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    The Gift of Giving

    in Motivation

     This is a 3 Part Series 

      Part I      The Art of Asking

      Part II     The Reality of Receiving

    * Part III    The Gift of Giving

    In order to give, you first have to receive. Usually if you are receiving you have already have asked. Their are many forms of giving and today we will look at 3 ways of giving and how you can find joy in giving.

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    The Gift That Keeps On Giving

    in Self Help

    Join me as we discuss:

    When you arrive, people will give to to you, Pressed Down and Running Over!"

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    Giving Yourself the Gift of Love

    in Lifestyle

    When you are authentic you are giving yourself the gift of love and one of the wonderful things that comes with this gift is healing. Healing of your body and of your emotions. My special Guest Rocky Krogfoss and I will be talking about how Emotional Energy Treatments can offer you healing you never imagined you would experience. We will discuss Quantum Physics and how the healing of your DNA is possible. If you are looking for healing in your body or emotions, tune in and discover the amazing world of energy healing.


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    The Gift of Choice: Self-Empowerment - Beauty

    in Motivation

    Our main focus at The Gift of Choice is on self-empowerment. A valuable hour to help you feel inspired and empowered to live the life of your dreams. We should all live our dream! Life is too short not to.

    Today we will be continuing our discussion on beauty. All aspects of beauty, inner, outer and our surroundings. Beauty is all around us!   

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    The Gift of Choice - Guest Sam Shelley: Taking time for yourself

    in Motivation

    Taking time for yourself is your greatest gift. Learn a simple method to take away power from the inner critic.   

    Sam started with a simple practice -- five minutes a day. After three months he had a profound shift of consciousness.   After the profound shift he had a miraculous recovery from five incurable diseases including Bipolar Depression and Multiple Sclerosis.  He was taking 13 mediations daily and needed a cane.   Today he had no signs of disease, takes no medicine and no longer needs a cane.  

    Sam J Shelley is an Inspirational Speaker, Awakened Spiritual Teacher and Anti-thought leader as well as a mystic, Divine Love healer, and author. His new book, “I Don't Dwell” helps people to realize their true nature outside of thoughts.

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    Giving the Gift of an Attitude of Gratitude

    in Motivation


    Giving the Gift of an Attitude of Gratitude – We all search for the PERFECT GIFTS to present to our loved ones every year and yet the perfect gift IS our ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE!  Tune in and let’s EXPLORE this as we ENJOY the MUSICAL GIFTS of award-winning artist David Martinka. Find his music at www.redbellymusic.com and www.sunshadows.net where he offers many FREE DOWNLOADS as well as TERRIFIC CDs for PURCHASE. Thank you for FOLLOWING this program www.blogtalkradio.com/perspectivepower and www.facebook.com/perspectivepower My website is www.annetterochelleaben.wordpress.com and of course I am all over the internet on YOU Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ so LIKE, FRIEND, FOLLOW me there as well.  My BOOKS are available on Amazon, Choose, the 2-step plan, and Perspective; it’s all about replacing one thought with another. These are terrific gifts for the holidays, so visit www.amazon.com/author/annetterochelleaben to ORDER YOURS TODAY!

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    The Gift of Choice - Self-Empowerment: Sensuality

    in Motivation

    On this episode, Bonnie and Betty will continue to explore empowerment as we work around the wheel (www.facebook.com/thegiftofchoiceradioshow). We dive into the topic of sensuality and how powerful our sensuality can be in choosing pleasure. Sensuality is something that is with you 24/7 and it is your choice that allows you to tap into your sensuality no matter where you are, what you are doing, or who you are with. When we embrace the power of our sensuality and cultivate an inner awareness, our sex life becomes much more satisfying and fulfilling. Join us as we discuss this fascinating part of our Beings.

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    A Child Is A Gift That Keeps On Giving

    in Spirituality

    Hey, this is your Host Minister Kim inviting you to tune in every Saturday morning at 9amEST for a “Gleam of Hope” with our incredible guest. This month we celebrate “Women” from all walks of life. Our mission is to inspire you to understand your purpose of being a woman.

    Do you believe you hold an importance role? Is there a time in your life that you feel overwhelmed and underappreciated? We would like to hear from you. Email us at Hope@themorningglory.org. You’ll have a chance to be in our 4-day 3-night stay in Westgate Villa Resort in Orlando Fl. next month.

    We believe in supporting and encouraging each other to set goals and work until they're accomplished.. Each week while on "AIR" Minister Kim will acknowledge your accomplishment!!!! Next week it can be YOU.. So, please submit your materials to us at Hope@themorningglory.org or inbox Minister Kim.. Thank you

    Celebrating a Birthday or Anniversary this month, why not submit it to us? We believe in celebrating with you. Email us at Hope@themorningglory.org

    Help me welcome our returning guest/friend Myra Smith-Fyre to the show!!! She is doing amazing things with her 2-handsome sons. See why Myra feels her sons are a "Gift that Keeps on Giving". Do you feel being a mother is a gift? That your children continue to keep a smile on your face and a heart pumping each time you see them?



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    LIVE! with Cathi---Gift Giving

    in Fitness


    If you're into gift giving, here are holdiay gifts for $50 or less.

    You've got your nearest and dearest covered but finding unique clever gifts for everyone else can be overwhelming.

    THE FIRST on  my list is A GIFT CARD, can't go wrong with one.  How about those cuckoo for cocoa, so many chocolate treats to choose from...bath baubles, ornaments filled with body and hand washes...bubbly champagne with a handwritten note...for music fanatics, memories of rock.  Instead of a poinsettia, give a bonsai forest growing kit.  A memorable non-fiction book... 'Choices" awe inspiring CHOICES revealed by successful entrepreneurs, introduced by Cathi Watson available at Authorhouse.com and then for fun, an indoor snowball fight sans dirty slush.


    Match the gift to the receiver...etc.

    Nude attitude, not what you think...etc.

    Couture comfort shoes...etc.

    Zen with love...etc.

    Be creative...etc.

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    Holiday Gift Giving 2013

    in Family

    Do you struggle with what to buy for the people on your gift list?  Do you have one person that seems impossible to buy for?   Maybe it's because you have a different view of what makes a great gift.  In this show we'll explore how to give gifts based on the book The Five Love Languages.  Even if you haven't read the book, you can find out how to buy for even the most difficult person on your list.  This year, give gifts that people want to get by matching up the gift with their love language and be the hero of the season.

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    The Gift of Choice - New Beginnings! Bringing You More to Live Your Dream

    in Motivation

    I have heard you :-) Today, I will be announcing some exciting changes for The Gift of Choice show! Stay tuned...

    We should all live our dream! Life is too short not to. Self-empowerment is where it all starts. You can have, be or do anything!!  Find out more on today’s show. Learn simple strategies to feel empowered, knowing you can do anything!

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