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    The Purpose of Your Life

    in Christianity

    It's been over a year since my last episode. I'm back and would like to share an article called the Purpose of Life for 2016, hoping everyone who listens will gain an insight about why they are here. Why man is here on this planet. That is one of man's most burning questions and I will attempt to explain it. Again, it took me a long time to learn what is going on on this planet. My father says it's about a fight between God and Satan for souls. So sit back and listen and find out how you can make sure you end up on God's side.

  • Staying on Purpose

    in Christianity

    Join Bishop and Pastor Carter at the Embassy of Faith Christian Center as they confront real-life issues in a Christian way.

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    The Life : Living Your Life's Purpose

    in Religion

    Description: We each have a special purpose that needs to be identified and pursued. Listen to a thought provoking discussion about living the life God has called you to live.

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    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – Finding Purpose in Life

    in Self Help

    This is I.T. (Inconvenient Truth)!!! – Finding Purpose in Life

    You can do it if you put your mind to it!! Are you struggling to find what your purpose maybe in life once your world has been turned upside down after being diagnosed with Chronic Pain, RSD, or any Disease or illness? Many times we feel that we serve a purpose in life after our lives has changed. Becoming an advocate for what you would like to see changed in how your life is being affected by new laws, rules, lack of knowledge can be rewarding for some. Everyone seeks inspiration from others when they are struggling with everyday life. I have always been taught that what you feel is lacking or missing in the world that you should become that which you seek. Call in to give others inspiration on how you are finding a new purpose in life and how you strive to inspire others in life.

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    Decide to live a purpose filled life

    in Women

    I have to be honest with you about something so I will do it during this show.

    We will remove the elephant from the room, because things have gotten a bit smelly. If you are tired of being confused each day, wondering what the meaning of life is then this is the show you want to tune in to.

    Take notes, contact us to join in the conversation, but whatever you do 'do not remain the same'. #thisneedstobesaid

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    A Coach To Your Life Purpose with Marek Shaf

    in Motivation

    The Entrepreneur Power Hour Interviews Marek Shaf. Marek is a life coach dedicated to helping others break out of thier daily routines and comfort zones and live the life they have always dreamed of. Marek shares his passion for helping others and explains some amazing ways to discover your life purpose! In addition, Marek shares how other can become life coaches and all of the details entailing his profession. 

    1.How did you become an entrepreneur?

    2.Tell more about what you do and some of the highlights of your career?

    3.Give 3 tips for anyone who like start doing what you are doing? (or how what your doing can help them on their journey)

    4. What has your experience as an entrepreneur been like so far and what advice can you give to our audience or other new entrepreneurs to stay motivated in order to become successful?

    5. Where can we find you online?

    To Find Marek Shaf Email  marekshaf@gmail.com

    To Go To The Entrepreneur Power Hour http://www.theentrepreneurpowerhour.com/ 

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author J.A. Wright

    in Writing

    In this interview, I'll be interviewing J.A. Wright author of the novel How to Grow an Addict, which mirrors a lot of Wright's life story growing up as full blown drug addict by the time she hit age 26. 

    Listen to this immensely powerful interview with an author who was able to change her attitude and life before drugs took her life way and how she was able to give voice to her compelling story. 





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    3 Powerful Steps to Discovering Your Life Purpose

    in Lifestyle

    Do you feel that there is more you're meant to be doing with your life?

    But you aren't sure what that is or how to go about doing it?

    Do you feel lost or directionless in your life?

    On this show with Andra Wochesen you will learn

    3 Powerful Steps to Discover and Live Your Life on Purpose.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author Theo Nestor

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be speaking with Theo Pauline Nestor, author of Writing is my Drink (A Writer's Story of Finding Her Voice and How You Can Too.) about the lessons of courage and how they can be applied to everyday living. 

    Theo Pauline Nestor is the author of Writing Is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (And a Guide to How You Can Too) (Simon & Schuster, 2013) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed: A Memoir of Starting Over (Crown, 2008), which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a 2008 Top Pick for Reading Groups and as a Target “Breakout Book.” She holds and MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Washington. Nestor also produces events for writers such as the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, Bird by Bird & Beyond, and the Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive, featuring talks by literary leaders such as Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg.

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    The Well: A Life Giving Dimension

    in Spirituality

    The Well has several spiritual and symbolic meanings in the soul’s journey. It is absolutely essential for our spiritual lives as it is a good health index of the inner relationships between the soul, spirit, ego, and heart. In short, a well is a way of reaching the water. Ordinary life carries on but the well-shaft connects this daily activity to another, life-giving dimension. Tune is this week as Lisa Jones and I discuss our personal ability to 'tap into' the reserves of this dimension and its underlying truths. There is an unchanging nature of the Well - as if its shaft were dug at right-angles to time, to bring up meaning from the invisible world into everyday life, bridging the unbridgeable. But this will not happen by itself. There is always water in the well, but not everyone will reach it - and if you can't reach the source, or lack the means to contain it, it will never help you.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Ernie Boxall

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be interviewing Ernie Boxall who is penning his book about his visit to Israel. We'll be discussing some of the lessons of courage he experienced and how they've transformed him as well as impacted his ability to live courageously and what it means for writing a memoir.