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    Mary Wenzel of Write Law ~ Legal Ghostwriting Marketing Materials

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    My guest today is Mary Wenzel one of the founders of Write Law. Write Law focuses on saving attorneys time and money by ghostwriting high quality blogs, website content, and other marketing materials.

    Mary created Write Law based on the desire to use her creative writing skills, employing knowledge acquired during college working for a law firm, and attending law school. Using expertly crafted content Write Law develops and promotes a voice for your law firm on the Internet and in print that both attracts and informs the clients you want

    Write Law provides a wide variety of legal copywriting services including: 

    Law Firm Website Content
    Legal Blogs
    Social Media Posts 
    Legal Copywriting 

    Make sure to visit North San Diego Business and sign up for your FREE 6 Lesson Social Media Ecourse!

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    Wolfpack Takeover Thursdays

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    Tonight's special guest is none other than iBattle's own Cityy Towers and Spit Dat Heat's very own Bad News. They came to chop it up with the pack and reveal some of their current and future projects and battles. Also one of the topic's of tonight will be Ghostwriting and some of the news in battle rap currently. Call in to ask questions to our guest and host or call in to listen in and support the Wolfpack Alliance.

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    My Happy Retreat: A Novel -- Join us for an Interview with Author

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    Listen to an interview with Toni M. Forsyth, former educator and author as she discusses her debut novel, "My Happy Retreat".

    When:  Monday, March 2, 2014

    Time:  11 a.m. EST

    About iCAN Radio & Minna Press

    The iCAN (Caribbean Author's Network) Radio Show is hosted by Lena Joy Rose, Executive Editor and Publisher at Minna Press.-  a one-stop resource to assist authors in writing, editing, publishing and marketing their books. 

    Print books  .  eBooks  . Ghostwriting . Distribution . Book Marketing                                                    www.minnapress.com

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    All About Ghostwriting

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    Why would an author hire a ghostwriter? Or would you like to learn how to break into this field? Join us as expert Ellie Maas Davis discusses how to find a good ghostwriter, or how to become one - and much more! About our guest: Ellie Maas Davis is the owner of Pressque, a publishing consultation firm that offers editing, ghostwriting, and marketing services to authors and publishers. http://www.pressque.com/

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    Claudia Suzanne – Dispelling the Myths about Ghostwriting

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    A ghostwriter is, at once, a creative artist, a project manager, a best friend and confidante, a therapist, an industry insider, a publishing guide, a writing-and-life coach, a mentor, and a business person. ~ Claudia Suzanne, Ghostwriting Expert

    Claudia Suzanne spearheads the movement to professionalize ghostwriting. Her training program, now taught through CSULB, has upgraded "Certified Ghostwriter" into an academically recognized Professional Designation. Her conference, Ghostwriters Unite, brought together  the largest number of professional, experienced, and aspiring ghostwriters ever gathered from the four corners of the earth.

    A generalist, Claudia has ghosted over 120 nonfiction and fiction titles in myriad subjects. She also authored four titles under her own name, including the internationally popular This Business of Books,  considered a standard of the industry by college professors and librarians across the English and Chinese-speaking world, and Secrets of a Ghostwriter, the only textbook that deconstructs the theory, skills, and politics of how ghostwriters do what they do.

    Claudia is the Founder/Creative Partner of Wambtac Communications LLC, a literary organization dedicated to professionalizing the ghostwriting field through education, community, and editorial-service excellence.  Her dual missions are to launch new ghostwriting careers and to raise the literacy level of the book industry, one author at a time.

    Claudia knows more about publishing than most people ever will. She is the consummate ghostwriter/teacher, understanding what authors need in order to successfully complete their book dream.  One of the most savvy business people I have known. Trustworthy and supportive. Awesome dry sense of humor and spontaneous wit. I recommend her without qualification. ~ M.K. Pelland, Certified Ghostwriter

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    The Lazarus Man - Author & Forgien Affairs Expert Chet Nagle

    in Politics Conservative

    This show is dedicated to: Army Sgt. 1st Class Michael A. Cathcart, Died November 14, 2014 Serving During Operation Enduring Freedom

    Defending the Republic with Annie "The Radio Chick" and Dan, of Pundit Press Radio is an ongoing discussion of recent events.

    Special Guest: Chet Nagle, is an experienced analyst and commentator on foreign affairs, defense and national security matters, the Middle East, Islamic issues, and the monetization of intangible property. He often speaks on radio, and has appeared in documentary films and television news programs. Columns by Nagle appear in the 24/7 online newspaper, the Daily Caller, and he is a contributing editor for Family Security Matters.

    Chet is available for speaking and writing engagements, including editorial work, speechwriting, and ghostwriting. His biography is here, at www.irancovenant.com, and also in Wikipedia.  His latest book is Lazarus Man.

    Chet may be reached at chetnagle@gmail.com.


    It's a battle of Conservative values and principles in defense of our Republic!

    You never know what we'll talk about: conservative, constitution, freedom, liberty, obama, tea party, gun control, republican, libertarian, stop white guilt, word


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    Elder Desiree' H. Bonner-The Psalmist-DH Bonner Virtual Solutions, LLC

    in Women

    The Psalmist...  Anointed, Expressive, Energetic and Spirit-filled! Saved by God’s Grace in 1990 and then Sanctified by His Holy Spirit, Desireé endeavors to sing and write songs of worship and praise focused on God and Him glorified. 

    Desireé operates in the Body of Christ as a Psalmist; a Levitical and Evangelistic call with Prophetic and Apostolic mantles.  And, through the ministry of Music and the Word, she is anointed to provoke an atmosphere of worship,

    Under the Pastoral leadership of Rev. Marion and Dr. BJ Relefourd of Vision of Life Ministries in, she received her ordination as an Elder through Vision Alliance’s Ordination Preparation Program.

    Elder Bonner is a Managing Partner in her global firm, DHBonner Virtual Solutions, LLC, where she provides Ghostwriting, Document Creation and Graphic Design support to International Businesses, World-wide Ministries and Independent Solo-Preneurs.

    As the executive Director o DHBonner Ministries, she has released two Sacred Music CD's; "The Psamlist..Volume One" & "The Psalmist..Volume Two"  she's currently working on teh Third Volume!  Her first book entitled "The Heart of the Psalmist" was published in November of 2012 and recently released her second book, "To the Wounded Warrior", while contributing to the Anthology: "Organized Obstacles" with her story entitled "Unfinished The Diary of a Psalmist"

    Elder Bonner also produces a weekly snippet on Mondays to motivate and encourage others to maintain MOMENTUM! and 'Just Keep it Moving'!

    To God be the Glory


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    Social Media Marketing Jumpstart

    in Marketing

    While working with the leading entrepreneurs in the Internet Marketing industry, Nikki realized that creativity was being stifled by to do lists, and productivity was waning from a lack of focus on high level tasks. She is not just another consultant, she is a virtual extension of your team; implementing the ideas, strategies, and campaigns that will bring your organization measurable growth and results. 

    Her strengths encompass Web Design/Development, Copy Writing, Editing, Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media Campaign Creation and Implementation, Social Media Management, Blogging, Ghostwriting,  and Brand Promotion/Strategy.

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    Business Matters :: Writing and Publishing Your First Book | Jeff Haden

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    Many successful leaders have amazing stories inside of them that are just waiting to get out. The idea of putting years of experience and wisdom down on the page can seem thrilling, until it’s time to actually start writing. It’s universally agreed that great leaders are exceptional communicators, but when the idea of writing an entire book becomes a reality, these great speakers may not know where to begin. The key to skillful writing is putting the reader first and being motivated to pass your skills on to others rather than basking in the glory of seeing your name on the shelves.

    This week’s guest, Jeff Haden, has had a prolific career ghostwriting bestselling books by top business leaders. He has such a keen understanding of his audience because he has been in their shoes. Like most C-Suite leaders, Jeff’s career makes for an interesting and inspiring story: He rose the ranks from a forklift driver to the manager of a book printing plant, and he eventually found his true passion in writing books of his own. Jeff has since been masterful at tapping into C-Suite leaders’ natural ability to communicate and craft captivating stories from their conversations.

    Jeff says the best reason to write a book is having an authentic desire to help others and teach them the lessons you wish you had knew as you climbed the ladder in your own career. The worst reason to write a book, he says, is for the fame or fortune. Being outwardly focused and genuinely caring about the success of others will translate to the page and grab the reader’s attention.

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    BATTLE OF THE SEXES "THE CULTURE" Battle Rap Podcast w/Host Seven Mitchell

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