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    My Approach

    As a Spiritual Advisor, I have the Answers that you seek. God has place in me a Source of Integrity towards my Fellowman. I will always deliver answers as Honest as I can, I am a Spiritual Counselor. I help people who need clarity in their life, what I do is not a game period. I have been doing this well over 20 yrs. keen is just another avenue.

    It is my Gift that keeps me going. We all have Questions and curiosities. With just your Name, D.O.B. and your Age: My Gifts of Claivoyance, & Cartomancy will help put an end to some of your curiosities. Please be clear time is not one of my specialties. Come to me with an open Mind & Heart and with positive energy you will receive the answers you seek. I specialize in all of Life Matters: LOVE, MONEY, CAREER, FAMILY.


    My Background

    I was Truly Chosen by God to have this Gift. Everyday of my Life I constantly think of different ways to Utilize it. My Parents taught me the Art of Medidtation. I Attended the School of Metaphysics, which taught me so much more.

    Marygrove College: Mental Health

    B.A. Metaphysical Science: Certified Spiritual Practitioner: Certified Ordained Minister

    Studied at Alhambra Institute, Specialize in Spiritual Readings, Tarot Reading, Crystal Reading.

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    The Gift of Tongues...What is it?

    in Christianity

    In the New Testament there seems to be an influx of gifts of the spirit that were signs that God was establishing the power and authority of his church through the holy spirit. One of the most famous is the gift called "speaking in tongues". What is this and is it the only way to know ifone has been filled with the spirit?

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    Speaking in Tongues, Heaven's Language

    in Lifestyle

    The intentional investment of time in spiritual prayer as a core is missing power of the church. We as a church need to "UP OUR GAME" and unleash the power of God so we may live a victorious life. 

    Join us live on Up Front In The Prophetic with Apostle Robert Englehardt as we discuss the Speaking in Tongues Heavens Language.


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    Water Baptism, Spirit Baptism & The Gift of Tongues

    in Religion

    Does water baptism save? Does being baptized in the Spirit mean speaking in tongues? How can a Christian know they are indwelt by the Holy Spirit? Pastor Woods will address these questions and many others in his teaching from Acts 19:1-7.

    Call 858.365.5507 to listen.

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    Women CAMP- Join the conversation! "The Gift"

    in Motivation

    Join the Conversation!  Prophetess Servola and Dr. Charlene with discuss the perfect gift.  Are you in search of the perfect gift this holiday season?  Don't miss this broadcast.  Many times we spend the holidays between Thanksgiving and Christmas searching for that perfect gift.  Will it be the TV, the ring, the bike, a new car, new house, or destination vacation?  As we are thumbing through the pages of a magazine, searching online, or standing in line consider is this the perfect gift.  Many times the perfect gift cannot be summed up into a small or big package with bow on top.  So, what is the perfect gift?  Eventual things will fade, but love... 

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    The Gift of Tongues

    in Spirituality

    Today we will look into the Word to see what it has to say about speaking in tongues.  There are some who believe that tongues died out when the last apostle died.  Is this what the Word says?  Tongues is for today, it is a gift from God for us to use in our everyday life.  It is used to lift us up in our Spirit man and also to edify the body of Christ.  The gift however, sometimes is used to exault self, which is not what it is supposed to be used for.

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    Lesson 6 Who is the Holy Spirit? 1)Speaking in Tongues 2)Familiar Spirits Pt 1c

    in The Bible

    Teaching & Preaching the Word to the World, Making disciples & doing what Jesus did.      

    Luke 19:10 " For the Son of Man came to seek and save the lost."

    James 5:20  20 let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way
    shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.


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    Objective: To understand and  trust in the Holy Spirit's leading as you witness.

    Memory Verse: John 15:26,27

    Read Ephesians 5 & 6

    Part 3 Tongues & Familiar Spirits

    What about speaking in tongues, is this gift for us today?

    Familiar spirits-imitators of the real Gift.

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    in Religion

    Ephesians Chapter 2:8 King James Version.

    The gift is greater far than any human tonuge can tell,it is more precious than silver or gold,it is eternal life and all that God has promised in his word.

    Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossiable to please Him,for he who comes to God must belive that He is,and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.


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    The Gift Of Tongues: Counterfeit vs Authentic

    in The Bible

    Counterfiet or Authentic.

    The gift of tongues today has been and is being abused in more than one way, it was abused then and is being abused today, stay tuned as we go over this very important topic and discover what the Authentic gift looked like and what the Counterfit is....

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    "The Gift of Giving"

    in Self Help

    Is it really better to give than to receive? Is the gift really in the giving? Jerry Warren, Executive Director of Life Walk Mission, will share his journey and how it's prepared him to lead missionary trips through various countries. You don’t want to miss this! 

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    in Spirituality

     (1 Timothy 2:8). You can pray in tongues while travelling, while reading, while listening as well as while kneeling in prayer. This why it is good for Christians to spend a lot of their time praying in tongues.

    Defeat the enemy through your spiritual pray life the Lord has provided you with a spiritual dangerous  weapon why are the saints not using your mighty weapon to defeat the enemy in our circumstances

    The difference between deliverance and spiritual warfare is that deliverance is dealing with demonic bondages, and getting a person set free, whereas spiritual warfare is resisting, overcoming and defeating the enemy's lies (in the form of deception, temptations and accusations) that he sends our way. Deliverance involves the breaking up of legal grounds, the tearing down of strongholds (offensive spiritual warfare), and the casting out of demons. Spiritual warfare on the other hand, is dealing with three key things the enemy sends at us: temptations, deception and accusations .This word will give you an idea of how spiritual warfare works.