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    What is X-MAS!   Is it a CELEBRATION of the HOPE for PEACE on EARTH? OR is it the WORSHIP of VAIN WARFARE?






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    "The Gift of Giving"

    in Self Help

    Is it really better to give than to receive? Is the gift really in the giving? Jerry Warren, Executive Director of Life Walk Mission, will share his journey and how it's prepared him to lead missionary trips through various countries. You don’t want to miss this! 

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    Sacred Journeys Radio Christmas The Gift of Giving and Free Psychic Readings

    in Spirituality

    Lady Beth and Barry White Crow take time this Holiday season to share stories of special people they are proud know.  Tune in if you have tired of bad news. This program will make your heart smile and show us that the good in the world not only still exisits but is the answer to why we are here. Beth and Barry encourage you to call in and share your stories of giving and or receiving. Christmas time is the season for giving and Beth and Barry cannot wait to hear your stories.  Beth and Barry will also answer questions and do  free mini readings during the second hour of the program. They encourage everyone who calls in to share their special stories, even if  you are calling in for a reading.  Call in number is 347-850-8292

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    Holiday Tech Gift Giving Suggestions from Carolyn Nicander Mohr

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    On Thursday December 3, 2015 Going Home with Tony host Tony Scimeca and cohost Claudia Scimeca welcome resident tech guru Carolyn Nicander Mohr to the Hot Water 911 Boiler Room studio to talk about gift ideas for the holidays.  There are only 21 more shopping days until Christmas and we all have those certain people who are hard to buy for...today's show will give you many great ideas that our polygadgetist from The Wonder of Tech has researched and, in some cases, tried out.  So if you are wondering what to get that special someone this year, Carolyn Nicander Mohr has your back.  Tune in and have a paper and pen ready to jot down her ideas!

    You can find out more about Carolyn AND check out the list she has created for gift suggestions on her website.  You can also follow here on Facebook and Twitter.

    Enjoy this show and happy shopping!

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Author Theo Nestor

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be speaking with Theo Pauline Nestor, author of Writing is my Drink (A Writer's Story of Finding Her Voice and How You Can Too.) about the lessons of courage and how they can be applied to everyday living. 

    Theo Pauline Nestor is the author of Writing Is My Drink: A Writer’s Story of Finding Her Voice (And a Guide to How You Can Too) (Simon & Schuster, 2013) and How to Sleep Alone in a King-Size Bed: A Memoir of Starting Over (Crown, 2008), which was selected by Kirkus Reviews as a 2008 Top Pick for Reading Groups and as a Target “Breakout Book.” She holds and MA in English Literature from San Francisco State University and an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from the University of Washington. Nestor also produces events for writers such as the Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat, Bird by Bird & Beyond, and the Black Mesa Writers’ Intensive, featuring talks by literary leaders such as Anne Lamott, Cheryl Strayed, Julia Cameron, and Natalie Goldberg.

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    Even cousin Eddie knew it was the gift that keeps on giving!

    in Christianity

    A little humor in the title, but Jesus is the gift that keeps on giving!  Let's look at the doctrine of salvation that is no available due to life, death, buriel, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Ernie Boxall

    in Writing

    In this episode of Giving Voice to Your Courage, I'll be interviewing Ernie Boxall who is penning his book about his visit to Israel. We'll be discussing some of the lessons of courage he experienced and how they've transformed him as well as impacted his ability to live courageously and what it means for writing a memoir. 

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    What Do You Expect: Gift Giving and Receiving

    in Entertainment

    #RightNowTalkRadio talks about mixed emotions around #holiday gift-giving. What do you expect? What do others expect of you? How do you handle the joys and anxieties the #holiday brings?

    #love #Christmas #holidays #sales #family #health #news #blogtalkradio #rightnowtalkradio

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    Youth and the Meaning of Gift-Giving

    in Parents

    Join co-hosts Eric Komoroff (www.communityofunity.org) and Dr. Jason Stein (iRyze.com) as they discuss teaching our youth about gift-giving. What does gift-giving mean, how to best give and receive graciously, and how these discussions can be part of learning a bigger lesson will be part of the very on-topic seasonal conversation.

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    Giving Voice to Your Courage with Bob Walicki

    in Writing

    Dorit Sasson of Giving Voice to Your Courage, interviews Bob Walicki, a Pittsburgh based poet and the curator of VERSIFY, a monthly reading series in Pittsburgh, on the role courage has taken him from challenging the traditional roles of what it means to be a sensitive man in a field that looks on his poetic sensitivity as a weakness. 


    His work has appeared in HEArt, Stone Highway Review, Uppagus, The Kentucky Review,Grasslimb, and on the radio show Prosody. He won 1st runner up in the 2013 Finishing Line Open Chapbook Competition and was awarded finalist in the 2013 Concrete Wolf Chapbook Competition. He currently has two chapbooks published: A Room Full of Trees (Red Bird Chapbooks, 2014) and The Almost Sound of Snow Falling (Night Ballet Press, 2015). He lives in Verona, PA with his wife, Lynne, and two cats.


    Bob Walicki has worked for years in the construction industry and as a plumber. As a poet, he's been the target of prejudices because he didn't fit into those traditional roles. Often he has to hide being a poet in the building trades industry though he says, "recently it's been liberating to write about those experiences in my new chapbook, "The Almost Sound of Snow Falling."

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    100 Days of Giving Black with Linda Kelly

    in Non-Profit

    Since 2005, Linda Kelly has served as president of the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, the community foundation for the 29-town Greater Hartford region, and one of the oldest and largest of the approximately 700 community foundations in the country. Established in 1925, and now with more than 1,000 funds, the Hartford Foundation ended 2014 with approximately $930 million in endowment assets, and made 1,997 grants totaling $32.5 million over the course of the year.

    Linda Kelly is also a board member of the Connecticut Council for Philanthropy and the MetroHartford Alliance (Hartford’s Chamber of Commerce and the region’s economic development leader) and is past chair of the Connecticut Network of Community Foundations. She recently served on the Audit Committee and Community Foundation Leadership Team at the Council on Foundations, a national association of grantmaking foundations and corporations.  She has spent decades serving a variety of nonprofit and civic organizations in the Greater Hartford area, often in a leadership position.