in consumer awareness and global action for change over the course of our previous broadcasts since first airing in January, 2013. But how much further do we have to go? Have we reached the point of no return? With planetary impact, climate change, and consumer health in the balance, find out how the link to GMO is affecting us all. 

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    Steven Hoffman on GMO labeling and consumer transparency

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    Steven Hoffman will be my guest tomorrow. Please join the conversation at 347-884-9261
    This 60-second video,  produced by Boulder-based Whizzbang Studios and Compass Natural Marketing, made its debut at Natural Products Expo West, the world’s largest natural and organic products trade exhibition, at a GMO labeling seminar and press conference held on March 7, 2013.
    With GMO labeling and consumer transparency a key issue at this year’s trade show, the seminar, moderated by Compass Natural Marketing Managing Director Steve Hoffman, was standing room only. Featured speakers included public health attorney Michele Simon; Ken Cook, president of Environmental Working Group; Lori Lively, Washington State I-522 campaign executive committee member and education director for Marlene’s Market and Deli; Gary Hirhberg, Chair of Stonyfield Farm and founder of Just Label It; Jessica Lundberg of Lundberg Family Farms; and David Bronner, CEO of Dr. Bronne’rs and I-522 campaign executive committee member.
    For more information on the Washington State I-522 People’s Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Labeling Act, visit www.labelitwa.org.

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    S3-E12 Country of Origin Labeling – Made In The USA, Really!?

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     Learn about the shift from “Us VS Them” to “Us & Them” as global sourcing of raw materials and components rewrites “Made in the USA.” Cliff Waldman, Director of Economic Studies at MAPI, the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation talks with Mfg TalkRadio’s hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady and presents his findings on the “Made in USA” label and the impact on the global supply chain.
    Listen to this free live show Tuesday, January 27th at 1PM EST only at mfgtalkradio.com 

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    Whole Foods Humane Meat Protest, CPS Child Kidnapping, Obamacare, New GMO Crops

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    Health Conspiracy Radio – 1/19/15 – Hosted by Nick Brannigan

    Topics covered include:

    Nick’s witnessing a Direct Action Everywhere Las Vegas Humane Meat Protest at Whole Foods in Henderson, NV
    Arizona child protection officials kidnap 7 children then issue gag order to keep parents quiet
    Harvard professors who helped construct Obamacare are furious that they’re not exempt
    USDA Approves New Genetically Modified Crops from Monsanto
    Want More Joy? 7 Ways To Cultivate A Playful, Child-Like Mindset

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    Gluten and GMO: The Toxic Reality for 18 Million and Counting

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    It is still a fairly new-recognized and rapidly increasing reality. Gluten intolerance has become a primary health concern for millions of consumers around the world. However, in the face of such an epidemic, the biotech industry is in aggressive pursuit of genetically manipulating a relief for this affliction, one they seek undoubtedly to capitalize on. If brought to fruition, the result of such a genetically engineered response may in actuality cause more grave consequences to consumers than it will provide them help. Revealing the latest research and what it says about gluten intolerance and the dangers involved with GM alternatives currently under development. If you are one of the millions suffering from this affliction, please don't miss out on hearing the important information brought to you in this broadcast.

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    Labeling & Drugging Children: How normal behaviors are now "illnesses"

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    Our guest is Dr. Stolzer in coordination with Citizens Council On Human Rights (CCHR)

    Our children are being conditioned to believe that anything other than euphoria 24/7 must be a mental disorder requiring medication.  Our schools survey our kids to determine who can be entered into therapy with the accompanying drugging.  The damage from the drugs is life-long.  We are raising a generation of drug damaged children.

    Dr. Stolzer is a Professor of Child and Adolescent Development at the University of Nebraska-Kearney. She currently teaches infant, child, and adolescent development classes and is an active researcher. Dr. Stolzer has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and has presented her research at the international level. For over three decades, she has been a passionate child advocate. Dr. Stolzer’s research interests include Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), the meteoric rise of psychiatric diagnoses in child and adolescent populations, the deleterious effects of psychiatric drugs, the biocultural implications of attachment parenting, breastfeeding, the multivariational effects of labeling children, and challenging the existing medical model which seeks to pathologize normal-range child behaviors.

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    Jeffrey Smith: GMO Foods and Your Digestion.

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    In this Digestion Sessions presentation, Jeffrey Smith -- author of Seeds of Deception -- reveals the truth about genetically modified foods and what they do to your gut. Topics include:

    * An insecticidal corn that pokes holes in the guts of insects … and yours too!
    * The FDA “lie” putting your digestive system in peril.
    * The weed killing ingredient linked to bacterial overgrowth, depression, and leaky gut.
    * Why mandatory GMO labeling is NOT the only answer to eliminating them from the food supply.

    Hosted by Sean Croxton of Underground Wellness.



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    GMO XXXPOSED featuring How to Eat to Live

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    GMO XXXPOSED: :How to Eat to Live from the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    Join your host  Nefertari Muhammad GMO & Composting Education Specialist/Worm Breeder who has been studying the depths of GMO for the past year also making and using Supreme Compost she will be also joined by  Co-Host Laurence Muhammad  YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT THE FOOD YOU EAT THE SAME

    Have ever heard the acronym* GMO? Have you notice the fruits and vegetables don’t taste the same?
    Have you been experiencing unexplained dizziness, headaches, bladder problems, allergies, rashes, joint pain,stomach problem, mind fog and weight gain?
    Do you have tumors or have kidney problems ?
    Have you been to the doctors severe times and he can't explain why you are sick?

     Design to expose and educate the depth of the understanding of* Genetically Modified Organism.
    Learn what companies like Monsanto don’t  want to know.Let the truth be told, lies and deception about organic food unveiling true facts about GMO's and how it effect you and your family life's.

    To book a Health Eduaction Workshop contact Nefertari Muhammad Phone: 215- 8157025 or Email: compost4health@gmail.com

    Sponsored by Supreme Compost ....Reconnecting Through Education

    Also Laurence & Arabia's Best contact Laurence Muhammad (678) 467-0198 or email: brosincer114@gmail.com Like us on Facebook@blackagriculturesurvialexpo.com

    Also go to www.traveltime19.paycation.com


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    S3-E12 Country of Origin Labeling – Made In The USA, Really?

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     1/27/15 - Learn about the shift from “Us VS Them” to “Us & Them” as global sourcing of raw materials and components rewrites “Made in the USA.” Cliff Waldman, Director of Economic Studies at MAPI, the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation talks with Mfg TalkRadio’s hosts Lew Weiss and Tim Grady and presents his findings on the “Made in USA” label and the impact on the global supply chain.

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    GMO Labeling: Is YOUR state involved? [Pt 2 of Interview]

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    [Listen to Part 1 of this Interview here!]  [Get more info and resources on this issue on our blog here.]
    Why are millions being spent to prevent GMO labeling on foods in America? 
    With the explosion of health conditions such as food allergies, cancer, infertility and more, and the suspected link by many concerned everyday Americans to GMOs and harsh chemicals used with our foods, you do not want to miss this interview with Zack Kaldveer from the Organic Consumers Association. Do you know who Monsanto is and what the Monsanto Protection Act is?  If you are like us, we are just beginning to learn about these topics. 
    We are finding that it is imperative that those who care about about what they put into their bodies and/or how the growing and handling of the food we eat affects the environment get informed and involved.
    Some of the specifics discussed in Part 2:
    The importance of state level efforts to require labeling Exactly who is Monsanto … and the Strategy shift to have states’ rights denied The Monsanto Protection Act The Story of the “political protest” deaths of 27,000 Indian farmers Recent blow to Monsanto in the courts in India

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    Lost Arts Radio Show #2 - Special Guests Melissa Diane Smith & Barbara Peterson

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    GMO’s Exposed!

    Don’t Miss Lost Arts Radio show on Saturday 1/17/15

    Listen online: www.blogtalkradio.com/lostartsradio

    Listen or talk with us: 657-383-1002

    9PM Eastern / 6PM Pacific

    Tell Your Friends!

    We have an incredible show lined up for you this coming Saturday on Lost Arts Radio. Learn the basics and facts you’re not supposed to know about GMO’s, the truth about banning and labeling, and what you can do to avoid their dangers.

    Special guest Melissa Diane Smith (www.melissadianesmith.com), author of Going Against GMO’s, internationally known journalist and holistic nutritionist, will go over the science of GMO’s and how they work, and her experience educating and helping clients recover from health conditions by removing GMO’s from their diets.

    Barbara Peterson, rancher, long time writer, activist for a GMO-free world, and creator of Farm Wars (www.farmwars.info), will review what is happening in the struggle to free humanity from the devastating health and environmental effects of GMO’s and how our everyday decisions can help in a big way.

    Lost Arts Radio invites you to join us for our free health-related educational broadcasts every week. We are not here just to complain, but to come together with positive solutions that can work for you. Join host Richard Sacks every week for fascinating discussions and useful information that you will not want to miss.

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