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  • 01:50

    How to be a creep

    in Politics

    We are all creeps now. The word, of course is the definitive and the preferred tool of social exclusion by the good people. The non creeps. If you're one of us, that is, if you're a creep, your opinions are wrong, by definition, you are undesirable, you're not sexy, you're not attractive, and its only a matter of time before vultures begin circling your carcass. But what exactly does the word mean, besides “we don't like you” What is the actual meaning of the modern usage of the word creep?
    Tonight on A Voice for men radio, John The Creep, Girl Creeps What and Typhon Crepe Bleu will lift the lid on the conceptual box labeled creep, and examine just what a creep is, and why you're a creep too.

  • 02:07

    Men Going Their Own Way

    in Blogs

    Where are the good men going? The answer being, obviously, the same place good men have always gone: to an early grave, or a nicely appointed cage. Bad men, on the other hand, are going somewhere else. Anywhere else, in fact, wherever they want, without concern for who tells them no. Men going tier own way, and Zeta Masculinity, the modern paths to male self actualization without necessary self sacrifice on behalf of those who hate them are the topics for the 26 April 2012 episode of AVFM Radio. GirlWritesWhat, Johntheother, and TyphonBlue will be wrestling with what it takes to shake off the mental shackles of a society which discounts male humanity and values only male utility. The social contract between men and women is broken, burned and bombed into rubble, and those who've bombed it provide no replacement except a cage for men. What will replace this contract is still largely unknown, but a few ideas are currently in beta-test now.
    Call in tonight at 8PM central standard time 310-388-9709  

  • 02:22

    Sexual Objectification of Men

    in Politics

    This is not the sexual objectification you are accustomed to hearing of. This is not objectification of individuals as objects of desire or beauty. The true objectification of human beings occurs when we treat them as disposable utilities, use them to the point of destruction, and then discard them like store brand appliances from wall mart. Male rape victims, thrown away and refused treatment by UN aid agencies – because once they’re broken, they’re no longer men, and thus, not human. American veterans shattered by their combat experiences, returned home to be discarded. And unlike females who are objectified as items of desire or beauty, and thus protected and coveted, men objectified are discarded as actual objects, and abandoned to die. They are also invisible, and never discussed under the heading of sexual objectification.

  • 02:03

    Rebuilding Male Spaces

    in Blogs

    If masculinity is evil, predatory, regressive atavism – which is what the proponents of radical feminism seem to believe, then male spaces, or places in human society which are male oriented, male friendly without apology without polite curtaining of male identity in deference to women – such places cannot possibly be allowed. Female spaces, that is, places where female identity dominates to the total exclusion of men are relatively common, and indeed, almost all public space shared by women is governed with an ethic of deference to female emotion and sensibility. However, in a healthy, functional society which acknowledged the existence of men and women, as humans, both Female and Male friendly spaces are necessary feature of the landscape. So where are the male spaces in modern society, and how do we get them back? JtO, GWW and TyphonBlue get busy tonight with some necessary groundwork, rebuilding male space in western society.

  • 02:18

    The Broken Social Contract

    in Blogs

    The social contract
    The social contract is of course, the label for a view that an individual’s moral obligations are dependent upon a tacit agreement among them to form the society in which they live.
    Between men and women, It was once – men are “superior” and women are “inferior”. Of course what nobody ever said out loud was that the inferior partners in that top to bottom relationship were the ones controlling the social identity and value of their superiors. Strong, large, and apparently in charge, men had the role of providers, protectors, and actors in the world, assuming risk, dispensing and absorbing violence – and when convenient for the interests of others, dying. In exchange – men got a social identity as humans. Fast forward fifty years, and that positive social identity is no longer a part of the deal, but the onus to provide, to protect, and die, we've still got that. So what possible answer can any of this have? Quite simply, the deal is off. The social contract is broken.

  • 02:24

    Manikins without Boundaries: how feminism is merely a tool

    in Politics

    Tonight, AVFM's JtO and GWW take a high-altitude view of the most obvious opponents of the human rights of men and boys, namely the followers of big-Feminism. Much ink and many pixels have been expended in discussions of whether the movement named after females is one seeking their equal rights, or their supremacy.
    The answer might surprise even some experienced opponents of what sometimes seem like a cult of sexual superiority. In addition tonight, we'll be examining the motivations and behaviours of the superior sex, those who are sometimes compared to royalty, to goddesses, or to children, and in moments of clarity, to simple stimulus responders like flatworms.
    In addition, AVfM introduces a new segment to the show : “Who Feminists Want to Murder his Week”.
    Show time 8 PM central, 6 PM Pacific
    The call in number for the show is 310-388-9709.

  • 01:32

    The Men's Movement is just a bunch of angry white men

    in Politics

    According to the opposition, the Men's Rights Movement is nothing except a bunch of sexually frustrated, angry, abusing, woman-hating white men. Angry that they've lost thier patriarchal privilege to beat their wives and send women back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant to "go make me a sammich!" . 
    If you beleive this narrative, you are codially invited tonight, to join AVfM Radio's resident angry white man JtO along with his subservient helpmeet GirlWritesWhat for an evening of male privilege, female victimhood and desperate clinging to the tatered remnants of the patriarchy. Or maybe, GWW and JtO will demolish the lies of gender ideologues with a chainsaw and a flame-thrower, bringing a bit of illumination to the mainstream's dark smog of lies.

  • 02:49

    Blue Pill Radio - Understanding Male Identity

    in Psychology

    Tonight AVFM Radio introduces GirlWritesWhat as new co-host, and examines male identity in an increasingly feminized world. This is the blue-pill, blue kool-aid world most men and women inhabit before theyve swallowed and digested what we commonly call the red pill. But what do we mean when talking about these two views of reality. Male identity and value as a human being is what's at stake. In the blue pill world, this is based on utility, conformity and disposability. However, as women take on a greater participation in the working world, men find themlseves increasingly identified as disposable drones, socially indistinguishable from women. Where in this landscape do men find social value in thier identity as men?

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