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    GG Talk Show

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    Listen in...!

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    GG Radio - The Season Is Over

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    The Fantasy Football season is over and Kevin Durham is the winner. He'll be on the last BS Fantasy Football episode of GG Radio of 2009.

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    SID Live From MSG-FDNY Vs.NYPD/Cotto Vs. Canelo/**TRUST*IN*GOD***

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     Doc and Dusty Come to You live from Madison Square Garden at the annual NYPD-Cops VS FDNY Firemen Bouts.And again legendary scribe and sportscaster,Dr.M.Lee''Doc''Stanley Sr.,is back on the airwaves with his iconic,award winning radio show,'Sports In Depth'. 
     Also we talk about the big clash tomorrow,Cotto Vs.Alverez.As New York boxing legend and former heavyweight contender and two time Golden Glove heavyweight champion,''Gentlemen''Gerry Cooney chats with us ringside.Gerry besides being ambassodor for the bouts and lending both his support and work ethic with both departments,is also partnered with former New York boxing sensation and GG winner,Tony''Malo'' Santana with,'Brawl House'. Call-908-317-2727-Ext.1013 is their contact number for more information and your avenue to aiding and supporting their work with our youth.Email address:tony@beawlhouse.com.We thank both gents for their time in talking with us and as always a delight being in the company of,''Gentlemen'' Gerry and ''Malo''Santana.
     Both gents are split on tomorrows major clash as you will hear when you listen to their interviews.
    Ringside with Doc,is Dusty''H-Rap-Brown'' Lois Jr.Dusty gives us his views liken Santana and Cooney on tomorrows bout and the forthcoming,Decemeber 5th clash at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn between middleweight champion,Danny'The Miracle Man' Jacobs and Peter'Kid Chocolate'Quillen.
    ''Above all else,I hate to lose.''
    Jack(Jackie) Roosevelt Robinson-Former New York State Boxing Commissoner
    Besides being baseball's first Black Player-MVP-Batting Champ- League(National) stolen bases leader-king





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    Reclassification 101; with African Americans Ain't African

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    Reclassification 101 and the lesson begins with listeners listening, down shift to second and put your brain on think mode and while you are pushing it to third , breathe, and ask questions. When the answers come back incomplete, you will know it is time for you to start your own journey in learning about your own life history. So many stories have been told in books that tell untrue stories and we are left to believe in them without a second thought. The pen is great and has been used to accomplish more than battles in the streets ever could. The pen is mighty and has been given the power to wipe out a whole nation of people with one stroke and after 200 years with 200 year old lies, a collective of people are walking around in the desert without a pot to piss in. African Americans Ain't African comes to the ghetto truth Magazine in Stereo and will provide you with a road map for your next corner to turn on and if you listen right, park yourself in knowledge and wrap your brain around all that you hear in this segment of ‘The Pen is Mightier than the Sword’.

      The noun RECLASSIFICATION has 1 sense:

    1. classifying something again (usually in a new category)


    Hosted by Gabriel Rich, Indigenous 1, Buck Wylam, and Ma'am Gg



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    Religion is the main cause of wars worldwide. While the daily lives of those fighting may be close to the same their beliefs are enough to draw blood from one another. The body count created in the name God's messengers, saints, prophets and sons are innumerable. Can innate goodness permeate across religious boundaries? Can miracles happen to those who don't believe in the divine? Is there heaven for an Atheist? Chicago song writer GG, talks about her dancing, the windy city, and sometimes why it's better not to care.
    blogtalkradio.com/2RAW4TV 7/11/13 @ 11PM EST CALL 323-410-0036 TO COMMENT OR ?

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    Forbes Magazine 50 Best Leadership Quotes on Happy Talk Radio With GG Stanley

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    Hello World,

    Welcome to Happy Talk Radio.  This is GG Stanley.  I am your host with the most happy news from coast-to-coast every Saturday at 2P.  The mission of Happy Talk Radio is to inspire the mind, body and soul in the totality of happiness.  Happy Talk Radio is family friendly.

    Are you a leader?  I believe you are? 

    Elevate your mind in the "Motto" of Forbes Magazine - "The Capitalist Tool." 

    Today, Happy Talk Radio will embark upon Forbes Magazine 50 Best Leadership Quotes to help put in perspective the caliber in being an effective and phenomenal leader.

    If you would like to chat during the on-air episode, please dial (347) 857-1142 and get connected

    You will hear leadership quotes from people of influence like President Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, Bill Gates, John C. Maxwell, Stephen Covey, Harriet Truman, General Colin Powell, Dwight D. Eisenhower and more.

    So, don't you go nowhere.  Happy Talk Radio is bringing it home and changing the world with happy talk and happy thoughts.

    Lead with integrity!  Never give up!

    Tune in.

    "I will never forget that the only reason I’m standing here today is because somebody, somewhere stood up for me when it was risky.  Stood up when it was hard.  Stood up when it wasn’t popular.  And because that somebody stood up, a few more stood up.  And then a few thousand stood up.  And then a few million stood up.  And standing up, with courage and clear purpose, they somehow managed to change the world." -  President Barack Obama


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    Humane Sacrifice: Food 4/4th Dimen Dem-i-urges

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    Peace, know thyself and spiritual protection 9MIND Sacred Sisters and Others.

    Yes I'm back and no it's not SUNday lol. Had to retitle this show because I tried to do this show at 3:00 or 3:30am this morning but Blogtalk Radio would not allow me to go LIVE they way I wanted to. When I started the show this evening and opened up intending to simply answer a question someone sent to me in a private email concerning my language and the use of what they perceive to be foul words that i use like coons, bytches, n*gg**, herillas, sheboons ect... and other such unflattering descriptions, it was necessary for me to take the show off topic and address this question at lenghth. These deragatory terms i oftentime use or how I address the legions of fallen BLK (& Brwn) DEVILS (called demiurges) masquarading in Blk bodies pretending to be WE but or not WE. You have excepted the demiurgers in the form of Preachers, Teachers, Producers, Actors, Actresses, Comediennes, Politicians, Talk Radio Host, Entertainers ect... calling you these names and others. So I merely use what you yourselves have generationally accepted and aproved of. I discuss YOU (not me) for I see not myself as liken unto anyone that I have encountered. I AM (not) what you are. And I base this off how I have seen you treat one another as well as me when you perceived that I was the same as you or less. The walking dead ( who many of you be) hold no place of honor or nobility, so when I discuss such on the 9MIND show then I use the expressions that best describe the characters and behaviors that I have encountered as well as witnessed amongst those labeled as A.A. aka Negro but have deEvolved into something for less and clearly LACKING LIFE or LOVE.


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    GG Talk Show

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    Call in now and ask your questions. We have answers, if you don't have any well you can hang out with us anyway!

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    GA Wellness & Fitness Festival Presents Ernestine Shepherd & Yohnnie Shambourger

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    Hello World!

    Welcome to Happy Talk Radio.  This is GG Stanley.  I am your host with the most happy news from coast-to-coast.

    Happy Talk Radio is a family-friendly program designed to empower your mind, body and soul in the "totality of happiness."

    Today, we will find the "totality of happiness" at Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival in Macon, GA with the Guinness World's Oldest Bodybuilder, Ms. Ernestine Shepherd and former Mr. Universe, Yohnnie Shambourger.  GA Wellness and Fitness Festival kicks off today, thru Sunday. The theme is "Together in Fitness."

    Ms. Ernestine and Yohnnie will both be featured as celebrity guests at many of the events this weekend.

    Ms. Ernestine is a force to reckon with in fitness.  Do you want to see her do push-ups?  Then she just may do it at the 2nd Annual GA Wellness and Fitness Festival this weekend. 

    Ms. Ernestine is 79 years old, physically fit and living healthy.  She says age is nothing but a number.  She is a loving person of faith, bodybuilder, marathon runner, and a "grandmother."  She started her wellness and fitness program 22 years ago with her sister who died of an anuerism.  She promised her sister she would stay in the race.  She began her training with former Mr. Universe, Yohnnie Shambourger, and the rest is history. 

    Today, Ms. Ernestine will share her fitness story and Yohnnie will elaborate on training and "How To Get Your Winning Edge Thru Nutrition."

    Charise Stephens, Nonprofit Organization Management, is the founder of the Georgia Wellness and Fitness Festival. 

    It's a family affair to fitness.  All events are FREE except luncheon.

    Happy Talk Radio is bringing it home!