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    An Interview with Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter!

    in Dreams

    Our host Sharon Beth interviews Laura Becker-Sherman, the Friendly Ghostwriter!  When people ask me, “What do you do?”  I answer, “I’m Laura the Friendly Ghostwriter!” No one thinks that’s boring. I love to write. Typically I am working on a few memoirs and a business book, while a novel or two bubble away on the burners. When helping someone write their memoirs I focus on the overall message of the book first. I will not take on a story that is doom and gloom, designed to depress the reader. I am interested in inspirational stories, which will uplift people. People can learn a lot from another person's life story. For nonfiction, I specialize in making complex subjects easy to understand. This involves researching a subject so well that I can then break it down and explain it to anyone with any background. When I write fiction, my novels are very dialogue driven. I find that when I develop my characters, all I need to do is sit back and listen to them. So I guess you can call me a stenographer. I did get a degree in Civil Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona and worked for the Department of Water and Power in LA. I also studied chess for many years, playing in tournaments around the country. My highest national rating gave me the honor of being the top 35th woman player in the US. In 2008 I founded Your Chess Coach with my husband, teaching children the wonders of chess. We have taught hundreds of children to play. I love working with very young kids, breaking down the basics so that they can play the game (often beating their parents). Chess Is Child’s Play – Teaching Techniques that Work came out in April 2012. I wrote this book with author Bill Kilpatick in order to give parents the tools to become private chess coaches for their children. The reviews have been spectacular, which is very rewarding. I’m a ghostwriting, author, chess coach and mother. Life is always an adventure!

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    Whoreshaming In The Massage Parlor

    in Comedy

    On this week’s #ITC, the triumvirate is back together in studio to discuss Vlad’s experience at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal as part of the New Faces Class of 2015, the Meek Mill/Drake ghostwriter situation and the seemingly subdued reaction to the revelation, Hulk Hogan's racist comments, and a brief discussion about the death of Sandra Bland. All that and more, so check it out.

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    Workshop Wednesdays Radio

    in Entrepreneur

    Workshop Wednesdays Radio with Tony Gambone and Special Guest Rachel Crawford & Alice Sullivan:

    Rachel Crawford - I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, emotional well-being and healing educator, and co-founder and tea creator at Teamotions.Teamotions is a revolutionary emotional well-being company that has transformed a simple cup of tea into a truly healing experience by using adaptogens and other powerful healing herbs in every blend. Adaptogens are remarkable herbs that are scientifically proven to boost immunity, restore emotional and physical balance, and improve the body's response to stress. Used daily our award-winning whole-leaf organic teas foster and support emotional well-being in every way. The inspiration for Teamotions came after my twin daughters Aubrey and Ellie died in 2008 just a few weeks after they were born. Together with my sister Crystal Tenpenny, we are on a mission to share our message of hope and healing one cup of tea at a time.

    Alice Sullivan has worked in the book publishing industry since 2001 as a ghostwriter, author, writing coach, speaker, and editor and has worked on over 1,000 books, including eleven New York Times bestsellers. Some of her more notable clients include Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, Bill Cosby, Thomas Steinbeck, Lee Greenwood, George Foreman III, Pam Tillis, and Judge Andrew Napolitano. She works with publishers, agents, and authors to develop books that are both entertaining and memorable. When she’s not working to beat deadlines, she’s playing volleyball or planning her next vacation. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Connect with Alice at www.alicesullivan.com.


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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Diane Williams: Author of "Angels in Action: Stories to Inspire," http://www.mindofagoddess.wordpress.com

    Alice Sullivan: Author & ghostwriter who will be talking to Michael today about her specialty, ghostwriting memoirs; http://www.alicesullivan.com

    Iman Aghay: Founder of Success Road Academy, one of the largest Information Marketing Centers in the world which helps to position individuals as the go to expert; http://www.successroadacademy.com

    Todd Lemense: Author of "Lose Your Ego, Gain the World," http://www.toddlemenseauthor.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Jay Tidale and The Cherry Bomb blow up The Ghostwriter with Souls of Ink!

    in Poetry

    Rosalind Cherry aka Cherry Bomb and Author/Poet Jay Tisdale get all lyrically correct as they talk about his new release "The Ghostwriter: King James Era" and his very popular facebook group Souls of Ink. The Ghostwritier will take you on a journey that lead to his first work of art and then introduce you to his brand of poetic grooving.

    The first hour is for our guest interview

    The last hour is for Open Mic which was approved by our guest Jay Tisdale


    Call in # 773-897-6297

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    Jean Bailey Robor, DTM ABC's of Success three ideas for you to live by

    in Motivation

    In addition to her professional development and motivational speaking, Jean is a radio host, TV guest, author, freelance writer, teller of crappy jokes, leadership ambassador, ghostwriter and wanna-be tall & skinny girl. 
    Jean uses life experience, education and personal stories to connect with audience members and tailors each presentation to their needs. Whether you need a humorous speaker, leadership skills workshop, a motivational keynote or professional group or one-on-one coaching, Jean Bailey Robor brings value and passion to your leadership journey and your life!

    Cell: 336-269-8035
    E-mail: jean@jeanbaileyrobor.com

    Strategies of Success
    Brian A Cohen DTM Host




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    Robert Morris' "Give Your Tithes To Stop The Devourer" Nonsense! (104)

    in Christianity

    Robert Morris is the founding and "senior pastor" of the Charismatic Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.  Robert Morris has repeatedly taught that "Jesus Was God's Tithe" in order to get his church members to give their tithes to END THE CURSE!  Mr. Morris has even solicited the services of a professional ghostwriter to write his books on Tithing and Finances that have sold tens of thousands of copies.  Tune in Wolf Tracker takes Mr. Morris to the wood shed one more time!

    Wolf Tracker cordially invites Robert Morris to be his special guest on the program today.  Mr. Morris can call in by dialing (347) 308-8221.  (P.S. - Don't forget your Hebrew, Greek and Latin lexicons Mr. Morris!)

    Wolf Tracker is a tireless protector of Christ's global flock and an avowed enemy of all Prosperity wolves who masquerade in sheep's clothing in order to fleece gullible saints.  Please spread the word by telling others about this Christ-honoring, wolf-exposing, sheep-protecting internet radio program!

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    The Constitution and its Amendments

    in Education

    The concept of "Citizenship", and the nationalist propaganda which accompanies it, are as old as the hills. The fear-stricken are the most likely to give up freedom for a sense of security -- the high priests of even the most "uncivilized" peoples understand this principle and utilize it to this day. Citizens are those who have given up a freeman's sovereignty for the sake of virtual anonymity in the collective, even in a so-called "capitalist" or "democratic" society.

    The Constitution for the United States is one of the most idolized documents in recent history, but why? What does it even have to say? What does it have to do with your life? Does it protect you from your own personal boogeyman?

    Join Burt, Greg, Casey, and our special guest Susan (ghostwriter of Beyond the National Myth:Waking up in the Land of the Free, and author of The Quality Life Plan: 7 Steps to Uncommon Financial Security) as we discuss these ideas and more.

    We'll be taking callers throughout the show tonight at (347) 637-3632 -- feel free to give us a shout!

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    #263 - George Duncan, Christian Author

    in Books

    Listen to the Christian Authors on Tour (CAOT) Blog Talk Radio Show on Friday, 2/6 at 2 p.m. (ET) for a LIVE interview with Christian author, George Duncan.

    A former reporter and editorial writer, George Duncan  has worked at a number of newspapers including the Savannah News-Press and the Meridian Star.  In addition to writing his own books, George is a ghostwriter,  too.  He has also been a Christian for many years.  His newest release, Last Stand at Lighthouse Point, is a contemporary suspense story that re-examines the Book of Job.

    Call (858) 357-8408 to ask questions of the scheduled guest. Don't worry if you can't listen LIVE, you can always download, at your convenience, FREE On-Demand podcasts of this interview and hundreds of other inspirational interviews at www.blogtalkradio.com/christianauthorsontour.


    The CAOT Christian Book Club


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    Author, Publisher & Speaker Gayle Johnson stops by Good Deeds w Dr. Renee Sunday

    in Motivation

    Gayle "Delicious" Johnson is an author,publisher, ghost writer, poet, and the founder of her own 

    independent publishing company. With five published books under her belt she is now working on her 

    sixth and seventh book. Gayle will continue to write it is her number one passion. Gayle's passion for 

    the literary arena has prompted her to start her own publishing company. Armed with faith, prayer 

    and determination in 2012 inspired by her deceased mother Jean E. Johnson,  Jay Jay Publishing  

    Although Gayle’s books are all fictional stories, they carry a dash of reality, domestic violence, sexual 

    abuse and drama. Gayle is a survivor of domestic violence, rape and sexual abuse, she is going to write her

    memoir and it will be filled with truth, drama, reality and a dash of fiction.

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    Lost in a Snow Storm

    in Lifestyle

    We go further into the book, slowly climbing to the climax. What will happen to Nancy and Ned in the snow storm? Who's going to come to their rescue?

    Come and listen to what goes on. I read to you the Mystery At The Ski Jump, 29th volume of the original Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. The ghostwriter for this book is Alma Sasse.