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    MRRN's Getting Dirty LIVE

    in Sports

    Midwest Racing Radio Network's "Getting Dirty LIVE" A sports talk show about Dirt Car Racing of all kinds... We feature the Personalities, Promoters and Results from the world of Dirt Motorsports.

    This Thursday 5:30pm Central 

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    Getting Unstuck! with Penny Cohen, LCSW

    in Self Help


    Penny Cohen, is a transformational psychotherapist, relationship counselor and the author of “Personal Kabbalah: 32 Paths To Inner Peace & Life Purpose.” Find her at www.pennycohen.com.

    On this show we will be discussing how to move forward in life when you feel stymied, defeated, in a slump or just plain stuck.

    Call in to discuss your issue to get personal advise from our guest.

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    Pilot of Getting Social

    in Social Networking

    This is the pilot episode of my new show Getting Social, and this episode will only be and introduction, about a  bit of a background about myself and how I got into the field of social media, SEO, and marketing. I am excited to get the show started and lots of great shows will be on the horizon. 

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    Getting the hang of it

    in Radio

    We are getting the hang of this radio thing.

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    Getting Healthy Radio with Troy and Kelly

    in Health

    Join Troy and Kelly as they discuss Nutrition with Greg and Karen from Get Fit Fuel, Sean Davis from Davis Traing Sarasota will also be here to talk about Boot Camp Style workouts. We will also have some suprise topics to discuss as well about getting a healthy lifestyle.

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    Getting Hammered with Steve Hamilton and Stevie J West

    in Politics Conservative

    It's FRIDAY and time to Get hammered with your hosts Stevie J West and Steve Hamilton!! Join them and their guest Teena Ladd (@bossytender128) as they discus, poke fun at, and present an altogether totally messed up version of this week's news.  We'll start out with the Obama Doctrine "Never let the law get in the way of breaking the law" and what we happen to think about his new immigration policies. twitter went ape, we were there to watch, may have even encouraged it a bit, we'll talk about that too,

    Hey, next week is Thanksgiving, and while we all sit around stuffing our faces and watching football, SOME folks will be working.  Tenna joins us to talk about Black Friday, uh, Thursday, uh, wait, does it start on Wednesday now?

    We also poke fun at pretty much anything else we can dream up.  So grab a cold one and join us at the bar, it's Friday night and we're Getting Hammered!

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    Getting to the Cor

    in Lifestyle

    Welcome to my world; please allow me to introduce myself, who I am, what I do, how I do it and WHY.
    In this introductory podcast listeners will have the opportunity to learn what I am all about and my approach to counselling. More specifically:
    What does "Getting to the Cor" mean? What is the Cor Approach? What is the "Now What Factor"? I look forward to meeting you then.
    Corrie Sirota MSW, PSW

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    Getting to Know You - Peace in the Midst of Your Storm

    in Lifestyle

    The clouds are gathering, the temperature has changed and you see that a storm is coming. You prepare for what seems to be thunderstorm only to experience a hurricane or tornado. (What in the world?!!) In today's broadcast we will continue the discussion on finding peace in the midst of your storm.

    Manna Moment Word of the Day - Grace
    Getting to Know You - Things that make you say, "What in the World" and what to do about it.
    The Last Word: His grace is sufficient for you.

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    Just us Getting High

    in Self Help

    Join Beth Donnelly and Dagny Grant tonight for a live show "Just Us Getting High" on I AM U Radio brought to you by the I AM Group University.  You are welcome and encouraged to call into the show to share your thoughts and questions.  

    If this topic sounds like a flash back to your college days...you may be surprised at all of the options for getting high on life naturally.  They will discuss creating vibrational momentum, the art of raising your vibration and being in alignment, mind mastery, creativity, intuition, belief, mindfulness, meditation....and more!

    Check it out!    

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    The Science Of Getting Rich

    in Business

    The Informer today presents an audio book by Wallace wattles, the science of getting rich . We hope you will find this presentation enlighting.

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    Getting to Know You: Meet the Design Team

    in Lifestyle

    It's What in the World?! Wednesday on  Your Life, by Design 's broadcast. On today's show we will be dealing with finding hope in the midst of your hell. Our Manna Moment Word of the Day is Hope. We will then follow up  Getting to Know You: Meet the Design Team with an introduction to Jesus, our Hope of Glory.

    You do NOT want to miss this broadcast. Join us at 1 pm for Your Life...by Design. We invite you to call in live and chat (917) 889-3285. See you then. 

    It's What In the World Wednesday!

    In today's broadcast...

    "What in the world?!" - From fire hoses to fire arms.

    Firestorm in Ferguson
    12 year old boy shot in the playground video

    Manna Moment - Hope

    Find hope in the midst of your hell

    Scripture: Job 7: 6; Psalm 37:1; 39:7; Colossians 1:27;

    Meet the Design Team -
    We will discuss Acts 17:22-29 (the Unknown God). 
    Key verse: For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, To The Unknown God. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, him declare I unto you. (Acts 17:23)

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