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    The Psychic Bartender Show with Gloria Parker

    in Spirituality

    Gloria Parker, high energy person (so there Donald) and she is looking forward to speaking her mind, voicing her opinion openly, and hearing what others think. She uses her intuition and numbers to get to the core of YOU!

    For more on Gloria AND to book your private reading visit:


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    Tina Sloan and Gloria Loring

    in Women

    If you are a soap lover, or just someone who loves a great story, you are in for a real treat! Actresses Tina Sloan and Gloria Loring are coming to Feisty Side of Fifty Radio.

    Tina spent 26 years ministering to the needs of her patients as nurse Lillian Raines on Guiding Light. Gloria took to the stage on Days of Our Lives as songstress, Liz Chandler. On their respective soaps, these women endured a tormented existence filled with doomed marriages, disastrous love affairs, murder and attempted murder, incarceration, unruly offspring and a multitude of tortuous twists inherent to the lives of women on daytime TV. 

    In real life, however, Tina and Gloria are happy, healthy and enjoying the many blessings of being on the Feisty Side of Fifty. They continue to perform and have gone on to write highly successful books.

    Both of these fascinating women have lots to share and will be joining us to reveal some of their more memorable experiences as actresses and authors. This promises to be one lively show for sure!

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    The Truth and Your Circumstances-Experiencing God Online Bible Study Day 22

    in Spirituality

    Topics: 1) The truth about your circumstances 2) Hearing From The Spirit of Truth, 3) Physical Markers of Spiritual Encounters 4) God's activities in your life will always be in sequence (Pages 121-124 of The Experiencing God Bible Study Workbook) You do not need to have a book to learn from the teaching.

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    A Conversation with Gloria Loring

    in Radio

    Today on Straight Talk With Carly Alyssa Thorne we talk with Gloria Loring about her career, her passions and more.

    "She sang with one of the best vocal instruments in pop music since the salad days of Barbra Streisand." Don Heckman, LA Times  

    Join us on the journey with the full podcast & video embeds & all information & bios at:

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    Interviewer, Producer: Carly Alyssa Thorne

    DISCLAIMER: We don't tell our guests what to say, they are expressing their own personal opinions. We do not discriminate against any one Religion, Faith, or ethnicity and are of the belief we are all interconnected. Any advice or subjects we discuss are of our own Personal experiences. Please seek proper counsel from Your own personal advisors whether it be Your Doctor for medical and or health issues, an Account for Financial Advice or any Professional you deem necessary.

    Carly Alyssa Thorne is not a licensed attorney, accountant, Doctor, or Psychologist. Before making any decisions using information contained in our Video's, Podcasts, websites, teleconferences or any other form of communication you should receive advice from your licensed professional. All information is subject to verification, errors and omissions.

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    Belief and Faith-What's The Difference? Is There A Difference?

    in Spirituality

    What is the difference between believing and faith? On the surface, the two concepts could be the same, and for many people they are. Though these words can be used interchangeably, there is one important distinction that is revealed in God's word. Listen to this broadcast to learn the difference between the two.

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    God Speaks Through Circumstances. Experiencing God Online Bible Study Day 21

    in Spirituality

    Topics: 1.God Speaks Through Circumstances 2.God's Perspective Is Vital 3.The Truth Of Your Circumstances. Pages 117-121 in the Experiencing God workbook. You do not need a book to glean from these teachings.

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    What Happens When You Pray? Experiencing God Online Bible Study Day 20

    in Spirituality

    Topics: 1) What happens when you pray? 2) Spiritual Concentration. 3) The Silences of God.( Pages 114-116 in the Experiencing God workbook.)

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    CUTV News welcomes Dr. Gloria Payne of the Meridian Counseling Center

    in Health

    Dade City, FL – Traditional therapy is the standard but it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s a therapist’s responsibility to expand their horizons, further their education and learn the most effective ways to benefit their clients.

    Dr. Gloria Payne is a certified Rapid Resolution Therapist, BodyTalk practitioner, and the founder of the Meridian Counseling Center, where she offers both traditional cognitive behavioral therapy as well as innovative, state of the art holistic methods of healing.

    “I look at the whole picture so I want to make sure I have the right tools and I have a lot of tools in my toolbox,” says Dr. Payne. “There is more available to people than just western medicine and medication.”

    Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT) can help bring about desired change. Long-standing habits can be changed and so can your emotional responses. It is an excellent method of eliminating the negative effect that past events continue to have on emotions, behavior and even health.

    BodyTalk is a relatively new and powerful truly holistic and natural method of physical and emotional healing that utilizes state of the art energy medicine to optimize the body’s internal communications. As a certified Body Talk practitioner, Dr. Payne relies on the body’s inherent knowledge of itself to locate the energy circuits that need repair.

    “I was working with someone recently who had experienced deep trauma,” recalls Dr. Payne. “After our first BodyTalk session she said, ‘For the first time in my life I smiled on the inside.' There’s nothing better than to see somebody who has been suffering become free of whatever has been constraining their life.”

    For more information on Meridian Counseling Center, visit http://www.meridiancounselingcenter.com

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    "If He's Not Lord OF All, He's Not Lord AT All!"

    in Spirituality

    If you're a believer, ask yourself a few questions: Is Jesus Lord of, and over your life? Is He the first priority in your life? Is He above every goal, dream, desire, and ambition of yours? Why these questions? Because you cannot be a disciple of Christ, and say, "Lord, I will allow your input in my life, after I finish making a few decisions on my own." Furthermore, you cannot call Him Lord and make excuses for not obeying Him. "Why do you call me, 'Lord, Lord,' and do not do what I say?"-Luke 6:46. Living under Christ's Lordship means giving up all concepts of personal ownership.Your life is not your own. He paid for it. Perhaps this broadcast will help your understanding.

  • The Will of God in 2016

    in Spirituality

    How time flies! Can you believe we are on the verge of the end of 2015, and slowly approaching a new year? Many of you, like myself, are probably looking forward to a new year. A new year always brings about a sense of hope and expectation: better things to come-and rightfully so. As we prepare to enter the new year, let us consider how believers should set goals and make plans. Let us not wait until the new year has sprung to begin to pray about the paths we should take, and the decisions we should make. No. Believers need to be proactive with God. The time is now to start setting our petitions before the Lord, and allowing Him to order our steps. Listen to this broadcast. It can help you align your desires with God's for 2016.