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    2013 Fall Season Opener: Everything You Need to Know About J

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    There are more joint chew supplements on the market for dogs and cats then we can count, but the big question remains, do they actually work? The short answer is, maybe, but the real answer like most things Dr. Roger talks about, is a bit more complex. Okay, more than a bit.
    Tune in to learn everything you need to know about joint chews in dogs and cats.  Dr. Roger also takes live calls, as wll as listener e-mail questions sent to comments@web-dvm.net.

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    Alternative Medicine Use In America

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    American medical training is referred to as "Western Medical Practices". In this training, academic proof and scientific methods are emphasized. Unfortunately, there is a concominant "demonizing" of traditional or folk medicine practices. Folk medicine practicianers have been arrested for "fraud" (impersonating a licensed professional) and methods that are accepted by the masses are called antedotal and not allowed into serious discussions. Folk medicine is taboo.
    Pharmaceutical companies who have exploited traditional cures are revered and "obeyed" without question. Lobbists for pharmaceutical companies go to Washington and spend money, run televisiion commercials, go to doctor offices and give out gifts with the net effect of American people not getting a balanced view of healthcare choices.
    There are cures with historical roots outside of conventional western medicine practiced by  naturopaths, homeopaths chiropractors, yoga, tai chi and accupuncturists. Western medicine guardians are beginning to accept that acupuncture is helpful for osteoarthritis pain, tai chi for fibromyalgia pain, spinal manippulation and yoga decreases chronic back pain. Because the western medical establishment has be so penalizing to traditional methods for curing ailments, the American public has taken matters in their own hands. There is widespread use of herbals today.
    St John's Wort is used for major depression, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for knee osteoarthritis, silymarin for chronic liver disease, saw palmetto for benign prostatic hyperplasia, ginkgo for early cognitive decline, and vitamin E and selenium to prevent prostate cancer.
    Herbal and alternative medicine focus on a cure and not the treatment of symptoms. Traditional medical practices require lifestyle changes that are incorporated into the treatment modality.

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    BH Sales Kennel Kelp New Products

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    I will further expand upon my two newest product lines:
    BH Sales Sacred Clay and Syn-flex Liquid Glucosamine. I will also highlight my plans to increase the breadth of available products within these product lines, as well as my Animal Naturals products for pets.

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    Talking with a client about BH Sales

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    I will be speaking with my first in studio guest, long time friend and client Barbara Sanders. We will be speaking about Barbaras usage of my BH Sales Sacred Clay, Kennel Kelp ENP Glucosamine, BH Sales Diatomaceous Earth, BH Sales Fish Oil, and BH Sales Supplements for Human Health.
    She will be reflecting on the positive results that these products have provided for bothher and her animals on her Wild Life Sanctuary.

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    Basics of Inflammation

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    Like many, you are probably suffering from chronic inflammation and are totally oblivious to it. Now you don't have to suffer in the dark anymore.
    What exactly is inflammation?
    Pain and inflammation is your body's way to protect inself from injury. When inflammation remains unchecked for a long time is when healthy tissue is being destroyed and causes degenerative diseases like arthritis.
    Join Doctor Pietro Tinnirello, DC as he will speak about inflammation and how to lower the amount in your body by simply adding herbs, nutrients, and dietary changes.  He will also explain how Chiropractic care is essential to also lowering inflammation levels in your body.
    Help Yourself And Your Family Get Healthier And Learn What You Can Do To STAY WELL... Contact Dr Pietro Tinnirello Call 773 651 0934.....Dr Pietro Does Special Free Conference Calls To Speak To You, Your Family and Friends...Tell Everyone You Know and Love About This Show....

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    Arthritis and holistic health

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    1. What is arthritis   2. Signs and symptoms   3.Causes   -there are many causs but some include: Gi = we talked about this above autoimmune= done above need to detox family history -being overweight -dietary especially in gout -infections   4. How to diagnosis -ANA can be helpful buut not always positive -Stool testing for GI health -Food allergy panals -heavy metal testing   5. How to treat -Treat the cause aka GI -anitinflammatory herbs example BCQ, or just biocurcumin, fish oils, - Glucosamine, collagen -Detox ex sauna -Epson salt baths -diet changes

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    To Your health With Dr Dave Schneider

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    This week's topics were: glucosamine and chondroitin for arthritis; is Actos safe for diabetics?; health consequences of family meals; "superbugs" have reached the US; pertussis (whooping cough).

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    Living La Vida Healthy with Jim Healthy

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    Every Monday, Lydia Proschinger will be talking about health, or inviting a special guest to present himself and his expert insights into all things pertaining to Living La Vida Healthy. April 19, 2010 special guest is Jim Healthy, who has been a health writer and researcher for 35 years, and helped to break the news about the biggest arthritis healing discoveries for arthritis of the past 30 years, including glucosamine-chondroitin; fish oil, omega-3 foods and olive oil; the inflammatory effects of eating refined carbs and processed food products; and Orthokine Therapy, the European treatment which has saved thousands of OA patients from joint replacement surgery and given them back a life of pain-free, drug-free mobility.
    During his prolific career, he has written about alternative healing remedies for such health publications as Prevention, Men’s Health, Time-Life, Reader’s Digest, US News and World Report, Health Magazine, Boardrooms BOTTOM LINE Publications and Books, plus the world’s leading alternative MDs, including Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Julian Whitaker, Dr. David Williams, Dr. Stephen Sinatra, Dr. Susan Lark, Dr. John McDougall and Dr. Christianne Northrup, to name just a few.
    ARTHRITIS INTERRUPTED is a book written to help you discover the very best research-proven (and self-tested) ways to stop the deterioration of your joints, control your pain and symptoms without drugs or painkillers, and actually promote the healing and return of your worn-out cartilage (and your mobility).To ask your questions just call us.

    You can follow Lydia Proschinger on Twitter @LaVidaHealthy or alternatively @SerendipityJane and send in your questions or request being on the program. If you are an author, please send in a brief bio and outline of your book. If you are an EFT practitioner, please send in your brief bio and your particular field of expertise. Email: info(@)livinglavidahealthy.org

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    The Digestion Sessions Experts: 11 Tips for Gas, Bloating, Constipation, & More!

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    Sean plays some of his favorite clips from the upcoming Digestion Sessions online event, incuding useful tips from Paul Chek, Dr. Kharrazian, Jeffrey Smith, Sayer Ji, Dr. Michael Ruscio, and more. Topics include:

    * 3 natural tips for constipation.
    * A cause for diarrhea that no one knows about. (Until now!)
    * The truth about wheat, glucosamine, and your joints.
    * The #1 reason parasites come back!

    Save your seat for this FREE online event kicking off this Sunday, November 9th at www.digestionsessions.com



  • Empowering Your Upper Torso with Strength Training Exercise

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    For more information on glucosamine sulfate benefits, you can contact us today. Once you’ve checked that out, also check out Osteoarthritis pain relief.

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    Joint Care Treats & Supplements

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    Let's take a look at joint care ingredients offered in supplements and treats for dogs. What's Glucosamine, anyway? What does it do? How much is enough for your dog? Which dogs need joint supplementation? Do herbs do just as well? We'll talk to a veterinary expert and nutritionist to find out how to decode the joint care products on the market today.