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    Fully Persuaded about My Money Grows on Trees with Zari Banks

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    Zari Banks, M.Ed is a three-time best-selling author, editor, teacher and speaker. Zari was born and raised in Kennewick, Washington. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Gonzaga University she left the cooler weather of the Northwest for the Sonoran Desert of Tucson, Arizona. She worked eight years in Public Education before a lay off from her district inspired her to return to her first love - writing. Zari is the author of seven books and the editor or assistant publisher of more 15 other books. Tonight we will discuss her wisdom giving  book My Money Grows on Trees as well as aligning ourselves financially for 2015.

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    GET IT STRAIGHT - The Birthday Ep

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    It's my birthday, most of us are snowed in, Let's kick it!  Call in and let's discuss everything and anything!  Whatever it is that you want to 'get straight.'  Whether it's current events, contraversies, relationship stuff, popular culture etc. Let's just kick it!

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    Fully Persuaded About Faith with LaNola Goings

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    LaNola Goings is the Co-Pastor of Heart of Christ Family Fellowship established
    by her husband and Senior Pastor, Rodney Goings. Pastor Nola was born on June 5,
    1979 to Elder Eugene & Evangelist Mary Bacote (Jr). She has one sister whom she
    admires dearly, Minister Tanisha Bacote Sutton of Raleigh, NC.
    She was educated in the public school system of Florence, SC and is a 1997 honor
    graduate of South Florence High School. She continued her education at Winthrop
    University where on September 9, 1997 she rededicated her life to Christ. God quickly
    changed her experiences at college by calling her into the ministry at the age of nineteen.
    Pastor Nola graduated from Coker College in 2003 with a Bachelor of Science degree in
    Business Administration.
    Pastor Nola was ordained as a minister through the International School of
    Religion located in Columbia, SC on October 9, 1999. She has been in the ministry for
    over fifteen years during which time she has traveled extensively along the East Coast.
    Her unique presentation of the gospel has enabled her to minister to many denominations
    and organizations and as a result she is a much sought after preacher, teacher, psalmist,
    and playwright.
    She has always been motivated by her role models, her parents, to strive towards
    her full potential in using all of her abilities to give glory to God and to promote His
    Kingdom. She continues to be inspired by her parents and is now inspired daily by the
    man that God placed in her life to be her covering.
    Pastor Rodney and LaNola were joined in holy matrimony on November 26,
    2005. Together through this union, they are endeavoring to make Heart of Christ an
    innovative, out of the box, multicultural, Christ Centered, Family Oriented ministry!

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    Fully Persuaded About Love, Blessings & Sisterhood w/ Angelia Menchan

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    Angelia Vernon Menchan is an author, publisher and public speaker who owns two publishing companies, MAMM Productions and Honorable Menchan Media. Mrs. Menchan is also a Budget Officer and former Job Corps Counselor. To date she has published 26 full length books of her own work, both fiction and non-fiction and more than 80 ebook novellas on amazon.com. You can access her bibliography on www.amazon.com search words: Angelia Vernon Menchan

    Menchan has also published the work of several other authors to date, including children's book, Little Wing by biologist, Erin Gawera, Honorable Menchan Poetry 2013 by Dictator and Genesis,  a breast cancer memoir, Goodbye Breast, Hello Faith by Lena Jordan, My Grace is Sufficient: Living With Lymphedema by Patricia Richardson, The Prayer Journey by Nadine Singleton, F. O. C. U. S. A Crime Family Novel by Darnetta Frazier and the upcoming thriller, Dictator by Malik Vernon Menchan.

    She is becoming a sought after speaker for young women audiences because she speaks honestly, straight and open to the issues that plague them such as teen pregnancy, the importance of education and making life impacting choices.

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    Get Lifted Radio's - New Year's Eve 2014 Salute

    in Entertainment

    Why not end the last day of the year broadcasting some of the dope artists? 

    We thank EVERYONE involved in our growth this year. We look forward to 2015 and continuing to help all people get lifted.

    Be safe, one love.

    (C)reating (A)venues (N)etworking = (U)nity,  Get Lifted .

    Visit GetLiftedEntertainment.com for submissions and interviews.

    Twitter @GetLifted_Radio

    IG: GetLiftedEntertainment

    Add us on  SoundClound

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    Mikaya Heart! Coach in art of being FULLY Alive!

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    Award winning author and a coach in the art of being fully alive.  She uses shamanic methods to help her clients access an awareness of the vastness of being which enables them to grasp the true nature of reality.  As our planet shifts into a new paradigm where we perceive new dimensions of existence, we human beings need to expand our perception and embrace a new way of being in the world.  This requires learning the art of conscious manifestation which is about allowing flows of energy to move through us.


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    Fully Persuaded About Generational Change & Faith w/ Pastor Calvin Foster

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    Pastor Calvin O. Foster, Jr., affectionately known as Pastor "C", joined the Genesis Baptist Church family and staff as Youth Pastor in October 2010. Prior to coming to Genesis, Pastor "C" served as the Youth Pastor at Beulah Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Jerry O. Wilson, Sr. Pastor "C" is also the founder and lead facilitator of Perfecting of the Saints Ministries, Inc. His organization assists in the planning and the implementation of Christian based trainings, workshops, and conferences. His organization also specifically trains in the areas of leadership, prophecy and other Spiritual Gifts.

    Pastor "C" gave his life to Christ at eight years old and preached his first sermon at the age of thirteen. While growing up, Pastor "C" was a very active member of the Youth Department at Mount Zion Baptist Church in Greensboro and served as assistant and armor bearer to two of the church's youth pastors. He also taught several youth church sessions. Later he joined Calvary Christian Center and served under the leadership of Pastor Vince P. Hairston.

    Pastor "C" attended Dudley High School in Greensboro and later Southwest High School in High Point, where he continued to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through his words and life style. Pastor "C" is a 2006 graduate of Winston-Salem State University.

    Pastor "C" is most known for his trademark preaching slogans, “Preach Boy, I’m trying” and “I Got 99 Problems But Preaching Ain’t 1”!

    Pastor "C" is truly a chosen vessel and an anointed man of God. He operates in the gifts of prophecy, healing, deliverance, exhortation, preaching, teaching and others gifts as God allows and anoints him to do so. 

    His philosophy as it relates to Youth Ministry is, "Change the Nation, One Generation at a Time"

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    Actress JoAnna Lloyd and Actor Greg Steele f/ Rom Comedy Fully Functional

    in Film

    Pop Art Painter, Jamie Roxx (www.JamieRoxx.us) welcomes Actress JoAnna Lloyd and Actor Greg Steele of the new Romantic Comedy Fully Functional.


    Fully Functional follows the journey of Rita. A quirky, hopeful romantic who longs for companionship and true love. Her journey leads her to an unlikely source of love, one she had never considered in her past.

    This Episode is Sponsored by: 

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    Should The Runway Be Fully Integrated? (Cross Dressers)

    in Lifestyle

    This Episode is Dedicated to the Late Andrae Crouch who died Last Thursday 1/8/15 at the age of 72..... R.I.P. 


    Should The Runway Be Fully Integrated? Transgenders, Cross Dressers, Drag Queen, Genderless or Androgyny and all of the above. She they walk the runway as women?

    In modeling more specifically Fashion Models boast some of the highest paid women in the world.  Women makes on average three times more than a male model, however, new on the fashion scene is Andrej Pejic.  He is a 19 year old male model who makes his money as a female model.  

    "He's rare. No one looks like him," said photographer Chris Benz. "I mean no one. None of the boys look like him. None of the girls look like him. It's just him. It's Andrej."

    Andrej one could argue is the IT boy, however, he is gracing magazine covers and making money wearing women’s clothing.

    Gender confusion or genderless are the go to terms concerning male/female on the runway.  Another hot term is androgyny. Watch the runway ladies and gentlemen you may be seeing the runway integrated wholeheartedly by the genderless.

    Is this acceptable? Should this be tolerated? Do you want to see men in women clothing?

    Facebook: http://m.facebook.com/curvesin3d

    Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/curvesin3d

    Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/curvesin3d

    AUNTIE: http://m.facebook.com/auntieiam

    SELENA: https://www.facebook.com/IamSelenaSong

    ANN: https://www.facebook.com/pastorann.danner

    SWAN: https://www.facebook.com/SwanIam  

    Quote adapted from NiteLine article... 

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    Why Don't We Just Get Started?

    in Self Help

    Motivation to Get Started and to Keep Going!

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    Welcome Sansarae 4 pt. 2 "Get Your, It Together!" (continued)

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome Sansarae Scott, the Spiritual anchor of Mind Right Radio for the 1st time to “Get Your, It Together!” on Saturday January 24, 2015 at 10:am est. She is a very creative and dynamic force behind 3rdeyeactivation.com. GodIs L aka LaKenta will, in her inaugural role, be the sole host for the interview and chop-it-up with this consciously aware, spiritual adept, lightning rod of love wisdom. Sansarae states that her mission is to offer information and services to help those evolving spiritually, with enlightenment being the goal of the Soul and is happy to play a small part in the journey of ascension. Many of her goods and services can be found on 3rdeyeactivation.com, where this very powerful sage has developed for market, her very own brand of energetic healing soaps, oils and high frequency infused stones, just to name a few. On her site you can find articles with information on acquiring techniques for spiritual development, occult, chakra and third eye activation as well. There are also meditative rituals, online workshops, personal readings and YouTube videos for spiritual enhancement. Be sure to tune in to what is sure to be an impactful episode, with this highly charged beam of light, for part II of our 1st forum on “The Unconditional Love Factor,“ with F.E.A.R. being an integral part of the evolutionary process of Hue-Man Beings. So, let’s continue in the "Get Your, It Together!" tradition of affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is!  Call 773-897-6555 for questions, shared comments live on air, or chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit .

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