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    Cafe Inspiration with Bobby Dee Inspires with Gigi Blackshear

    in Entertainment

    This week on Cafe Inspiration with Bobby Dee, He Inspires with Motivational Leader and Author Gigi Blackshear. Gerovani (Gigi) Blackshear is a Life Coach who specializes in using the word of God and the coaching process to empower men and women to ultimately discover their true worth and value and to address specific issues in their relationships, personal and or professional life. The mission of Conscious Choice Coaching is to help men and women of all ages recognize their God given rights and abilities to create the life they desire one choice at a time. In addition, she is the author of a book entitled, “The Power of Eve,” and “Thank You For The Pain - Poems and Reflections on the Journey to Gratitude.”

    Tune-in to the live show by dialing 718-766-4964 or listen online.


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    Franchise Interview with Gigi Schweikert of Lightbridge Academy

    in Business

    We are meeting with Gigi Schweikert, the Chief Operating Officer for Lightbridge Academy.  Lightbridge Academy was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the Leading Edge Franchisors that are innovating in Big Ways; Lightbridge Academy provides early education and childcare to children from six weeks of age through Kindergarten.

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    WHAT IS EMPATHY?  How many people suffer from empathy in their marriages and relationships? How does it affect children?  Call in tonight and share your views and comments with Gigi and Nakia. 646-200-3817

    If you would like to be a part of the broadcast, email us: Nakia or Gigi info.SexySaturdays@gmail.com. 

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    Class of Yin with Gigi & Flower Omega: Healing Sisterhood Wounds

    in Relationships

    Living Aligned Radio presents........
    The Class of Yin with Gigi GiTwice and our new co-host Flower Omega!! Yipppppeee!

    This weeks show is about "Healing Sisterhood Wounds" and how we can start to heal the issues we've experience in sister relationships. As women, we have a huge responsiblility of nurturing and uplifting the community and taking the universe to the next level. However, how can we do that if we are tearing each other down in groups and cliques or in competition, just to be heard and seen? It is IMPOSSIBLE! So we plan to not only bring this issue to light, but also talk about solutions to heal and build up the sisterhood circle.

    Class of Yin is about using feminine magic, high science, meditations, inspirations and rituals to keep you aligned and focused on projecting the energy you desire in your life path and love life. What does it mean to live as a feminine energy and how do we truly nurture the feminine spirit? Well....We will discuss it all! This show is not for "sensitive ears" as we will discuss some topics that can and will be graphic in nature. 

    Join us here Wednesdays for all things Yin!!!

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    Let's get jazzy with Gigi Mack

    in Lifestyle

    GiGi Mack is the lead vocalist and founding member of GiGi Mack & Alter EGO. GiGi Mack has played many important and high profile events though out the Detroit Metropolitan area. With more than 25 years in the entertainment industry her silky smooth sultry voice is the heart and soul of “ALTER EGO”. GiGi has performed with several Top local bands throughout the Detroit metropolitan area. GiGi Mack has a vast musical influence. Not one to be boxed into any genre she sings “Music for the Soul”! 

    GiGi Mack was born & raised in the Detroit music scene. She knew at an early age when at the age of 3 years old her parents took her to see ‘Lady Sing the Blues’ with Diana Ross she wanted to perform. Her first stage name was “Diana Blue” a combination of Diana Ross & the movie title (she gave herself that name at the age of 5). Her influences include Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson, Natalie Cole, Earth Wind & Fire, Sade, Irma Thomas, Etta James, Ledisi, Maysa, Jill Scott, Chaka Kahn, Frank Sinatra and many other diverse artists and musicians. GiGi is a talented songwriter, actress and poet and enjoys performing live and has a sultry, alluring and captive stage presence that is well worth waiting for.

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    Class of Yin Wednesday with Gigi GiTwice

    in Self Help

    Living Aligned Radio Presents.......
    Class of Yin Wednesdays with Gigi GiTwice and our co-host Flower Omega.

    Tonight we present to you the cast of "The Sounds of Yin" with Ozara Ode, Songbyrd Jackson, Sarafina and of course me!! GiTwice. Join us as we speak to these ladies on their veiw of Sisterhood and what it means to live and present to the world their view of yin through music. We will also get the scoop on how these ladies came to be Yin Music and how they work together both in music and in sisterhood.

    9PM-10PM Est!
    Call in to listen or speak with the guest 818-688-6700

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    THE NDUSTRY PRESENTS Author & Life Coach Gigi Blackshear

    in Entertainment

    Indie news innovators, Akia Uwanda and Nicole Lester of the Ndustry radio show talks with dedicated Life Coach and Author, GiGi Blackshear! 

    Gigi Blackshear is a dedicated member of Spirit of Life Worship Center, where she serves as Sunday school teacher and Steward Board member. As a Certified Christian Life Coach and founder of Conscious Choice Coaching, she teaches that we can all create the lives we desire one conscious choice at at time. Gigi has been writing for many years as a credit union marketer and newsletter editor. A passionate, motivational speaker, Gigi uses her gifts to lift the spirits of friends, family and strangers alike. A lifelong writer and journaler, Gigi realized her dream of becoming a published Author with the release of her first book, Thank You for the Pain: Poems and Reflections on the Journey to Gratitude in 2011 and has been a featured Author in Entrepreneur’s Anchor, Guidepost magazine and Ezine Articles.


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    GiGi Jones The Writer on Tell Me a Story

    in Culture

    GiGi Jones is a writer and a lover of all things artistic.  So is it any wonder that a woman, who turned to books (romance novels) to lose herself in another world, would end up writing her own books?  GiGi Jones has written and published a beautiful book of soul stirring poetry titled SOUL: Original Poetry by GiGi Jones “The Writer”. On Tell Me a Story we will meet the woman behind the words and learn about a world she has created where others can lose themselves.  Contact GiGi Jones on Facebook www.facebook.com/gigijonesthewriter On Instagram gigijonesthewriter and email her at gigijonesthewriter@gmail.com And stay in the loop of all things TMH at www.themagichappens.com where there are links to ALL of our Social Media as well as fabulous writings and writers! 

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    Class of Yin with Gigi Featuring China Brooks

    in Self Help

    Living Aligned Radio presents the Relaunch of drum roll please....
    The Class of Yin with Gigi GiTwice!!!!
    Join me and some of my favorite goddesses and feminine healers from around the globe for a round table discussion of all things Womb-MAN!!! Class of Yin is primarily geared for a feminine audience so that we can bring to light and discuss tools and high sciences that can be used to nurture your feminine spirit. 2nd & 4th Wednesday, I will feature "Yin Sheros" to highlight Goddesses around the world that's walking, talking, living and speaking in their #TRUTH

    Class of Yin is about using feminine magic, high science, meditations, inspirations and rituals to keep you aligned and focused on projecting the energy you desire in your life path and love life. What does it mean to live as a feminine energy and how do we truly nurture the feminine spirit? Well....We will discuss it all! This show is not for "sensitive ears" as we will discuss some topics that can and will be graphic in nature. 

    Join me here EVERY Wednesday 9PM EST!!!

    This month my Yin Shero feature is the beautiful and talented China Brooks. China has decades of spiritual practices via meditation, yoga, journaling, breathing and grounding meditation techniques, dream interpretation, goal/ intention setting, chanting, mudras, works with crystals, oracle cards, prayers, as well as other spiritual and religious practices. In 2000, she traveled to Tibet and began studies to become a Spiritual Counselor under OC Smith, founder of The City of Angels Church of Religious Science. China is a Level II Reiki Practitioner. Join us this Wednesday at 9PM EST as we highlight this amazing goddess and all her beautiful creations!




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    He Brought Me Out With A Shout - GiGi Arledge

    in Christianity

    All the way from New Jersey, Gigi talks about growing up with an illness that embarrassed her for her early teenaged years.

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    Got A Question With Granny Gaston

    in Radio

    Got A Question With Granny Gaston


    A show for The Sisters, wisdom, and  much more Call Now!!!...

    Teaching, truth, love and the bible - Welcome to The University Of The Painful Truth -


    Do your calls, have sense and learn about your self....