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    Sabbath Hour / Project Socrates with Colleen

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    Brother Gregory brings you "The Sabbath Hour"

    KEYS TO THE KINGDOM - The Sabbath Hour is dedicated to revealing the truth of what Christ, Abraham and Moses were really doing to free the people from the very bondage you are discovering in the "world" today. Brother Gregory has written a numerous books that blend the truth about law, history and the Bible in a way that will open your eyes to real solutions.




    (change dial to 60 minute mark to skip right to Project Socrates)



    Tonight, 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern. First half of the show, we will dispense with the darker aspects of the 50 Shades phenomenon with Dr. Judith Reisman, and real-life professional BDSM Educator, "Master Kaos." Second half, we get to the more lovely aspects of love with roundtable discussion with Dr. Jessica Tartaro, Luis Fernando Mises, Kendal Williams! It will be everything from educational to funny to kinky! GIGGITY! Do not miss it! http://www.freedomizerradio.com/events/relationship-health-debunking-50-shades-grey/

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    Hard Starboard Radio: Terror In Sydney

    in Politics Conservative

    It’s time to get serious about destroying the Islamic State; Man Haron Monis is the Shiite-cum-Sunni Muslim version of Glenn "Giggity" Quagmire - and is now in custody; Today's Democrat Party: condemning the CIA for interrogating a few jihadists, but remaining on the sidelines while ISIS glories in child rape and decapitation; and Dianne Feinstein's so-called "torture" report is worthless as an investigation, but it’s valuable to our enemies.

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    BRN Episode 107: Vote btowntruth.A Nut but he's YOUR Nut.

    in Current Events

    Elections.......if you could take the bulls**t from campaign ads and convert it to actual fertilizer for farmers to use, they'd be good for ten years.

    Speaking of bulls**t.......

    Welcome to another BRN broadcast.

    ANOTHER over ONE THOUSAND LISTENER show last week. A fun show.....but we didn;t get everything we wanted in it......so we give some of it to ya tonight.
    ANOTHER Day In The Life Of  A Beardstown Woman
    80s Cheese
    "Under The Covers" (giggity)
    More news on the btowntruth For Mayor campaign platforms
    And a few surprises......

    So........on behalf of everyone here at the BRN we remind you to vote.....
    Vote LIVE..........Vote LOCAL............Vote LIUNA Friendly.....
    THIS is THE btowntruth Radio Network

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    BRN Episode 85: Lazy Show With Topics

    in Current Events

    THE last show of EVERY month is the two hour fun time we call the Lazy Show.

    But THIS Lazy Show is different.
    We got a few things to discuss. Jerkcast for one.....
    And some more talk about some things we talked about last week as well.....

    And of course listener requested music, some tunes that we here at the BRN love, as well as "Under The Covers" with btowntruth.....giggity.........

    And appearances by Brother Ameren and Too Sexy Rod Hungwell

    It's live, it's local, it's LIUNA firendly.....and there are no Orange Pride ass kissers around this sumbitch.... ....

    IT is THE btowntruth Radio Network.....

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    BRN Episode 80: Hoop Diddy Diddy. Hoop Diddy Do.

    in Current Events

    Another Saturday Night and you aint got nobody?
    Go get a Beardstown woman, for a few bucks they...
    ERRRRR what we mean is feel free to  spend some quality time with your faithful friends right here at the btowntruth Radio Network.

    30 minute "quickie" format for the show tonight, going to jam as much in as we can (giggity).
    Seriously, we have a cool Musical Interlude for you that we bet you havent heard in YEARS, as well as maybe some comments on this whole "Tiger Pride" swindle.....errrr we mean tree planting and beautification thingy.

    So, you know how we roll.....

    Live, local, and LIUNA friendly...... and f***king proud of it.

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    GRH podcast #3

    in Sports

    Dr. Joe Thompson joins us

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    addicts after show

    in Electronics

    giggity giggity

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    BRN Episode 51 : Fall Down Festival Lazy Show

    in Current Events

    Not your everday btowntruth show.... it's still Live and local and f*&king proud of it....but THIS is different...
    Can you feel it?
    Wait, with what I'm packing, of course she can feel it.           
    Giggity giggity giggity goo.....
    Excitement in the air. And why, you might ask?
    Because it's the last Saturday of the month, which means it is time for the btowntruth Radio Network original program....

    TWO hours of requests , dedications , stuff the SCCPB wants to hear , and the "going under the covers with btowntruth" segments that we always have fun with.
     Broadcasting LIVE from the heart of Fall Down Festival weekend, it's the two hour good time called the Lazy Show....... which is a full one hour, fifty nine minutes and 59 seconds longer of a good time than you can have with some Beardstown women I know.

    Join us, and let's rock this place......let's all get LAZY!!!!

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    Ep.1 - Hello World!

    in Entertainment

    Hosts: Cartharctic Legend & Redgame

    Guest: Dr. Tran

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    Richard and Johnny Vs King Shark

    in Entertainment


    Ryan Reynolds' father has died, asks fans to donate to michael j fox foundation as show of support 

    Murphy Anderson passes away. HOF artist for DC - Hawkman, Zatanna 

    first look at several new comics! Does the crew have interest?  

    Pom Klementieff cast in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 

    Sam Raimi is willing to jump at new Spider-Man reboot 

    Alan Tudyk wants to play Blue Beetle. If Fillion cast as Booster Gold. 

    'Jessica Jones' trailer released.  

    Olivia Wilde Comments on Captain Marvel & Desire for Flawed Female Superheroes (this BEFORE Jones trailer) 

    'Captain America: Civil War' Trailer Will Debut in Theaters With Star Wars: The Force Awakens 

    More official SKWAD photos released  

    First look at Panabaker as Killer Frost. 

    Date and details released for "Gorilla Warfare" episode on Nov 17th! 

    Manapul releases one shot covers for Darkseid Wars. GIGGITY

    King Shark Invades the flash! 

    We get a new Wells report!

    Johnny strokes out!