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    Leadership - I don't want to go

    in Education

    Sometimes the call of leadership will lead you into directions that you don't want to go.

    What do you do when this happens?

    Listen in and get some insight.

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    Monday Game Nights on Naked Girls Radio

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    Every Monday night is game night on Naked Girls Radio where site members can log in to play two player games with their friends on the social network for fun and sometimes prizes. We get together, hang out, chat, socialize and have fun and then keep track of our scores for each game in the forums all while listening to our favorite songs. Sound like something you might enjoy doing on your Monday evenings? Come on then and join us! It's free to be a part of it and we would love to have you there!!

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    4th Episode Teen Girls' Monday: How Can I Stay Focused Under Peer Pressure?

    in Women

    Pastor Teresa Burton will use the Word of God, Godly wisdom and life experiences to empower and teach young ladies how live a VICTORIOUS life.

    Your host, Pastor Teresa along with her Co-Hosts Catera, Takesha, Jalah, Larea and Kazhe will create an impactful discussion that is guaranteed to challenge our listening audience of teen girls. Our discussion bring encouragement and reassurance that it is possible to live a Christ Centered life as a teenager by providing strategy along with biblical and practical tools to overcome daily issues.

    This episode will help and encourage you as young lady to stay focused under the peer pressure you face daily.

    As a young person, peer pressure is one of the biggest issues in your life! It’s amazing what one will do because she is pressured into it by her friends. Friends who want you to “prove” something to them – that you are a part of their crowd, their worldliness, their sin.

    That is why choosing the right kind of friends is so important. 

    Discussion Questions:

    What is peer pressure?

    Is there something wrong with being accepted?

    Does God want me to have a boring life as a teenager?

    Is peer pressure easier to overcome as a Christian teen?

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    Real Girls Rock

    in Entertainment

    Goes down every Tuesday!!

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    Tuesday Night Naked Girls Radio Keeping You Toasty

    in Indie Music

    Sounds like lots of kids are off school tomorrow. Are you taking the day off work or still headed in anyway? When I was a kid we had snow days - not anymore. Kids are much more likely to be called off school because it is too cold. I just had a dream last night that I was on a hot sunny tropical beach somewhere. Honestly I could be a whole lot colder. This year I personally feel I am better prepared. I have a thicker skin and am not as afraid of the blistering cold. Amazing!

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    Happy New Year 2015 Naked Girls Radio Listeners!!

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    Hey everybody! Hope you are havong a great start to your 2015 today! I can tell u my year is already a helluva lot better than yesterday and wish everyone else can say the same!! It's been a crazy week thus far for me but very grateful either way! Who knows what kinda music I'll play - we will do whatever - call me and say what's up = I'd reeally love to hear from u tonight! ;)

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    Real Girls Rock

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    Goes down every Tuesday!!

  • Merry Christmas Eve Eve from Naked Girls Radio

    in Indie Music

    It's the Eve of Christmas Eve - Join Us for a pre holiday celebration with all of your favorite Naked Girls Radio musicians this afternoon! We will be playing Christmas music from one of our very own NGR singer/ songwriter Kyle Young. The song is called I'ts Christmas Time by Kyle Young featuring Nathan Cheney. Want to learn more about Kyle Young aka thekyleyoung check out his profile page at nakedgirlsradio.com/members/profile/98 (adults only please! He does have explicit lyrics in a lot of his songs) Wishing you a wonderful and happy holiday season :) Thank you for listening to Naked Girls Radio!

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    Lamont Patterson aka K Diddy, CEO of WORLD MOVEMENT RECORDS.Brings you the best of New and Established Artists,Rock,R N B,Jazz,Hip Hop,Country, If you got the heat let's hear it!


     OFFICE #323-957-7322

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    Real Girls Rock

    in Entertainment

    Goes down every Tuesday!!

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    Sexy Leadership with Ruth Sinkeler

    in Entrepreneur

    Ruth Sinkeler CPCC, ACC, Human Developer, Expert in Sexy Leadership & UBUNTU Leadership, Happy MKB, Executive/ Business Coach,Speaker, and Author shares her insight on making Leadership sexy again.

    What does leadership have to do with sex?

    What makes you sexy and attractive as a leader? This is the BIG question waiting to be answered.

    Leadership has everything to do with being your most authentic self and living according to your values first. When you live your life from your core values and you act from them.

    Leading from authenticity creates trust. And trust is one of the biggest things anyone who calls him or herself a leader needs. To create trust with people you want to follow you is one of the biggest challenges of any leader. There is nothing to lead if no one trusts you.

    Is being a leader exclusively for an elite group? No it is not. There are many examples of people from all parts of society, genders and races, who stepped into their authenticity, lived according to their core values, created trust and have followers.

    Another thing leaders have in common is that they truly live by their passion. Whether it is a passion for garbage cleaning or for politics. It does not matter. Anyone who has a great passion and inspires others to do the same or achieve their dreams has leader qualities

    A true leader is aware of his or her  impact on people and takes responsibility for his or her actions. It might happen that even if acted from authenticity, core values and passion the impact on others is not that positive. Taking responsibility is of big importance in that case. Leaders don’t just create an impact and walk away. They stay and find ways to turn things around, the positive way. After all, it was all about creating trust, right?

    What does this have to do with sex? Maybe not much, but this sexy way of Leadership sure sounds hot.

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