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    Audio Blog: Caring for Mom: Assisted Living, Hospice and Me

    in Health

    This blog is in addition to my radio show.  It is my journey with my Mother since she had he stoke one yeear ago.  It is about my experience dealing with the world of geriatric care, assisted living, nursing home, hospice and my mother's personal care aides.  I hope it will provide insight and valuable information that can help someone else on this journey

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    Mayo Clinic Radio: Choosing Senior Care/Parasitic Wonders/Mouse Avatars

    in News

    Choosing long-term care for a loved one ... or yourself ... can be a difficult decision. The level of care, the cost and the physical surroundings all must be considered. Mayo Clinic geriatric specialist Dr. Paul Takahashi offers guidance on how to evaluate long-term care facilities and services. Also on the program, parasitologist Dr. Bobbi […]

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    What Happens to Your Pets if You Become Disabled?

    in Pets

    All My Children Wear Fur Coats with Peggy Hoyt

    Special Guest - Theresa Barton of Guardian Care & Geriatric Services

    On this show, Peggy and Theresa will discuss tragedies that can happen if you have not planned for your disability when you have a pet. Attorney Peggy Hoyt, will give you tips on how to make sure your pet is included in your estate plan. Theresa Barton will discuss her perpetual care program and how it works.

    All My Children Wear Fur Coats explores options and alternatives for creating a lasting legacy for your pet. Pets share our day-to-day struggles, adventures and special moments, they love us unconditionally, help reduce stress and even enhance longevity. For all these reasons and so many more, you should explore all of the planning alternatives for ensuring your pet’s future and protecting your legacy. Pets are not our whole lives but they make our lives whole.

    Estate planning attorney and animal advocate, Peggy Hoyt, practices in the areas of family wealth and legacy counselling, including trust and estate planning, estate administration, elder law, small business creation, succession and exit planning, real estate and animal law. In addition to her law degree, she serves as a certified FINRA Arbitrator and is also a Florida Circuit Court Mediator concentrating in family business, estate administration, and pet dispute resolution issues. Peggy taught Animal Law as an adjunct professor with Barry University College of Law.


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    When a Geriatric Care Manager Can Help

    in Family

    Ursula Shaner, professional Geriatric Care Manager, talks about when a geriatric care manager can help families to determine whether a parent is safe in the home and what kinds of supports they need to help them live successfully.
    Ursula Shaner holds a BSN, RN from St. Louis University Nursing School and Care Manager Certified (CMC) designation from the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.  She has been a nursing instructor at Jewish Hospital School of Nursing and St. Louis University and a staff nurse at St. Anthony's Medical Center.  She worked as a nurse coordinator at LSS Hidden Lake Senior Residence.  She has had her own Geriatric Care Management company named Elder Support Services since 2002. 
    She serves on the Board of Directors of VOYCE (formerly the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program) and is a member of the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.
    Website to visit to find a Geriatric Care Manager in your area:
    For other helpful links, visit the www.caringforparentstogether.com website.
    Ms. Shaner is on the Board of the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program in St. Louis now named VOYCE.  Visit them at:
    Elder Support Services

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    Aging With Wealth And Grace: How To Prepare For Your Senior Years

    in Women

    if you live long enough, you will be a Senior Citizen. It's inevitable, yet most people don't plan for it. No one should still be struggling financially as an elder, yet many do because they fail to plan and therefore doom themselves to a poverty existence in their later years. Financial advisor Janet Derrick shares tips on how to age with wealth and grace


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    Tips from a Geriatric Care Manager on Senior Home Care Options

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to Doris Haas, a Certified Professional Geriatric Care Manager, and the Owner and Founder of Atlas Care Management, about residential housing options for seniors.

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    Virtual Dementia Tour for Family Caregivers

    in Health

    eCareDiary will speak to P.K Beville, geriatric specialist, author and founder of Second Wind Dreams about her research-based Virtual DementiaTour, an experiential toolkit designed to help family caregivers move from sympathy to empathy and better understand the behaviors of their loved ones.

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    Authoress Cali Shares with Authoress Shadress Denise on Lets Talk Urban

    in Books

    AUTHORESS CALI-Born December 10th 1970. I have overcome many challenges. With a degree in business administration. I have gained control of life's obstacles by maintaining my focus on education. I currently hold a certification in substance abuse and domestic violence counseling, working with at risk youth, homeless, and geriatric adults.
    I am presently continuing my education within the healthcare field as I enjoy helping people of all diversities. I have had a love for writing from a very young age through poetry, short stories, and inspirational post. Throughout this journey we call life I have smiled, cried, prayed and continued to know that through faith, persistence, and love I can and will achieve anything Imaginable.
    I hold dear to my heart an empathy for our youth and older adults. While writing is an outlet for the many things that may occur from day to day it is also my way of telling life's day-to-day sorrows, laughs, and memories.

     STOP BY AND LOVE HER PAGE ON FACEBOOK:     https://www.facebook.com/authoresscali


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    Geriatric AIDS and HIV

    in Health

    We discuss alternative treatments for incurable medical conditions, spiritual healing, dietary changes, nutrition, holistic and herbal products and inspiring testimonies.

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    Inspirational Talk with Toneal

    in Self Help

    Join me as I interview author of Morsels of Truth: Live, Love & Laugh in the Lord, Sylvia Grimes-Myrie.

    About the Book:

    The result of a daily word of encouragement text ministry, this 60 day journal takes the reader on a journey of self-examination. Each day, Author Sylvia Grimes-Myrie incorporates biblical messages with practical knowledge and wisdom to lead the reader to a better sense of themselves. Strongly believing that a spiritual relationship can positively impact one's life, Sylvia provides encouragement and inspiration with each morsel.

    About the Author:

    Sylvia Grimes-Myrie was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She is a devoted wife, mother, grandmother, and woman of God. For over 20 years, Sylvia worked as a Licensed Practical Nurse with a specialization in psychiatric, geriatric, pediatric, hospice, and dispensing nursing. Now retired, she prides herself in being able to offer assistance to others through her words via books and blog: http://www.morselsoftruthbysylviagm.blogspot.com/

    For more on Sylvia, or to purchase a copy of her book, visit: www.morselsoftruth.com

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    Robert Porter, Canine Physical Rehabilitation Treatment Supervisor

    in Pets

    Robert Porter is the physical rehabilitation treatment supervisor at MedVet Mandeville and has been on staff since 2006.

    Robby has worked in canine rehabilitation since 1998 and is looked at by his peers as one of the pioneers in his field. He has a strong knowledge base in kinesiology and a great interest in positive training approaches to therapeutic exercises. His MedVet patients from the gulf coast region not only benefit from his exercises but also love to perform them for him.

    Robby has studied gait analysis using slow motion cameras which has helped develop many exercises used all over the world today. His many self-produced “How To” canine exercise videos help spread this knowledge and have helped others develop their skills as therapists.

    Robby Porter is also one of MedVet’s Media Managers, writing as well as creating visual content for our social media.

    Just like humans, pets may need rehabilitation after an accident or medical procedure, or to help manage a chronic condition.

    MedVet Rehabilitation practitioners provide effective and personalized physical rehabilitation using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to maximize the opportunity for full recovery. MedVet Rehabilitation Practitioners have completed advanced training in veterinary physical rehabilitation.

    Many pets respond well to rehabilitation, including those with orthopedic, neurologic and medical conditions. We also use rehabilitation to help pets live a more complete and active life by providing geriatric support, obesity management and athletic conditioning.

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