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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics Progressive

    Tune in to Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk on BlogTalk USA (and visit DemBlogNews) for current events in the news and politics as well as updates and analysis on both sides of the political isle as we journey along the campaign trail to Election 2016! Jacob Limon, Texas Director for Bernie Sanders' Presidential Campaign, will stop by to give us a #FeeltheBern Report! We will also be joined by Karen Jacobs, candidate for Texas state House of Representatives, district 33.  Karen will tell us about the event she attended today at Mountain View College in Dallas, Texas where Hillary Clinton was speaking.  We will also discuss Karen's decision to run for the Texas House of Representatives and her decision to run! Don't miss tonight's Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk!

    Follow Karen "Jacobs For Texas" on Facebook and Twitter!

    Email Jacob at JacobLimon@BernieSanders.com

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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics Progressive

    From threatening another government shutdown over women's health funding and talking smack about the Pope after a visit to our country to letting the Benghazi which hunt cat out of the bag and insulting fellow citizens while pandering for votes on the campaign trail, the current state of the republican party is a never ending source of entertainment, befuddlement, comic relief, and often, fear for the future. Tune in to Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk on BlogTalk USA for current events in the news and politics as well as updates and analysis on both sides of the political isle as we journey along the campaign trail to Election 2016!  

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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics Progressive

    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk
    with Michael Handley and Rheana Nevitt-Piegols!  The latest in politics and news from the left of center, every Tuesday night on BlogTalk USA! Hillary Clinton is set to testify in Congress before the politically motivated "Benghazi Select Committee" as the right is in the midst of a full blown melt down. The wheels are coming off the clown car as the damage seems to be beyond repair after all the years of lying to voters, chasing nonsense and phony scandals which turn up nothing, obstructing at all cost, shutting down the government instead of paying the bills, and the various other self-inflicted wounds the republicans in Congress have chosen to suffer out of sheer spite for President Obama.  We will discuss the chaos on the right, the polls after the first Democratic Debate, and much more in the world of politics on Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk! 

    Include DemBlogNews in your daily or weekly news gathering routine!  Stay informed with us!  Tune in to BlogTalkUSA for Eyes Wide Open: DemBlogTalk and visit DemBlogNews online!

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    Eyes Wide Open: Democratic Blog Talk

    in Politics

    You may have heard U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is running for the Democratic Party's presidential nomination, last week hired Jacob Limon to serve as his Texas state campaign director.
    Jacob will join Michael Handley and Rheana Piegols on "Eyes Wide Open" as our special guest this coming Tuesday evening, November 10th, at 8:30 PM cst.
    Jacob will manage the Sanders campaign's operation to organize Sanders' Texas supporters, who have already started informally organizing themselves. Over the next week, campaign staffers will begin listening stops in Dallas, Houston, Corpus Christi, Austin, San Antonio, Brownsville and Fort Worth, as the campaign begins to dispatch staff to Texas to meet with supporters. The campaign is also expected to open a number of offices in the state over the coming weeks.
    Sanders made a campaign swing through Texas in July, drawing 5,200 and 8,000 people to rallies in Houston and Dallas, respectively. Sanders urged Democrats not to write off Texas in his strategy to win the White House and take back control of congress.
    Jacob Limon has most recently been chief of staff to state Rep. Nicole Collier of Fort Worth, and previously served as the deputy executive director for the Texas Democratic Party. We look forward to having him join us for "Eyes Wide Open" on BlogTalk USA this Tuesday night, November 10th at 8:30PM cst/9:30 est!

    If you want to know how YOU can help Texas Feel The Bern, email Jacob at Jacob.Limon@BernieSanders.com

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    Blog Help: How to Syndicate Your Blog For Maximum Exposure

    in Entrepreneur

    Getting Syndication For Your Blog! 

    One of the most powerfuls you can have for your blog is syndication. The more places you can post your blog, the better your chances of buiding your audience. 

    But where do you post? What are the best places to get syndication. In all my years of blogging I have a few tips I am about to reveal on how to get more exposure for your blog. 

    How to get others to share your blog post everytime you publish a new blog and do it automatically. This is one topic few bloggers discuss but I'm going to pull back the curtain. 

    There are 3 key places to get syndication: Lots of eyes on your blog in the shortest amount of time. 

    Are you ready to go viral? 

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    SPARKLE FOR JESUS: a blog by Jackie Gistarb

    in Women

    Jackie is a sweet sister friend of mine from Las Vegas. She relocated to New York in a pursuit of her calling and more of Jesus. In a world of vanity, Jackie is able to remain modest in Manhattan all while sparkling for Jesus. She literally started a blog site called: Sparkle for Jesus! 

    Tune in to hear more about her journey and what she as she moved from Sin city to the Big Apple!


    Jacquelynn Marie moved to New York from Las Vegas

    where she worked as a Senior Pastor’s Assistant at a local 

    church that brings the gospel to ‘Sin City’.  She loves 

    ministering to girls of all ages, crafting, working out, baking, 

    missions, serving, shopping, traveling and adding pink, 

    bows or glitter to anything she comes into contact 

    with.  Jacquelynn has embarked on a journey of faith that 

    has taken her from the West coast all the way to Manhattan 

    to be a light in dark places in the beauty industry. She 

    currently has three devotional websites to encourage 

    women to shine for Jesus as Matthew 5:16 states.  You can 

    follow her many adventures with the Lord by reading her 

    weekly devotional blogs at iSparkleforJesus.webs.com and 

    link to iShine in Ministry and iSparkle Teens from her debut 


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    DJ Blog Network | Public Relations Service

    in Blogs

    Hi I'm Randy Johnson and this is a Dj Blog Network audio presentation the purpose of this broadcast is I want people to be able to get the fullest enjoyment out of my blog, and what I mean by this is people that can't see and people who cannot read can listen to my audio version of the Dj Blog Network and this is going to be about what happened with the Dj Blog Network what I have experienced starting August 3, 2015 I hope you enjoy this presentation thank you 606-653-0321 is my phone number.


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    Blog Help: The Power of Google Plus and Your Blog

    in Entrepreneur

    As a blogger we are always looking for way to build our brand and our authority. 

    So finding the right niche is crucial. In today's podcast I am going to share with you how valuable Google+ is in building your authority and helping you get ranked on the front page. 

    Blogging is all about edcuation or entertainment. These are the two reason's people use the internet. Make sure you posistion youself in such a way to gain exposure and maximize your retrurn on your blogging efforts. 

    1. Why Google+

    2. Person or Business Page for more exposure?

    3. The power of a post... this usually surprises people when I share this

    4. Power of communities

    5. Power of collections

    This is going to be one fast paced, yet exciting podcast to be on! 

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    Blog Help: Top 3 Plugins To Have On Your Blog And Why

    in Entrepreneur

    As a blogger using the wordpress.org platform, plugins are and essential part of your blog. 

    These three plugins are crucial to your blog and I recommend them to any new blogger getting started. 

    The first plugin protects your site. Trust me when I say your site needs this plugin. 

    The second plugin helps you grow your audience. Everyone wants more traffic to their blog. 

    The third plugin is helps you generate endless leads. It took me a while to find this plugin but the moment I installed it, I fell in love with it. 

    Can't wait to share these powerful plugins and what they can do for your blog! 

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    ali's first blog talk

    in Entertainment

    in my first blog talk I will discuss interesting things that happened over the weekend. In my life, and on tv. For example, the VMA's, sports games, and celebrity news.

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    Blog Help: Discovering Who Is Your Targeted Audience

    in Entrepreneur

    So you were told you should be blogging. But who are you talking to or targeting? 

    As I am going through this process myself, I thought it would be a good idea to talk about finding your target audience and what you need to have on your blog to convey that message. 

    Blogging is about building credibility and growing an audience. To do that you have to know what kind of audience you want. 

    There are 4 ingredients we will reveal on today's Marketing Ingredients Podcast. 

    1. Demograhics

    2. Psychographic/Lifestyle

    3. Problem

    4. Solution Purchase Behavior

    We are going to go indepth and show you how to use these ingredients to find the person that is hungry to buy from you. 

    Follow me at http://thechefkatrina.com