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    Episode #60: Using Geoscience in Support of Marine Corps Operations

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    Our guest is Master Sergeant Kari L. Hubler, United States Marine Corps, who has been an enlisted specialist in the field of meteorology and oceanography for the past 17 years. While most of her career has been spent in operational forecasting, she currently serves as a curriculum developer and trainer at the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Professional Development Center in Gulfport, Mississippi. She also serves as the Marine Corps liaison to the Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command for training and education.The appearance of advertising on this Web site, does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense, of the products or services advertised on this site.

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    Unlimited Life - Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, Cellular QM Healer

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    Join Host Nicole Brandon for 90 minutes at 4 PM Eastern.

    Host Nicole Brandon is one of the most sought after speakers in the world today. From Health, and Wellness to Wealth and Ultimate Success her seemingly unlimited well of information is simply mind boggling.

    Please visit Nicole's website:


    Nicole's Guest: Dr. Anastasia Chopelas, Cellular QM Healer

    Dr. Anastasia Chopelas is the founder of the Diamond Healing Method, a sophisticated healing technique that includes molecular and vibrational healing, nutrition, herbal medicine, fitness, and lifestyle.

    After completing a Master’s in Geoscience at Caltech, Dr. Chopelas graduated from UCLA with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. She spent the following thirty-eight years in geophysical research at numerous prestigious institutions.

    She studied Reiki and became a Reiki Master. Dr. Chopelas studied psychic phenomenon, shiatsu, reflexology, and acupressure to heal emotional distress, physical dis-ease, and spiritual unrest.  She trained with a master healer, who taught her to target healing energy effectively and tailor protocols to the individual – which significantly shifted the health of every client she has worked with.

    Now, blazing a new trail via The Diamond Method, Anastasia has helped hundreds of people move out of dis-ease and has written two books: “Get Rid of Bad Cholesterol”, and “Get Rid of Bad Stress”, both practical guides for regaining your health and getting off medications.



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    Energy talk with Caleb

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    Earth as powersource and processor ...

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    Burning Your Bridges by Dr. Keith Yearwood

    in Lifestyle

    The greatest gift you can give to yourself is to be honest with yourself. Dr. Yearwood, a geoscientest from the University of Maryland, demonstrates experientially the great value of Burning Your Bridges.

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