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    The Knowledge Show Live Featuring Gabriella Kovak and Kevin Kraft

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    Topic 1: Birthday Shout Outs and Updates

    Topic 2: Gabriella Kovak, Author of Georgina Holocaust Survival Stories, is our guest tonight to tell her story of overcoming the odds no matter the situation. Join the conversation at 640p

    Topic 3: Kevin Kraft, Author of Doboro the Bottlenecker, is our guest tonight to tell us about the beginning of his trilogy. I predict this will become a comic book or tv series. It is a great read. Join the conversation with the crew at 745p

    Topic 4: Journey Through the Bible with Malik Shakur. We will continue our journey with Exodus 5-7.

    Topic 5: Final Thoughts

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    Please join Host and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist LESLEY MITCHELL-CLARKE and Co-Host/Experiencer/Contactee WES ROBERTS as they eplore all things UFOlogy-related (and beyond!) with the help of the worlds foremost experts - including authors, scientists, archaeologists, ancient astronaut theorists, nuclear physicists, MUFON Field Investigators, trance-channellers, Experiencers, remote viewers and MORE!!  Throughout December, we will be airing "BEST OF CONTACT" episodes, selected from the past five years of fascinating and ground-breaking programmes!

    On this evening's "CONTACT" we will be airing an episode featuring an in-depth interview with Author, Teacher, Clinician and foremost expert on Past Life/Interlife Regression - DR. GEORGINA CANNON.  As we will not be broacasting "LIVE" this evening, we will not be able to take Listener calls, and the "CONTACT CHAT ROOM" will not be open.



  • The Michael Dresser Show

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    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Carol Blackman: Author of the upcoming book, "Truth and Love: Finding the Soul of the Sixties," http://www.moretosayfromsf.com

    Laura L. Barry: Author of "The Center of Me: The Journey to Finding Your Inner Coach," http://www.LauraBarry.org

    Gabriella Kovac: Author of "Georgina, Holocaust Survivor Stories," http://www.gabriellakovac.com

    Dr. Jim Roach, M.D.: Author of "God's House Calls: Finding God Through My Patients," http://www.GodsHouseCalls.com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


  • Vulvadynia - What is it? How to treat it?

    in Health

    Vulvodynia, simply put, is chronic vulvar pain without an identifiable cause. The location, constancy and severity of the pain vary among sufferers.

    Please join us in talking with Dr. Lamvu about this complex and often misunderstood condition.

    Dr. Lamvu is Medical Unit Director of Gynecology and Director of the Fellowship in Advanced Gynecologic Disorders and Minimally-Invasive Surgery at Florida Hospital. She serves on the board for the International Pelvic Pain Society and is internationally recognized for promoting research of chronic pelvic pain disorders. Dr. Lamvu and the physicians at Advanced & Minimally Invasive Gynecology offer patients new and advanced treatment options for advanced gynecologic disorders. These include chronic pelvic pain, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, abnormal bleeding and benign pelvic masses such as fibroids and ovarian cysts.  This advanced gynecology practice is located in the Health Village by Florida Hospital Orlando.

  • 2,730 Years...and Counting!

    in Religion

    Dr. Georgina Perdomo of the Etz Yoseph Project will be Gene's guest on this week's installment of "2,730 Years...and Counting!"  She will be discussing the progress that has been made over the last few years in the DNA research that she and her husband have spearheaded.  If you've ever wondered if your DNA could yield evidence of the Hebrew ancestry that your heart so strongly advocates, you need to hear what Dr. Perdomo has to say.  She will discuss the discoveries in this area, as well as the limitations of DNA research.  She will also talk about the petition that will be presented to the Israeli government during the imminent Feast of Tabernacles requesting the opportunity to extract some DNA from the bones of the Patriarchs to enhance this project!  You will have the opportunity to ask her your own questions...

  • Workshop Wednesdays Business Radio

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    Workshop Wednesdays with Host Tony Gambone and His Guest Gabriella Kovac & Scott Hansen:

    Gabriella Kovac was born in Hungary, just after the Second World War had drawn to a close. She lived through the Hungarian uprising against the Communists in 1956, and remember vividly Russian tanks under our bedroom window. Through the genius of her mother Georgina. Her family managed to to leave the Communist block and come to Australia in 1957. She is an experienced public speaker, fashion designer and cook through out her life she has been inspired by her mother's amazing tenacity on outsmarting the Nazis and Communists and winning!. Her zest for life motivated me to write Georgina Holocaust stories.

    Scott Hansen - Empowering People to Play Bigger in Life and Business..
    I help these business owners get new clients, increase sales, and double their bottom line. As the CEO of Scott Hansen Consulting, I coach entrepreneurs and business owners on how to find their purpose and monetize their passion....I help these business owners get new clients, increase sales, and double their bottom line. -Have membership/group FB coaching program: Success Blueprint on Demand - Private 1 on 1 coaching program.


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    Director of "Older than America" Georgina Lightning on Indigenous Injustice

    in Culture

    Wednesday, March 4, 6pm EST:  Tonight's show is about Paradigm Shifts, highlighting the upcoming Film & Music Festival at Baruch Theater for the Performing Arts and focusing on the use of art and media for educating people en masse about issues that have been long too dormant and buried from public view and discourse.  Georgina Lightning, director of Older Than America with Bradley Cooper and Adam Beach.

    She is an outspoken advocate of North American aboriginal causes.

    Nancy Rhodes, founder of Encompass Opera and the Paradigm Shifts Film & Music Festival will be part of discussion as well.

    Listen on-line at www.abetterworld.tv or by phone! 602 753-1860

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    Stop Child Abuse Now (SCAN) - 1111

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    Tonight's special guest is Georgina Capetillo from Astoria Queens, New York, a survivor of child abuse who's Hoping to become a resource for adult survivors who have been (or in some cases, are) abused by their stepparent. Georgina founder of Adult Survivors of Step-family Abuse (ASSA) a support network for people who have been abused by step-family during their childhood. As Howard University alumni, she was awarded a B.A in Philosophy and Political Science. Georgina completed her graduate studies at University of Massachusetts in 2013 with a concentration on Conflict Resolution. She is also the founder and president of Secular Common Ground, a dispute resolution think tank for secular issues. Her specialties include gender equality, humanist ethics, human rights, mental health, secularism, immigration, feminism and civil justice. StepNet seeks to reconcile issues regarding stepchildren. The goals are to support survivors of stepfamily abuse and offer conflict resolution education to stepfamilies and support for adult survivors of stepfamily abuse and hardship. StepNet covers many bases. "This organization aims to support mainly adult survivors of stepparent abuse or hardship," writes Georgina. "It is a problem we all have heard of, but it is seldom addressed. I aim to create a community of people with similar experiences and welcome supporters to join the cause. As of now StepNet offers resources that address mental health issues due to abuse / hardship and a discussion forum. StepNet is in it's beginning stage but our future goals are provide a hotline, conduct research on stepfamily abuse/hardship and become a strong support group."

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    Your Voice Your Time (episode 7) Nancy B & Georgina D

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    Join us tonight when our guests will be, Nancy Brown of Full Moon Farms, Black Mountain, N.C. and Georgina from Yamnuska Sanctuary in Alberta, as we explore the world the world of rescue. Wolves and dogs with wolf heritage in general tend to be of the most sensitive of canines. We will ponder on such things as: What are the risks of giving up such an animal to rescue? What are the animals chances of being rehomed successfully due to the higher likelihood of the nature of such animal/animals? What are the liabilities legally/emotionally of taking on animals that may never be adoptable? How do we prevent such an animal from being put into rescue?

    we shall also delve into the controversial topic of canine suicide...animals that are so sensitive tha they shut down and slowly kill themselves.

    Please feel free to call in and join us at the table on this weeks show.


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    "CONTACT with Lesley Mitchell-Clarke"

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    On this Sunday's fascinating episode of CONTACT, we will welcome back noted, award-winning author, clinician, educator, practicing Master Hypnotist, NLP Master and foremost Past Life/Interlife Regressionist DR. GEORGINA CANNON.  Dr. Cannon's most recent book, RETURN AGAIN (Red Wheel Wiser) has received rave reviews, and is considered  to be one of the most significant books on the subjects of  Past Life and Inter-Life Regression.  For further information, please log on to www.georginacannon.com.


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    "The Organic Industry" And, Delicious Food

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    Welcome to the News Research & Communication program with Host Br. Sherman. His guest is Vicki Morrone at Michigan State University's Center for Regional Food System.  She has experience with good organic soil health, crop rotation and sound integrated pest management. We also have Sr. Georgina, Br. Terrance, and Sr. Intisar sharing rich, delicious foods, on Saturday March 21, 2015 at 8:00pm-Eastern time. To enter the studio call in at 347-945-5454 or to enter the chatroom http://www.blogtalkradio