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  • 00:47

    Missing Power

    in Self Help

    Motivational speaker, personal development expert, author Josh Hinds joins us to discuss his soon to be released book-"Live Big".
    Josh gives us a sneak look inside the book and tells his story of the obstacles he has faced and overcame. He shares his secrets about passion, dreams, ideas and success.
    Josh also gives some tips on how to deal with disappointment and daily stress.
    Josh and I could have talked another hour or two but we ran out of time.
    Check out our call and Live Big when it is released in June !

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    Get Motivated

    in Radio

    Special Guest, Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker, Josh Hinds - Josh is a proven mentor and inspirational speaker. In addition to his well known and constantly growing network of professional development related websites such as BusinessNetworkingAdvice.com; SalesTrainingAdvice.com; BusinessLeadershipAdvice.com and GoalsSuccess.com, Josh is the founder of GetMotivation.com. This is a wonderfully empowering and inspiring site which continues to be visited by millions of people world-wide.