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    The African drums Gil Scott Heron and Jesse Jendah

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    The African drums Gil Scott and Jesse Jendahgill Scott Heron and curtis mayfield

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    Marcus Garvey meets Gil Scott Heron

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    Marcus Garvey meets Gil Scott Heron
    Gil Scott-Heron was born in Chicago, Illinois.His mother, Bobbie Scott-Heron, was an opera singer who performed with the New York Oratorio Society. Scott-Heron's father, Gil Heron, nicknamed "The Black Arrow," was a Jamaican soccer player in the 1950s who became the first black athlete to play for the Glasgow Celtic Football Club. Gil's parents separated in his early childhood and he was sent to live with his maternal grandmother, Lillie Scott, in Jackson, Tennessee.When Scott-Heron was 12 years old, his grandmother died and he returned to live with his mother in the Bronx, New York City. He enrolled at DeWitt Clinton High School,but later transferred to The Fieldston School after impressing the head of the English department with one of his writings and earning a full scholarship.As one of five black students at the prestigious school, Scott-Heron was faced with alienation and a significant socioeconomic gap.
    Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Jr. was born in St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica to Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Sr., a mason, and Sarah Jane Richards, a domestic worker. Of eleven siblings, only Marcus, the youngest, and his sister Indiana survived until maturity.His family was financially stable given the circumstances of this time period.Therefore, Garvey's father could afford to maintain a large library, and it was from his father that Marcus gained his love for reading. He also attended the elementary schools in St. Ann's Bay during his youth.While attending these schools, Garvey first began to experience racism. When he was younger, he used to be friends and play with his white neighbors. However, when they reached their teenage years, they began to shun him.Sometime in 1900, Garvey entered into an apprenticeship with his uncle, Alfred Burrowes, who also had an extensive library, of which young Marcus made good use

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    Remembering Medgar Evers and Gil Scott-Heron

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    Listen to The African History Network Show, Thursday, June 13th, 8pm-11pm EST we we discuss the Anniversary of the deaths of Civil Rights Activist Medgar Evers and Poet & Singer Gil Scott Heron.
    Follow us on Facebook at
    In our 1 hour we’ll be joined by Malaika Cooper of The 4th Annual North Carolina Hair Care Expo taking place on Sat. June 22 & Sun. June 23 at The Dream Center, 5616 Fox Road, Raleigh, NC.  There will be numerous classes and vendors to empower you.  For more information please visit www.NaturalHairCareExpo.com.  Michael Imhotep will also do a presentation both days dealing with “Great African Women In History”.
    Medgar Evers was assassinated 50 years ago June 12, 1963.  We’ll discuss his legacy and the courage of his widow Myrlie Evers-Williams to bring his killer to justice.
    Gil Scott Heron known as the Godfather of Rap died on May 27, 2011.  We’ll talk about his career, legacy and the impact he had on Hip-Hop artists like Chuck D of Public Enemy and Kanye West.
    We’ll also replay our interview with did with Runoko Rashidi about his upcoming lecture in Detroit, Friday, June 14, 6:30pm at 1500 E. State Fair, True Oracles Ministries.  "Great Black Women – Goddesses & Warrior Queens From Auset (Isis) to Assata Shakur: An Evening with Dr. Runoko Rashidi”.  Tickets are $15 in Advance, $20 At the Door.  For more information please call (313) 646-3375.  Be sure to visit the Vendor Table of The African History Network.

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    Enjoy the music Jesse Jendah Gil Scott Heron,Curtis Mayfield

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    Enjoy the music Jesse Jendah Gil Scott Heron,Curtis Mayfield. and other great artist , while you watching the play off. All on free internet radio  where we play just music just great music .

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    Remembering Gil Scott Heron

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    Monday, May 30th, 2011 @ 7pm pst we will discuss the life & times of Gil Scott Heron and how he impacted and contributed not only to our music business and the world at large. Tune in at www.blogtalkradio.com/jay-king or call in to listen and/or speak by dialing 347-205-9366

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    Broadcast of Gil Scott Heron

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    Broadcast of Gil Scott Heron

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    Show 317: The Unremarkable Adventures Of Scott.

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    Join your hosts Scott Bull and Jennifer Jacker-Bull in another show of comedy and music that will ease you into a week of dread that looms on the horizon.

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    Can Carles Gil help Aston Villa beat Liverpool?

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    Jack and Robert are back this week! Wait, no. Jack is busy doing important things, so Robert is back this week! But to prevent you from having to hear me drone on by myself for a while, we've brought in our very own Adam Clark to make his first Holtecast appearance. And what a time to join!

    We've got a recap of the dreadful Leicester City match, a look at Aston Villa's limited action in the transfer window, some talk of new boy Carles Gil, the big protest planned [takes a huge breath] AND of course the Liverpool match set for this weekend. We ALSO end up taking some listener questions

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    Comedian L A Knight-Dog Training the American Male with Scott Cluthe

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    Scott Cluthe shares the mic with L A Kight 2 Nite-Comedian and author of the book-Dog Training the American male. Scott will discuss what L A might be reaching for with the book and LA will roll over so he can be scratched on his .......tummie !  Call in: 347-308-8478. ( L A Knight is NOT his real name...L.A. Knight is the pseudonym/alter ego of NY.Times and international best-selling author Steve Alten(MEG, The OMEGA PROJECT, The LOCH, DOMAIN, THE SHELL GAME, GOLIATH & GRIM REAPER).

    .A. Knight was the only male born from a litter of four. He managed to escape from several disobedient schools and a failed mating in Philadelphia before trekking to South Florida where he crossbred with a divorced Doberman and sired two pups of his own. He embarked on a writing career at age five. DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE is his first book.
    Actually. . .

    L.A. Knight is the pseudonym/alter ego of NY.Times and international best-selling author Steve Alten(MEG, The OMEGA PROJECT, The LOCH, DOMAIN, THE SHELL GAME, GOLIATH & GRIM REAPER).

    From the REAL author…DOG TRAINING THE AMERICAN MALE is the first of a series of novels in which I hope to launch a comedic trek. If you were expecting a romance novel, then you’re humping the wrong leg. Dog Training the American Male (loosely based on actual events and experiences) is more Wedding Crashers than Chick-lit and if you find yourself relating to any of these bizarre characters then I’m guessing you’re either married, own a dog, live in Boca Raton, or use Shades of Gray as a coffee table book. If it generates a laugh then you possess a superior intellect and I’ve done my job.

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