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    What Holds You Back with Sheevaun Moran & Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

    in Self Help

    Dr. Anastasia Chopelas invites Sheevaun Moran to share how she helps entrepreneurs break through their previous limitations to create rapidly growing thriving sustainable businesses using uncommon ancient principles.  Listen in for quick tips you can use right away.

    After suffering loss and near death struggles, master coach/ energy thought leader Sheevaun Moran merged her wildly successful business acuity with ancient energetic wisdom to create programs to help thousands create their own epic life. SheevaunMoran.com

    Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, author, physicist and the Scientific Healer, is the  founder of Diamond Healing Method, a combination of modern science and ancient healing arts. Get your complimentary Powerful Healing Audio at ScientificHealer.com

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    Ginger King, Beauty Brands chemist

    in Health

    Ginger is a Beauty Brands chemist and has created over 360 beauty brands and products from concept to counter.. 

    "Anything BEAUTY related is possible as long as it's legal and ethical," says Ginger. She holds several patents in cosmetic formulations.

    Ginger loves to make and sell cosmetics and was once a beauty consultant for Estee Lauder, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and Men’s Fragrances. She is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese and some Japanese. Ginger travels extensively in Asia and is aware of the Asian cosmetic trends. She was the key note speaker for Forte Skin Care launch in Taiwan and has spoken at HBA conference on product development, as a beauty expert for New Beauty Magazine Tea time chat, beauty expert on Beauty Press as well as a guest speaker for Rutgers MBA school on Marketing & Branding.

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    The Top 5 Health Benefits of #Ginger

    in Fitness

    We’ve all experienced unrelenting nausea at some point or another and as our grandmother used to say, "drink some ginger ale." But, does that really work??

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    Ginger Moran: The Algebra of Snow

    in Books

    Ginger Moran is a teacher, author and single mom of two boys. Her areas of expertise are in fiction and creative nonfiction, editing, coaching, and creative survival.
    Ginger holds a Ph.D. from the University of Houston in Literature and Creative Writing and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English from the University of Virginia.
    Her work has been published in Salon.com, Oxford American, Literary Mama, The Virginia Quarterly Review, Feminist Studies and other journals.
    She has written three novels, a collection of essays about her years as a single working mom, and a nonfiction book on custody. She taught at Spring Hill College and Fisk University and currently edits and serves as the associate director of Iris, the University of Virginia Women’s Center magazine.
    The Algebra of Snow was nominated for a Pushcart Editor’s Choice Award. 
    Visit:  http://gingermoran.com/ 

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    The Hard Soda Wars of 2016

    in Entertainment

    Is the hard soda craze just a fad or are the hard soda wars really upon us? These days you can't go into any liquor store without seeing a wide variety of hard root beers, ginger ales, and orange sodas sitting on the shelves. Is this is a sign of things to come? Or will they find themselves on the bottom shelf with the bottles of bum wine and Smirnoff ice beverages?

    Things started HOT with the introduction of Not Your Fathers Root Beer in June of 2015 and has increased even more with the introduction of the Coney Island Hard Root Beer, Ginger Ale, and now Orange Cream. Not to be outdone by all this, some of the big players in the industry such as Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors have now entered the game as well with some offerings of their own.

    Where will the insanity end? Will I finally get the Crystal Pepsi hard soda I have always dreamed of? I hope so!

    What are your thoughts on the hard soda craze? Is it good or bad? Let the world know!

    All that and MORE on this weeks episode! Want to be part of the show? The phone lines will be open and you are welcome to call in at 347-826-9598 to join the party. Cheers!

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    Ron Siegel Radio Network Jan 22 2016

    in Real Estate

    Ron Siegel of Anaheim Hills CA, Pat Moran of Scottsdale AZ and Jeremy Lehman of Anaheim Hills CA will discuss current events, financial markets, politics, and even poking fun at the rest of the media in a live radio broadcast from Anaheim CA.

    Ron, Pat and Jeremy will discuss: Real Estate as a Career; Professional or by Owner – where is the value; 401(k) ruse; A better Retirement plan than the 401(k); Insurance Options out perform the 401(k); ReUnion Kitchen + Drink Date Night Trivia; Cost of Waiting to purchase; Ways to Avoid Tax Fraud; VIP Mortgage Minute; Your Credit Matters; Real Time Real Estate and so much more

    Ron Siegel, consumer advocate and mortgage lender, discusses anything that affects the roof over your head, your bank account or other items that will benefit you / your family.

    Reach Ron at               

    ·       800.306.1990 

    ·       Ron@RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.RonSiegelRadio.com

    ·       www.SiegelLendingTeam.com

    ·       www.Facebook.com/RonSiegelRadio




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    Flesh Wound Radio - Episode 49: News & Reviews - 1/28/16

    in Film

    Tune into Horror Society presents Flesh Wound Radio w/ Todd Loya and Daniel Schein Thursday Jan. 28 at 9:00 pm eastern. On this fright filled episode we tackle the brand new limited edition Blu Ray release of Fred Olen Ray's Scalps, and Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan in her big screen horror debut The Boy. In addition we will be reviewing Vinegar Syndrome's new release of Luther The Geek, and kid friendly terror w/ Goosebumps. Last, but certainly not least we debut our new segment Flesh Wound After Dark, which will focus on some more adult oriented flicks. This week we will break down Vinegar Syndrome's Star Virgin, and Ginger Lynn in Too Naughty To Say No. Don't miss it and be sure to download us on itunes and Stitcher Flesh Wound Freaks.

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    Amateur MMA Fighter Ireland Moran

    in Sports

    Ireland Moran already has three MMA fights under her belt and has won two at the age of 17. Her latest fight say her win at Fusion Foght League in Montana, which showed her maturity in the cage and talented striking.

    We will talk to Moran about her career so far and her aspirations for the future

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    PMP: Tuatha Dea and the Green Album - A collection of Pagan Music

    in Spirituality

    Join RevKess and Kalisara as we welcome back Tuatha Dea, one of our all-time favorite musical groups. This time we will be talking about their project, the Green Album, featuring a long list of artists that we have featured several times.

    THE GREEN ALBUM is a collaborative concept album featuring artists from all over the musical spectrum, including: Tuatha Dea, Wendy Rule, SJ Tucker, Sharon Knight, Winter Jp Sichelschmidt, Celia Farran, Bekah Kelso, Ginger Doss, Damh the Bard, Kellianna Girouard, Spiral Dance, Spiral Rhythm, Murphey’s Midnight Rounders, Brian Henke, and Mama Gina LaMonte.

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    Co-branding to Strengthen Relationships in the Automotive Aftermarket

    in Business

    "...what we saw in the 80's and early 90's was a lot of specialty shops. And that did one thing that was very interesting that we saw, and part of the reason why we created these co-branding opportunities is because the customer was put at a disadvantage. With specialty shops it appeared on the surface to be a convenience factor for the customer. But what the customer lost was the relationship that theyhad. Years ago you used to go to the neighborhood gas station and you knew the operator, and you had a relationship and you trusted him, right?" - Pete Baldine, President, Moran Family of Brands

    As Franchise Today launches its seventh season on the air, co-hosts, Stan Friedman and Paul Segreto welcome long-time franchise professional, Pete Baldine as their guest. Baldine is president at Moran Family of Brands, franchisor to multiple automotive franchise brands including Mr. Transmission, Milex Complete Auto Repair and AltaMere Toys for Cars. 

    In an industry that has long been perceived as not having any glitz or appeal, co-branding has enabled Moran's brands to build and strengthen relationships with both customers and franchisees alike. For customers, it offers a one-stop shop of convenient quality service. For franchisees, it offers an efficient business model that builds loyalty and repeat business while minimizing overhead. To these points, show discussion will focus on the efficiencies of co-branding and how Moran Family of Brands has addressed technology challenges with today's vehicles, necessity of a higher skill level for technicians and issues that both franchises and independent business alike are facing today.

    Franchise Today airs LIVE Wednesdays at 11AM CT / 12PM ET with on-demand access on iTunes.