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    Ken McCoy Radio with Dr Brenda Wade and Tha GIM

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    Thanks for Listening!
    Special Guests:
    Dr Brenda Wade( DR OZ, OPRAH,CNN) Relationships
    Tha GIM (The God In Me) Christian Recording Artist ,Producer
    We welcome you to tune into Ken McCoy Radio "Live " or after hours 1 832 551 5032(Listener Line). We Motivate and educate-and sometimes Liberate our listeners minds. Special guests and Breaking News and Weather Alerts....NO Gossip!
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    Sun March 17, 2013 11:00AM EST -- GIM Sunday

    in Finance

    GIM Sunday morning makes a good start to the week. Scorpio and I will be discussing the more esoteric aspects of things. This week we have GIM legend Barnacle Bob joining us to add his take on the current condition of the human experience. This show is not scripted, and can take many different turns. So tune in, and get some insight into a number of topics from a few of us that have been around awhile. With Barnacle Bob adding to the mix, it should be a great show.

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    Sunday May 11, 2014 8:00 pm EDT What is Liberty?

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    Bob, Scorpio and I have been exploring this idea of 'Liberty' lately. Bob has found some interesting information on the scholarly document entitled “DISPATCH OF MERCHANTS “ by William L. Avery, A.M about the “Federal Reserve Act of 1913”. I, on the other hand found a recent and interesting video by Deek Jackson of the FKN Newz ( if that doesn't say everything about Bob's and mine differences nothing will). Interestingly. Both deal with the exact same topic..... “Liberty”.

    I am putting an audio together to condense the main points of Deek's show and the important points Deek alluded to. I will play these parts on the show to open the discussion.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the the words “Life, Liberty, and pursuit of Happiness” where not just some inspiring words threaded together to made a nice sentence, but where carefully chosen. They are important concepts that 'depend' upon each-other. If just 'one' of those words is undermined, then that rest of the sentence is invalided.

    To talk of Liberty, we must also discuss Happiness and Life. They are NOT inseparable... they are dependent.

    This will prove to be an informative and interesting show. Please join us.... and add you input.

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    May 19, 2012 GIM Fourm and Freedom.

    in Finance

    Scorpio just didn't have enough time last show, so he is invited back this week to discuss the workings of GIM. I want to talk about the ideal that gave impudes to the GIM forum. That ideal is Freedom. What is it? What are it's limits. Who is the grantor, our Creator, or our fellow man?
    Give us a call.... give us a listen.

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    Sunday Aug 5. 2012 -- GIM Trading-- How to trade Options

    in Finance

    Scorpio is hosting tonights 'GIM Trading' show. He and his guests will be discussing trading options. This is a must listen for the beginner as well as the seasoned trader.
    Give us a call... give us a listen.

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    Friday Jan 24 2014 8:00pm est. Metal talk.... deep storage

    in Finance

    Scorpio says... "Rich, Barnacle Bob and I are going to have a little metals discussion,Talk a bit about some background on metals, maybe a little of where we are going,Or what seems to be happening in those markets and others

    Check it out on GIM radio. Just click the link above and it will take you there to listen live, or download it later"

    BB Says ... "This ought to prove to be quite the discussion.... We will be discussing "where" the inflation is hiding, why not only PM price manipulation, but the "other canaries" that include pricing controls that exist in all staple commodities such as labor, energy & food.... which will bring the topic to metals v bonds, etc., where and why we believe the metals are headed and more...

    Questions and comments on our discussion are welcomed by simply calling in @ 1-760-259-2350

    Hope you will listen and/or join in on the discussion... Dont be shy!


    I say.... "You could not have better minds addressing this issue.. Will be a great show full of valuable information."


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    How to Talk with Your Doctor Author Zack Berger MD

    in Health

    Join the conversation between Gail and Zackary Berger, M.D., Ph.D.   Dr. Berger is a practicing primary care/internal medicine doctor and an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, where he teaches medical students and residents. He researches doctor-patient communication in the clinic and in the hospital to understand how our health care system can be made more responsive to ordinary people.

    His recent book "Talking to Your Doctor: A Patient's Guide to Communication in the Exam Room and Beyond"  presents the new science of communication to help improve not just your time in the doctor's office and your own health, but promote the health of your community, guiding our entire health care system toward a humane medicine based on relationships.

    Just back from Beijing, Dr. Berger is spending his time to help us all with communication, mindfulness and even race relations. 

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    03-24-2013 GIM Sunday 11:00 am EST

    in Finance

    Scorpio has a few things on his mind. Namely this great country we call home. America ( not the United States). We have both been to almost every State. What a great place to live... right? Maybe, back in-the-day, but as of right now, I am not so sure. What makes this place so special? Is the old America worth fighting for, or is it a lost cause.
    Give us a call.... what are your thoughts?

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    GIM Prep Month ... Security. Our guest tonight ....Ponce.

    in Finance

    GIM Prep month continues. Tonight we will be discussing security. Our guest tonight is our good friend Ponce. He coined the phrase "If you don't hold it... you don't own it."
    Andy is out of commission tonight (lots to be said about that tonight), so we have gpond as his fill-in. Call in and ask any of us your questions.

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    Wed 08/28/2013 7:00PM EST G. Edward Griffin

    in Finance

    We want to welcome Mr. Griffin back to the show. It has been over a year now since he was last on. I can't think of a place where this Gentleman has a bigger fanclub than right here at GIM. His book “ The Creature from Jekyll Island” is on everyone's 'required reading' list of books to help the beginner toward the goal of understanding how the 'real' financial systems works. Mr. Griffin is a Doctor, and a Scholar of the highest caliber.
    Please join us, and lend to our conversation.
    G. Edward Griffin (born November 7, 1931) is an American film producer, author, and political lecturer. He is perhaps best known as the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994), a critique of much modern economic theory and practice, specifically the Federal Reserve System.
    Starting as a child actor, he became a radio station manager before age 20. He then began a career of producing documentaries and books on often-debated topics like cancer, Noah's ark, and the Federal Reserve System, as well as on libertarian views of the Supreme Court of the United States, terrorism, subversion, and foreign policy. He has also promoted the Durupinar site as hosting the original Noah's ark, against skeptics as well as near-Ararat Creationists.

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    Ken McCoy LIVE at the TREATT MUZIK

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    LIVE from the Stage of the Threatt MUZIK Concert: THA GIM, AMY BERNA< KEYSHA< OVERCOMEand Spririt and Truth!
    BE BLESSED!!!!! After hrs 24 hr line 1 832 551 5032