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    Transformed Traveler features Gigi Ragland discussing sensory travel

    in Lifestyle

    Transformed Traveler features Gigi Ragland discussing sensory travel.

    This show is presented by www.gracefully-yours.com, America's favorite inspirational greeting cards.

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    Apollo Theater winner, Omar Gathers aka, O. Dot tonight on the Artist's Loft

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    Omar Gathers artist name is Obadiah aka Odot. He is from Brownsville,Brooklyn New York.His genre of music is hip-hop/rap.He  began to pursue his music career at the young age of 13. As he grew older  participating in entertaining in his neighborhood of Brownsville, NY,  he realized that he wanted to become a rapper.   Currently, he is  creating a mixtape so that Ihe can get his  music out there for everyone to hear.  O.Dot believes  that  he is going to be performing at many different places. His first performance was  in Manhattan New York.   He has performed at the Fountain Blue in Columbia,were he won first place. Next, Florence,SC , Finally, he did a talent show at the legendary Apollo theater in Manhattan New York where he won a first-place prize  O.Dot has been rapping for a while and he wants to have a chance to get his music out for everyone to hear. His determination will gain him momentum as he faithfully continues to do what he does. 

    Call in tonight to speak with O.Dot. 646-200-3817


    TWITER: Gigi 1015

    FACEBOOK: Gigi1947










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    LeadingEdge Talk with special guest Gigi Belmonico

    in Self Help

    You know her. When she walks into the room all eyes turn to her. Is she the most beautiful woman in the room? Not always. The skinniest? Not usually. The youngest? Hardly ever. But…she has that certain something. Men and women alike are magnetically drawn to her but no one can quite put a finger on why she is so irresistible. She is a BOMBSHELL. She has a secret. And now she wants the world to  know. Stay Tuned...as Gigi Belmonico joins me in the LeadingEdge Talk studio and shares with you some tips on how to align with YOUR inner Bombshell.  Gigi is a Believer, Image Expert, Speaker, Glamour Girl and Bombshell coach who shows women all over the world (Including Me!)  how to feel good in their skin. To learn more visit www.thebombshellfactor.com 

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    Ascension Center ET Spirit GUide Readings by TJ Morris - FREE READINGS!

    in Spirituality

    Theresa J Morris, Founder of the Ascenion Center has founded the Ascension Psychics which is the continuation or the original psychic network from 1993. Theresa J Thurmond aka TJMorris  shares her knowledge of Life as a Coach using the TAROT CARDS and her own spiritual synergy as a specilized Atlantis Oracle for entertainment purposes only. Entertainment Education in Self-Help, Spirituality and with the ACE Metaphyical Institute is a phenomenal fun group. We share phenomenology and metaphysics.

    GIGI Parrish is an artist, author, and was in a movie so I guess that makes her talented. Gigi is also a spiritual blessing to all of us.  

    Gigi Parrish daughter of Theresa J Parrish Morris joins TJ tonight for the first time ever! Doing Psychic Impressions for assisting others in this Life Coaching Process. 


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    Gigi Sage on relationships, Paul Klemperer on Jazz

    in Self Help

    Gigi Sage is one of the most respected communication experts in the U.S. and Europe, her work on the topic of relationships has garnered her the international title Man Whisperer.  Best known for teaching women practical skills for communicating with men in the boardroom, the bedroom and beyond, Gigi Sage is redefining what it means for men and women to communicate effectively with one another.  

    Gigi has worked with leaders from such diverse companies and organizations as JP Morgan, Chase, Shell, Rice University, Duke Energy and IBM. And, while her clients openly praise her for showing them how to take care of business, they are perhaps more passionate about the breakthroughs she has helped them with in regions they had often neglected – THE HEART.

    Paul Klemperer will be joining us and talk about Jazz and his latest trips he has been on.




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    Doris Bibbs, Author Playwright Joins Me for Part Two Of The Dorothy Bibbs Story

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    The Innocence Acts Of Life. We will talk about  her previous published book, Breaking the Glass Cage that deals with her mother wh was diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Doris Bibbs was determine to have her mother's story heard and since her mother, Dorothy Bibbs spoke on her situation last night on part one of this part two segment, she was actually in tears because he mom kept her feelings locked inside her heart, dealing with the unbalance of  mental illness. She believes God is allowing the years of pain and hurt to be erased and replant seeds of forgiveness and love.  Doris moved against her will back to Columbia, S. C. Fighting the little girl inside who still feared her mother. God's plan is for mother and daughter to bond and see beyond their imperfection and forgive her now, eighty nine year mother.  Love and be free...She has written a book with upcoming publishing date not yet scheduled, titled The Innocence Acts Of Life. We will talk about on the show. Call in to speak to my guest 646-200-3817 from 6-6;30 PM on 2/03/2016.

    The Artist's Loft, with Gwen "Gigi" Adams-Evans.

    Contact Me:

    TWITTER: Gigi1015

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/gigi1947

    Giwiz Productions LLC

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    Dorothy Bibbs, Talks about Schizophrenia

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    This is part one of a two part series with my second return guest Doris Bibbs author of "BREAKING THE GLASS CAGE", who will give more detail into her life as her mother Dorothy Bibbs suffered with a Schizophrenic disorder.  Dorothy Bibbs,  diagnosed with Schizophrenia in her late thirties , took care of her 7 sons and four daughters . She was a dedicated wife, mother, homemaker. and seamstress for her daughters.  In the spring of 1960 in Hawaii the first episode of her Schizophrenia reared its ugly head  when her husband, stationed in Hawaii was out in the field, doing a practice drill. Her children were terrified.  Tune in on Feburary 2,2016 and be a part of the live interview with your questions.  Call in to speak with the host Gwen Evans and her guest Dorothy Bibbs under the assistance of her daughter Doris Bibbs from her home in South Carolina.


    FACEBOOK : The Artists Loft; http://www.facebook.com/https://fr-fr.facebook.com/Gigi1947

    TWITTER: Gigi 1015



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    Shahara Ruth, CEO/Founder of Goldfire Productions Joins me.

    in Film


    Producer and Filmaker, Shahara Ruth, , filmmaker and poet, discusses her new book Sade and The Golden Shoe.  Ms. Ruth is especially proud of her first publication, which is a Nigerian tale of how a young girl saves her village from the magic of a golden shoe. Senator Donzella James and the Green Shades Foundation nominated Ms. Ruth for her body of work, including her All Is Not Lost PSA campaign to fight human trafficking, as well as her recently published book Sade and The Golden Shoe, which can be found on Amazon.com.  The book has been well received by many, and is considered a “green book” because of its curriculum, which can be used online or downloaded.  Sade and The Golden Shoe is available in several formats including hard cover, soft cover, eBook and Braille, ensuring usability for a diverse student population.   


    Contact: Shahara Ruth





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    The Dynamic Independent Recording Artist, Amet Ricky is my guest on Saturday

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    Who is AMET Ricky?

    Arryelle Vines aka AMET Ricky is a lyricist, poet, and songwriter from Winston-Salem, NC. Born July 20, 1997, this young artist first began her creative journey a young age. As an artist, AMET Ricky’s style captivates all audiences. Her lyrical word play is enticing and her flow soothes souls. Inspired by artists such as Lauryn Hill, Roxanne Shante’, and Common, she continues to bring a style that is innovative and refreshing to modern hip hop. As of now she has been nominated for two awards, one for best Indie Female Hip Hop at the Women In Charge Awards held in Atlanta,GA.

    Members: Arryelle "AMET Ricky" Vines

    Genre: Hip Hop, R&B

    Hometown: Winston-Salem, NC



    Spotlight Award at the SCM Awards held in Memphis, TN. was In October 2015 she officially became a part of the growing family at  SBG/KINGZ KOUNTY RECORDS as an artist.

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    G. Money Banga Rock / Hip Hop / Rap Brooklyn, NY

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    Gregory Davis AKA G-money banga grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn New york, but was born in Bushwick. Greg also has alove for the south, a place called sparkle city, which he says is his second home. In the next few years he said he can see himself with his kids and grandchildren comfortably. Gregs mother's  nick name is "sister love" and his father is called "Gator". Greg grew up in the heart of brownsville, 315 Tilden houses.  He has alot of love for his aunt Jennifer who he says held him down and took him in as a young man, but he was with his mother throughout the south. In the hard streets of New York he watched his mother close. She had this old sayinh ("you dont have to lie to kick it"). he loves his kids, Tucci and Constance. Greg says that he is doing this for his family because they need him..He crossed over to alternative rock because of his love for the music. As a song writer he felt different vibes on a whole other level. In a brief interview with Gregory (G-money banga) Davis, he said that he is in it to win it for him and his team, and that he is a team player. He wants to give thanks to killah k, drastic b.(of the path) For their support.