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    Today's youth are getting more involved in politics, concerned for their future

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    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel"at 8AM-10AM EST for a very special Thursday program. Several "young guns" will be joining me live in the studio for a roundtable discussion on their involvement in the political process. I noticed these young men and women at a couple of political events .I found their insights very interesting and deeper than many adults .Naturally, they got a invite to join me on air. I wish to thank their teacher and the staff of Trinity-Byrnes Collegiate School for agreeing to this learning and sharing experience.

    I encourage you to join us "In the Pickle Barrel" for a fresh look at "the system" and learn why this "kids" are concerned and active in trying to make a difference.

    Share your comments in the ChatRoom or call to ask questions and/or encourage these young Americans at 855-236-2486.

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    Roy McCloud on Getting God Involved

    in Christianity

    God created everything we see by using Words.  The bible teaches that all things are even now upheld by the Word of His power.  God's Words is a powerful tool when used as God intended.  God desires to help us in every area of our life. Join Roy as he discusses how to get God involved in your life.

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    Roy McCloud on Getting God Involved 3

    in Christianity

    The songwriter wrote, "Oh what peace we often forfeit, Oh what needless pain we bare.  All cause we don't carry everything to God in prayer."  This statement is so true, we miss out on the blessings of God because we don't invite God into our life and circumstances. Join in as Roy continues the message on how to get God involved!

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    Roy McCloud: Getting God Involved 2

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    The songwriter wrote, "Oh what peace we often forfeit, Oh what needless pain we bare.  All cause we don't carry everything to God in prayer."  This statement is so true, we miss out on the blessings of God because we don't invite God into our life and circumstances. Join in as Roy continues the message on how to get God involved!

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    Guest: Rowena List, Owner, Getting It Together

    in Business

    Rowena List, Owner, Getting It Together

    Getting It Together helps high achieving women who are situationally disorganized and time strapped become more productive by moving them from overwhelm to calm.


    At the heart of Getting It Together is founder Rowena List. Rowena’s 25+ years of experience and expertise in “getting it together” are multi-faceted – being a successful entrepreneur, speaker and coach/trainer, have all played an important role in honing Rowena’s natural ability to harness and teach others the best practices for getting – and staying – organized, and for maximizing one’s time.



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    Who's Fooling Who, let's get involved

    in Social Networking

    Real Men Speak is a radio talk show design to stimulate conversation within our community and amongst men and women and especially the younger generation. The show is designed again to stimulate  conversation to help to change the way things are being developed and executed. I've learned that the only way things will change is if we come up with new ways of thinking and doing. So what I'm asking is that you the listening audience, You my friends and family, You my Colleagues come and join this movement to help make things better. The real man speak radio show is full of different ways to help create options for both our young men and men in general as well as the family. It takes a village to raise a standard for change

    The real men speak radio show does not have a topic of discussion, we want to have open dialogue conversation with you about the matters of the heart ,  and how to change the events  that are taking place.

    I need each and every one to become a player in the game and voice your opinions and your concerns so that our young listeners can hear the love that's coming from concerned  people like ourselves.  Myself and Real men speak cannot Change this on our own We are just one voice one voice.Please get involved 

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    Negotiation Expert William Ury on Getting to Yes with Yourself

    in Self Help

    Sister Jenna welcomes William Ury to the America Meditating Radio Show.

    William Ury, co-founder of Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, is one of the world’s best-known and most influential experts on negotiation.  He is the co-author of Getting to Yes, the bestselling negotiation book in the world, and has taught negotiation to tens of thousands of people around the world.  He has served as a mediator in conflicts ranging from boardroom battles to labor strikes and from family feuds to civil wars.

    He has also served as a consultant to the Crisis Management Center at the White House; co-founded the Climate Parliament which Time magazine described as a "Google for global politics;" founded the Abraham Path Initiative, which seeks to build bridges between cultures and faiths and his work has been widely featured in the media from The New York Times to the Financial Times and from CNN to the BBC. He also has a popular TED talk, "The Walk from No to Yes." His newest book is entitled, "Getting to Yes with Yourself (and Other Worthy Opponents)." Visit www.williamury.com & http://abrahampath.org

    Get the OFF TO WORK CD & Off the Grid Into the Heart CD by Sister Jenna.  Like America Meditating on FB & follow us on Twitter.


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    Our Show and "Theme" is "GETTING THE WORD OUT," by Teaching, Preaching of the gospel, according to 2 Tim. 3:16 and Eph. 2:8-10, and listening to the heart cries of the listeners. IT IS ALSO THE NAME OF OUR SHOW/PROGRAM! For the Bible tells us: Zech. 4:6b "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts." To Contact us you may Email us at lcondeso@comcast.net or telephone us at 305-917-5223 or 305-631-2108, for PRAYER/COUNSELING. or write us at: 12864 Biscayne Blvd., #255, North Miami, FL 33181, L. Robinson-Condeso Ministries,Inc., www.lrobinsoncondesoministries.org read more

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    Children of Joshua- New American Revolution

    in Current Events

    According to Bibical citation, Joshua was a major figure in the events of the Exodus and was charged by Moses with selecting and commanding a militia group for their first battle after exiting Egypt. Joshua was one of twelve Israeli men sent by Moses to explore the land of Canaan (Numbers 13:1-16), then after the death of Moses, he led the Israelite tribes in the conquest of Canaan and allocated the land to the tribes. God appointed Joshua to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites along with giving him a blessing of invincibility during his lifetime (Joshua 1:5).

    Young people born in the 1990’s and beyond have been dubbed: “The X generation”, The Millenniums”, The Lost Generation” by the media. But, in Black American communities, young people, aged 16 to 30, who are attentive to current event, seeing marked aggression toward Black males coupled with judicial indifference, are calling themselves the “Joshua Generation”. When I first heard this, I did not understand this reference. Out of curiosity, I started to talk to scholarly people, listen to wise men and women in lecture settings and talked directly to young adults aged 16 to 30. I had my eyes opened to “thinking” that I had not come upon on my own.

    Young people are satiated with false promises and overt lies about justice, “leveled playing fields” and false promises about "getting an education” and finding a good job. There is a “disbelief” in American public education citing how staying in school no longer means getting a high school diploma. And going to college means being enslaved by long-term debt without prospects of a career or vocation. Distrust, unrest and “brain-washing” of their late ancestors, have given rise to Black American youth who are ready to exact change. “Respect is earned”, they told me, and “power is taken”. 


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    Is our world getting darker?

    in Current Events

    The signs of the times are telling us we are in a world that is getting darker by the minute. While there has always been evil, and bad people in the world, the number and variety of evil is advancing at break neck speed. ...What is increasing so fast besides greed, dishonesty, lies, cheating, stealing, violence ? Man has always, by nature, served self, in many ways, and use's these things to advance his own agenda,  Lets look at some of these things , I think anyone who has even (1) eye open can see the intire world is in a state of trouble and conflict in one way or another,

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    Getting rid of the unnecesary

    in Motivation

    There are so many things that you really can do without. Things that weigh you down unnecessarily and become a burden rather than a blessing. These things should leave your life as quickly as they become part of it otherwise you might be slowed down needlessly. 

    Clutter is something that can creep up on you and strangle life out of you if it is not dealt with quickly. This is the subject that is discussed in detail during this show. We need to look at what these clutters are, and come up with practical ways of getting rid of them.


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