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    GMO Foods

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    Want to understand what GMO foods are?  GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.  America and Canada are the only two places in the world that allow GMO and not labeling the food.  Find out what these are and the dangers of them.

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    GMO Crossroads: The Point of No Return

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    To celebrate the airing of our 25th broadcast episode, tonight's show examines some of the highlights in previous shows and developments that have happened since. A discussion about everything from GMO labeling, to the global presence of agribusiness, to the frightening innovations under design in the biotech industry that may have serious impacts on consumers before another year comes to pass. We have seen good progress in consumer awareness and global action for change over the course of our previous broadcasts since first airing in January, 2013. But how much further do we have to go? Have we reached the point of no return? With planetary impact, climate change, and consumer health in the balance, find out how the link to GMO is affecting us all. 

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    GMO OMG - The Truth About GMO Foods

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    What are GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) Foods?  Do they even affect you or your family?

    We are here to give you a clear understanding of what GMO means and why this is a need to know issue.  The movie GMO OMG is to be be released in theaters around the nation.  Yes, this is big deal topic. That’s because giant chemical corporations, one especially, decided years ago to alter the DNA of seeds in their laboratories and force them into the food chain from which you and I eat.

    Do you have a right to know whether or not your food has been genetically modified?  Why should this matter to you?  Find out from our food expert guest, Kimberly Lord Stewart, author of Eating Between the Lines. Co-Host and Registered Dietitian, Kathy Siegel, RD, (NutritionBabes) and I will dig into this issue with Kimberly because you have a right to know!

    … for the health of your family,

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    Dangers of GMO Foods

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    Part 2 of 3: Originally Aired March 31, 2013
    Dianne Linderman talks about the dangers of genetically modified foods/organisms (GMO’s), and the Monsanto Protection Act.
    Dianne reads from an article which talks about the fact that 25% of sheep has died after grazing in a cotton field growing GMO cotton.
    Find out more about Dianne Linderman on her website: http://www.everythingthatmattersradio.com/

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    The Truth Behind GMO Foods

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    The Truth Behind GMO Foods features an exculsive interview with Clair Robinson, research director for the Earth Open Source. Earth Open Source is a Non Profit in the United Kindom, dedicated to assuring the sustainability, security and saftey of the global food sytem. GMO's have been in the news lately, with the March Against Monsanto events spanning continents. In this delightful conversation, Claire discusses the publication GMO Myths and Truths report she helped to complile that was releasted in June of 2012. As GMO labeling initiatives are gaining momentum in US State legislatures, and European bans are in place, this program is a great overview of the reasoned science behind many of the industry myths concerning GMO'shttp://earthopensource.org/

  • Holiday Foods and Recipes

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    The Holiday is one of those times that many familiy and friends gather together for great food, drink and even recipes to celebrating what the holiday means to them.  However, the grandma's or family recipes on the menu how much of those are the healthiest for us and is it possible to change tradition by changing the menu but still make it memorable, delicious and healthy?  In this episode I will continue to share with you the foods and recipes that you can added and even change to be more healthy to those not so healthy meals.

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    GMO XXXPOSED featuring How to Eat to Live

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    GMO XXXPOSED: :How to Eat to Live from the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad

    Join your host  Nefertari Muhammad GMO & Composting Education Specialist/Worm Breeder who has been studying the depths of GMO for the past year also making and using Supreme Compost she will be also joined by  Co-Host Laurence Muhammad  YOU WILL NEVER LOOK AT THE FOOD YOU EAT THE SAME

    Have ever heard the acronym* GMO? Have you notice the fruits and vegetables don’t taste the same?
    Have you been experiencing unexplained dizziness, headaches, bladder problems, allergies, rashes, joint pain,stomach problem, mind fog and weight gain?
    Do you have tumors or have kidney problems ?
    Have you been to the doctors severe times and he can't explain why you are sick?

     Design to expose and educate the depth of the understanding of* Genetically Modified Organism.
    Learn what companies like Monsanto don’t  want to know.Let the truth be told, lies and deception about organic food unveiling true facts about GMO's and how it effect you and your family life's.

    To book a Health Eduaction Workshop contact Nefertari Muhammad Phone: 215- 8157025 or Email: compost4health@gmail.com

    Sponsored by Supreme Compost ....Reconnecting Through Education

    Also Laurence & Arabia's Best contact Laurence Muhammad (678) 467-0198 or email: brosincer114@gmail.com Like us on Facebook@blackagriculturesurvialexpo.com

    Also go to www.traveltime19.paycation.com


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    Cathy Harris is the author of 18 books. She is a Nationally Recognized Whistleblower and is part of the "American Whistleblower Tour." She is also an Empowerment and Motivational Speaker, Non-GMO Health and Wellness Expert, Community Organizer, Human Rights Activist and Business Owner.
    She works with a national and international audience helping them connect to their highest potential to find deeper purpose and meaning in their lives.  Cathy’s life journey has empowered her to teach empowered, masterful living to others, so they can learn to rise from their paralyzing thoughts and beliefs and dream big, achieving their highest potential and living in joy, peace and abundance in life, love, career, and business.

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    Canned Foods, Ebola,

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    In this episode we talk about Ebola, of course, and the myth of canned foods.  The contrafighter wordblog is the campanion to this site.

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    The Truth About GMO Foods

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    The truth about GMO Food with Dr. Heather Manley, Naturopathic Physician and author of the Human Body Detectives book series, along with food expert, Kimberly Stewart, author of Eating Between the Lines.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in the food supply are a reality.  When you eat GMO food, will it affect your health?  What does the research say?  Do you have a right to know whether or not your food contains GMO ingredients?  How do you know which foods or ingredients are genetically modified?  Why does it matter?  You won’t want to miss this show.  Your health may depend on it!

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