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    The death of a parent is never easy, even when it's expected, but to face the death of a child the same week is unimaginable. Preston and Glenda Parrish experienced the sudden death of their 25-year-old son in the same week that Preston’s father died. The Parrishes were quickly plunged into a depth of anguish and despair that would require them to cling to God and their faith in an unprecedented way.    In Finding Hope in Times of Grief (Harvest House Publishers), the Parrishes candidly share personal insights of their journey and struggles through loss and hope, with the aim of consoling others. They point out that we will each face grief at some point in our lives, and that when it does finally hit and throw our lives into anguished upheaval, the pressing question becomes, how do we deal with it?    Join Life Beats Radio for this powerful, inspiring story of loss, love and finding hope again.

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    Glenda Fields, Preacher, Teacher, Author and Then Some More

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    Glenda Fields is a co-founder of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and the author of her latest book. “Get Over It! Heal! Move On!: Facing The Enemy Within”. Glenda is also a licensed minister, evangelist, and author.

    Written as her personal memoirs, the book is a blend of her personal approach with a vision of God's Covering, Grace, Power, Purpose, and Destiny that unfolded throughout the pages depicting her life’s journey.

    These memoirs unveil the truth about our internal enemy, our worst nightmare, our biggest critic; our self by exposing how Satan uses people, things, places, in our lives to distort the true meaning of why we are here on planet earth.  It reveals his unknown and unseen strategies, woven in various stages of our life.

    Glenda is also the author of “Look Out The Enemy Is Coming,” “The Enemy Among Us,” “Conversations With God,” “Diary of a Man Heart of a Woman,” and “I am on the Verge.”

    For more information about Glenda and her books visit her website:


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    The Glenda Ramos Radio Farewell

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    On this final episode of The Glenda Ramos Radio Show, Glenda says farewell to the listeners as well as her show.  She announces possible plans on working on small projects and other personal plans and goals.  She would like to thank listeners for listening to her radio show and it's been wonderful working with the show.

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    Steve & Jody Parrish from Coldwell Banker Gundaker

    in Real Estate

    We're joined today by Steve & Jody Parrish from Coldwell Banker Gundaker, serving St. Louis, Jefferson, and St. Charles Counties and St. Louis City in Missouri. The Parrish Team was honored in 2012 with the coveted President's Elite standing among Coldwell Banker Agents, and is are among the top 3% of ALL Coldwell Banker Agents in the United States.  They also serve as one of the instructors for the Coldwell Banker Gundaker School of Real Estate, Including classes in Pre-license and Missouri Real Estate Practice.

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    Author Glenda L. Hunter discusses AN UNSPEAKABLE SECRET on #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back award-winning author Glenda L. Hunter to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss the journey that led her to writing and what she hopes readers take away from the re-release of her book AN UNSPEAKBLE SECRET.

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    Upcoming Topics on the Glenda Ramos Radio Show

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    On this episode of the Glenda Ramos Radio Show, Glenda discusses upcoming topics.  Stay tuned for more episodes at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/theglendaramosradioshow!

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    Goal Setting on Branding Beyond Blogging with Glenda Cates

    in Women

    Setting goals is one thing...making them a reality is another. On Wednesday, December 10th at 10amPT/1pmET and anytime in archive, Glenda Cates and her guest Elle Emme with LM Solutions, along with Dori DeCarlo share ideas and perhaps a few pointers to finish up this year strong in your business and info on how to get a head start on 2015. From Blogging to building your blog, advertising and so much more...and an opportunity to win a free gift...all on Glenda's final show for 2014.

    Glenda will be sharing her sponsors and Hometown Highlights, so give us a call at 646 595 3163 and be part of the conversation. Take a look at our Mompreneur Marketplace and meet all of our sponsors.

    Take a moment to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and email dori@wordofmomradio.com for information on how you can become part of the WoMRadio family.

    Word of Mom Radio ~ sharing the wisdom of women.

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    Announcement from The Glenda Ramos Radio

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    The Glenda Ramos Radio Show will be off the air until further notice.  Glenda will take a break from the radio show until she's ready to have her next radio show.  Stay tuned.

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    Magic: The synergy of knowing our work objectives.

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    Every job or career has the ability to offer something more than compensation in exchange for your skills.  Depending in what we want out of it is how we are going to decide how to prioritize our choices.  Some of these choices can be broken down, depending on how they make us feel is what objective we are going to have.  Finding excatly what makes you tick is the key to your sucess and internal happiness...


    Success will frighten you in the same way failure will. What is frightening is the unknown. 

    The day you figure out how to deal with it is the day you will know what you are made of…

                                                         GLENDA D. QUINTO


    I am the author of Emotions Simplified by Glenda D. Quinto   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RR9OOH2/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_Qz4Yub1J8C7D6

    Emotions Simplified:  A Practical Self-Help Workbook is the perfect choice for anyone who is open to self-exploration with the goal of greater internal contentment, more successful relationships, and true professional fulfillment.  

    You can follow me on blog talk radio, twitter, facebook, stitcher, iTunes, and amazon.com

    Love & Blessings to all…


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    How many different hats do you wear in your daily life?

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    We all have our own personal struggles in a daily basis, especially when we are trying to strife to be the best we can be.  Metaphorically, Many of us wear different hats through the day. From the moment we wake up, we are ourselves first, and then if we have children, we wear the hat of a parent.  If we have to take care of our loved ones, we wear the hat of the caretaker, and then for a moment we may have ourselves again, before we wear our hat for work.  Through the day we have thoughts that takes us in small journeys before bringing us back to our reality.  Those journeys include our hopes and dreams, a resolution, heartbreak, a loss, confusion about a situation, a yearning for something to mention a few. 

    These are all mental explorations and in those moments we are wearing a hat of contentment.  Maybe we are looking forward to reading a novel that is transporting us to a place we wish to be; or longing for that special treat.  However, work calls and here we are back with our Work-Hat and before long, there are other distractions and time consuming tasks. If we are lucky we get to go home and enjoy wearing our favorite hat.

    Staying true to your every experience will help you have full access and understanding of your life.  The more committed you are to the fact that you are wearing different hats through your day, the better experience you will have in a daily basis.  

     I am the author of Emotions Simplified by Glenda D. Quinto   http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00RR9OOH2/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_Qz4Yub1J8C7D6

    You can follow me on blog talk radio, twitter, facebook, stitcher, iTunes, and amazon.com

    Love & Blessings to all…






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    Types of friendships: Childhood? Freeloaders? Recreational?

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    We may have many acquintances, and are friendly with the people we come across in our daily life, however, some individuals feel that they are lucky if they have managed to gather through their life a handful of close friends.

    Our friends are there to listen to us when everyone else is unwilling or too busy to lend an ear. They protect us when others mistreat us, and they have an ability to share the truth without painfully hurting us. 

    They accept us for who we are without judgment. When we are with them, we feel that we belong. No matter how long it has been since we physically saw them, our connection to them is timeless. Whether we speak with them every day or once a year, it always feels right.

    On the other hand, we may also have friends that are takers, freeloaders or codependent.  

    How do we deal with these types of friendships?

    We will explore some of these today?

    You can also find more on this topic in my book: Emotions Simplified by Glenda D. Quinto available on Amazon.com

    Love & Blessings to all...







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