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    Hybrid Jazz From Trish Hennessey - with James Kob! (K OH B) :)

    in Music

    For the next several episodes of "Hybrid Jazz", we're going to dip into the talent pool of esteemed publicity guru, Tom Estey. Tom has been a knight in shining armour on a number of occasions - and I'll never forget that he was able to secure a visit from Gino Vannelli for us :)

    The first stop in this beautiful journey: James Kob.  Prononounced KOBE.  This man is extremely distinguished - with an absolutely thrilling resume of composing, arranging, producing and breathing new excitement into music via his guitar.  And ideas!  "So Right" is the new set of works by The James Kob Experience.  And it would be an understatement to say that it's enchanting.  Vocalist Maria Schafer is a work of art - her voice is the Messenger that James wanted to bring life to his words. And Maria takes that role VERY seriously.  But that's not to lead you to believe that this project is anything other than FUN!

    Each track is its own story - James even has French and Portuguese interpretations of songs so that you can enjoy the feel of another language.  The uniqueness of these songs - and those involved in the making of them - intrigued the respected film director, Mark Jacobs. So much so that he filmed a documentary about the making of "So Right."  You'll feel the joy bubble over when James and his fully committed crew express their feelings about these special songs.  

    There is a tremendous vibe about our guest.  You'll find a monthly essay by him on Intent.Com, a site that was created by the daughter of Deepak Chopra, Malika.  James feels strongly that there is a spiritual connection to music - and that is the subject of his writings.  How wonderful to be able to experience his passion - you'll HEAR it when he comes calling - at one p.m. Eastern on 4/14!  Our show starts at NOON - see you in The Chat Room!  

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    2. More Than Lester with Gino Scarpino - The Great Equalizer

    in Indie Music

    Featuring music from Washington guitarist-singer-songwriter Gino Scarpino from his only album under the name More Than Lester. Gino is also known as an actor, digital media designer and as part of the defunct pop band The Dick & Janes (aka Sad Cafe).

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    CW 626 Gino Zahnd - Cozy Tenant Screening, Rent Collection & Self-Management

    in Finance

    Owning the most historically proven asset class, income property, is getting easier. This new service allows landlords to screen tenants, view credit reports and collect rents from a smartphone or tablet.  There are nominal fees built into services like debit card processing and the obtaining of a credit report which are paid for by tenants. Professional property owners now have a one-stop shop for managing their income properties, no matter where they are in the world. 


    Key Takeaways:


    Jason’s Editorial:

    [1:24] The devastating news from the stock market, was it manufactured? 

    [5:44] Could the government take away the benefits of the most tax favored asset?

    [7:37] The entire world economy is 60 trillion in a year and we lost 8 trillion in less than 1 month

    [9:58] Let’s print more money because there is no limit 

    [12:57] Get free powerpoint slides and a reserve your spot for the next JHU event March


    Gino Zahnd Guest Interview:

    [17:12] What exactly is Cozy and how did it start?

    [20:23] A landlord has access to a tenant’s credit report without the chance of identity theft

    [22:10] An agent can only use the screening tools or the full-service option

    [24:59] Can a landlord can still add an application fee to cover their time spent?

    [27:44] Credit reports & background checks have a fee associated with them via Cozy

    [29:35] Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments are free between landlord and tenants

    [32:07] Cozy eats the cost of transactions in exchange for client satisfaction

    [33:26] 2 ways for a landlord to initiate payments

    [35:45] Cozy’s goal is to be the

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    "Shirts v. Skins" Podcast (The Madness of March has begun)

    in Sports

    It's only just begun... Indiana & Xavier upset, while Kansas, Michigan St., and others keep truckin' along. And if you missed the UConn/Cincy game, you might want to find it somewhere to watch the replay.

    Also, Dirty Sanchez to the Broncos for a 7th rounder, but he's not going to start, right? Or is he...?! And RG3 visits the Jets? Quick, what's a great way to kill a locker room? Gino Smith & RG3, Baby!! Seriously Jets, I just picked you to go to the playoffs on Tuesday! Don't do this to me in March!


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    The RLX RADIO & CHILL Show

    in Radio

    It's time to be galvanized! Log on every Tuesday and Thursday night from 9pm til 11pm (cst) for the "Hottest" and "Intoxicating" talk show "The RLX RADIO & CHILL Show" with host Mr. JackHamma and co-host Lyrikal Essence. This show is for the Grown and Sexy! Please Tune In and enjoy Relationship Talk & Commentary, Romance Talk, Exquisite Poetry, Sports Talk, Business Information, HOT and Informative Interviews and we're playing the TOP songs in the RLX RADIO rotation. So, get with or find you a mate, log on and snuggle up to "The RLX RADIO & CHILL Show". Don't Miss It! Be There! [Special Interview Tonight with (Jazz/Smooth Jazz/Musician/Instrumentalist) Mr. Gino Goss]

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    A. Deep Live: Maxayn

    in Entertainment

    There are singers and then there are Vocal Architects. Maxayn Lewis is the latter - not only a coveted session and touring vocalist but a passionate and conscientious instructor and coach for people in all walks of life to use their voices to their maximum capacity. Just call it "The Max Factor!"

    The resume of Maxayn Lewis is an impressive one that includes recording with artists ranging from Dionne Warwick, Diana Ross and Celine Dion to Michael Jackson and Madonna. She has toured with Quiet Storm greats Brenda Russell and Gino Vannelli, jazz legend Les McCann and renowned blues man Bobby "Blue" Bland, as well as many superstars in the Japanese pop world such as Omega Tribe, Toshinobu Kubota, Anri, Akina Nakamori, Sanno Motoharu and Namie Amuro.



    Maxayn (pronounced max-ann - the "y" is silent) grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma as Paulette Parker, a region renowned for producing great musicians - from rocker Leon Russell to funk masters the GAP Band (both of which she has worked with). She came upon her vocal gifts naturally from her mother, C. Lorene Parker, who was a fantastic gospel singer but, more practically, a chef by trade. Maxayn cites her as well as the incomparable Nina Simone as major inspirations. She sang in a classical conservatory and later honed her chops in jazz nightclubs and the particularly demanding Marshall amplified music of rock clubs.



    Her big break arrived when the legendary Tina Turner blew into town and recruited her for a world tour. On this tour, Maxayn wowed critics and musicians alike including English rock royalty David Bowie and Mick Jagger, who referred her for gigs. 

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    FLAACOS 2015: Meet Gino Tenace CEO MOBE for Life

    in Health

    At the 2nd Annual Florida Association of ACOs meeting we caught up with Gino Tenace CEO of digital health company MOBE, a personalized program that empowers people on their path to a better life. 

    MOBE's goal is to guide individuals toward enhanced physical, emotional and social wellbeing that involves engaging in simple, achievable, healthy lifestyle activities. As CEO Gino is leading all aspects of the company's continued growth and success.

    Gino has over 20 years of healthcare experience.  Prior to joining MOBE, LLC Gino was the Chief Strategy Officer of MedSolutions responsible for assisting in developing, communicating, executing and sustaining strategic initiatives that would help drive the company’s future growth and profitability. Gino was also active in the Marketing functions of the company.

    In this interview PopHealth Week co-host and co-founder Fred Goldstein learns more about the man, the mission and the company.



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    We have live on Dagrahynd Gino White......Street Mob South

    in Music

    We have live on Dagrahyndmusic  Mr Gino White live on the air, speaking about his oppion when it comes to this music and his career and him featuring on the mixtape Grind2Glory.And also some of the projects he has going on and what direction he is going with his career CLICK HERE HE IS NUMBER 6 ON THE TRACK

    http://Grind To Glory by Various Artist - Uploaded by: AidemMediaGroup http://po.st/gT8kMX via @po_st


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    CW 613 - Alvin E. Roth - Who Gets What and Why, The New Economics of Matchmaking & Market Design

    in Finance

    Jason ushers us into this episode by taking us through Julie Malinowski’s article “6 Trends Among Landlords and Tips to Outperform the Norm”. He also reminds us there are a few tickets left to the upcoming Meet the Masters event and about the upcoming Venture Alliance Mastermind in Dubai.


    In today’s guest interview, Alvin E. Roth has written a book about markets. If you are wondering what type of market, as Mr. Roth tells us himself, it’s not important what type of market. It’s the market itself. He guides us through the interview discussing chapters of his book, “Who Gets What and Why” with real life examples of the organ donation market, the online matchmaking market and even shares his thoughts on how realtors have survived in our internet-based, do it yourself economy.


    Key Takeaways:


    Jason’s Editorial:

    [2:42] Does ISIS really make over 1 Billion dollars a year?

    [3:50] Gino from Cozy will be speaking at Meet the Masters

    [4:44] Getting ripped off

    [7:45] Julie Malinowski's article about 6 important property management trends and tips

    [19:28] The 17th Meet the Masters event is coming up and there are a few tickets left

    [20:35] Join the Venture Alliance Mastermind group during February in Dubai


    Alvin E. Roth Guest Interview:


    [21:56] The rules of a marketplace constitutes its design

    [25:15] Alvin Roth analyzes the surprising U.S. real estate market

    [28:30] Give realtors the 6% they deserve?

    [33:10] Matching markets allow you to choose and to be chosen without pricing

    [34:30] The matching market of organ donations i.e., kidney exchanges

    [37:51] What rules should apply to rep

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    Dr. Francesca Gino on how to make wise decisions and stick to them

    in Psychology

    Amy Alkon's Advice Goddess Radio: "Nerd Your Way To A Better Life!" with the best brains in science.

    *NOTE: "Best Of" replay. New live shows in September -- under a brand new show name we'll announce soon.

    Adorably, we humans see ourselves as rational animals. Research shows us to be anything but.

    We are swayed in ways we wouldn’t expect in both our decision-making and how well we stick to our plans. 

    The good news is, the research also shows that our going off track happens in predictable ways. My guest tonight, Harvard Business School professor, Dr. Francesca Gino, will both lay out the forces that sidetrack us as we’re trying to accomplish our goals and offer guidelines that we can use to keep ourselves on track. 

    Dr. Gino will be discussing her recently-published book, Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed, and How We Can Stick to the Plan. Join us tonight and have your eyes opened about the psychological, social, and environmental stumbling blocks that keep us from getting where we want to go.

    Join me and all my fascinating guests every Sunday, 7-8 p.m. Pacific Time, 10-11 p.m. Eastern Time, at blogtalkradio.com/amyalkon or subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher.

    Please buy my science-based but funny book about why people are rude and how to change things, "Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck."

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    The Spooky Pastors Show! Which Pastor Creeps You Out?

    in Religion

    PimpPreacher.com - Today on CFR Radio we will talk about Spooky Pastors. Meet our spooky pastors for 2016

    Gino Jennings - The next Jim Jones

    Prophet Altha Maclin - Force member to kill herself

    Kenneth Copeland - Mind control

    Anthony Hawkins - Killed wife and got daughter pregnant

    Warren Jeffs - Cult Leader

    Rev. Edward Fairley - stabbed mistress 28 times

    Pastor Charles A. Mckinney - Do what he says or go to hell

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