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    Rio Jonz with Boyd and Lucinda

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    Who is Rio Jonz? Well, if I knew that with clarity I would share. As it stands now I am a 45 year old man with an action-packed novel. But before this project I was a man without direction. Oh, I worked as a barber off and on for over 30 years in Compton, California. I'm a part-time daddy, because my marriage blew up in my face. And I'm also the go-to man when people need a good listener, or some advice on how to deal with life's issues. No degrees in these areas, though. I guess people just think I'm that approachable. All-in-all readers, I wish I could accommodate the world with their issues in life. Not quite possible with just little ol' me, so I choose to entertain in the form of a tome. Hopefully, what I write will spotlight this fact: In spite of, we are all people dealing with life the same. Just on different levels. My mother started the 65' Watts Riot, and the village that raised me were, lets just say, "Eclectic." So, the cards that I was dealt in life are different. And yet, I deal with them in similar fashion as everyone else.


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    Alisa Fierro with Boyd and Lucinda

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    Alisa Fierro is a holistic and intuitive practitioner in practice since 2004. She has held many certifications in the healing arts and currently practice's in the State of Arizona as a Licensed Massage Therapist and certified Reiki Master.  In 2002 she resigned from the Dept. of Corrections in search for a better life career. After a month off she decided to attend ASMT in Phx.  Following graduation she realized how competitive it was to work in the beauty industry and nearly quit to return to law enforcement. Around 2009, while she was in the hiring process for a police department, things shifted for her and she received a clear message and Divine guidance to stay and help people who are suffering needlessly.  Over the years, Alisa started to notice that she was different than most massage therapists and that each time she would work with someone in mental distress, she would experience what they felt and could see in her mind what they were going through.  The beautiful thing is that not only does she see it and feel it, Alisa also receives Divine guidance on how to help through silent healings or Theta Healing. As an empath, many times she will feel her client's emotions before they arrive for a treatment.  Alisa is so happy and grateful for having the ears to listen to the truth about who she is and why she is here.

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    Exclusive Interview Gina Williams on Inspirational Moments

    in Motivation

    Inspirational Moments is a show that is to uplift, encourge, motivate, and inspire hearts of listeners.

    This is a platform for Pastors, Speakers, Authors, Artist, and People to share their gifts, talents, and testimony.

    DJ Tanisha Jones will give you words of inspiration and motivation.

    Exclusive Interview with Gina Williams she will be promoting her new Christmas CD and promoting a special upcoming event.

    If you would like to email me at InspirationalTanisha@gmail.com

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    A fixture on the pound-for-pound lists and a fan-favorite, Paul “The Punisher” Williams had an outstanding 41-2 record with 27 wins by knockout. Williams, a two-division titlist, became paralyzed from the waist down following a motorcycle accident in May 2012. Even after becoming a paraplegic from the accident, Williams maintained his signature smile and a great attitude. Recently,  Williams connected with Team Fight to Walk co-founder Boyd Melson in New York City, where he helped Williams find speaking engagements. During their time together, Melson took Williams  to Rutgers University to meet Dr. Wise Young. He showed Williams patients treated during clinical trials in China. Williams saw the patients walking following a surgical procedure that enabled their axons to regenerate. Young is planning to conduct the same trials next year in the United States. Amazed by what he saw, Williams immediately joined Team Fight to Walk. Both Williams and Boyd Melson will appear on the broadcast tonight to talk about boxing and Team Fight to Walk (www.teamfighttowalk.com). Rich, Tony, and Tom will also recap last week's combat sports news and events and preview the upcoming events. 

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    Special Guest Tarot Author Gina Thies!

    in Spirituality

    Kosmic Koffee with Kooch! - Kooch is Back! - Special Guest Tarot Author Gina Thies! - Kooch is back in the Hosting Chair and interviews Tarot Author Gina Thies! 

    Join us in the Chat Room, towards the bottom of this page, during the Show!

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    Writer/Director Gina Prince Bythewood & Entertainer 4Play on #ConversationsLIVE

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    At the top of the show host Cyrus Webb welcomes writer and director Gina Prince Bythewood to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss her career and new film BEYOND THE LIGHTS. Afterwards Webb talks with entertainer and model 4Play.

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    The Relationship Handbook: Gina Vucci & Shakti Gawain

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    My guest today is Gina Vucci and she is co author along with Shakti Gawain of the new book "The Relationship Handbook: a path to consciousness and Growth. 

    You are in for a very warm and good feeling show. Here is what Shakti Gawain says in this fabulous new book.  "Our relationships are our teachers and can guide us through our lives if we know how to use them that way...Every relationship os an opportunity for us to learn about ourselves and to grow.  Working with my relationships in this way has been the most powerful and comprehensive path to consciousness I have experienced.  And I love to pass it on to other people.

    'For more information visit www.shaktigaiwain.com 

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    Donna Buchanan with Boyd and Lucinda

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    I started running at the age of 14, soon the streets became my life.I was consumed with drug addiction which ultimately led to my conviction of 2nd degree murder after stabbing her boyfriend 54 times in self-defense . .Once there I was dertimined to write my wrongs and take responsibility for my actions. I started training Greyhounds dogs who were also getting a second chance at life. Together we begin to change lifes of those who were around us. My goal is to educate the youths against drugs and violence. A year ago Robert and Lucinda Boyd wrote me in prison after seeing my story on WETV. They told me about their movement The Streets Don't Love You Back. Here was a way for me to tell my story and help people not go down the same road I did. I want to thank Rob and Lucinda for believing in me!! They have been such an inspiration in my life as well as countless others.ORDER YOUR COPY OF, SECOND CHANCE RUNAWAY, THE DONNA BUCHANAN STORY....


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    Bonita Money with Boyd and Lucinda

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    Bonita Money, an actress and successful business woman, she had it all until the crumbling of her empire. Listen as Bonita shares her story about the rise & fall of her life situation. Now, she's back and stronger than ever!  She is currently the Chief Executive Officer at BoRo Media Group and President/Sr. Producer at Camden Enterainment Group.

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