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    Mike Pierson George S. Patton Museum Tanks, Firetrucks,Vase

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    This show was prerecorded 8-14-14 and is being broadcast today Friday August 15, 2014

    We were on the way home Texas and had to stop in and say hi to Mike Pierson, General Manager of the Museum. Last February I donated a flag to the Museum that had been literally around the world in Honor of General George S. Patton. I wanted to stop in and see how things were going, any updates on the Museum, see if my name was on the three walls of honor. So we spent about a half telling and sharing stories. Mike was kind enough to fly my LA Maritime Museum Flag over the museum, show me the various tanks in the yard. I discovered there is one Fire truck and a Russian Battle tank converted into a firefighting / Riot control vehicle that found its way from Afghanistan to the US forest service to the Patton Museum. My Favorite story is the VASE so you will have to listen to the show, however it is a GREAT Story.

    I would strongly ENCOURAGE anyone travelling the I-10 to stop at Chiriaco Summit, see the Museum AND eat at the Chiriaco Summit Café. The Museum is top-Notch, the food at the Café is wonderful. I personally recommend the Patton Burger.

    IF you are a Veteran Regardless of service I cannot recommend highly enough stop in and enjoy.

    I want to say THANK YOU to Mike and his staff and to Margit, CEO of Chiriaco Summit and her family and staff for their service and their help 

    You can find the orginal show # 86 at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/s3production/2014/02/08/flag-dedication-at-george-s-patton-museum






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    George S. Patton, Afghanistan, Northwood Memorial

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    Today I am at the Northwood Memorial and Gratitude Park in Irvine CA.

    I am taking some pictures of my George S. Patton with the Sentinels of those fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan. I wanted to tell a story about Luxembourg, George S. Patton and Afghanistan. I am donating this flag to the Patton Museum on Feb 8. 2014.  I visited the memorial in November 2013 when I shipped 2 flags to Afghanistan via welcomehomemilitaryheros.org and "Operation Crazy Horse. I brought my original retirement flag to the memorial because.

    As always I invite all to Listen and thank you

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    flag dedication at George S. Patton Museum

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    (86) http://www.blogtalkradio.com/s3production/2014/02/08/flag-dedication-at-george-s-patton-museum

    Today my flag and I culminate a 1 year trip across Europe, over Oceans, across the deserts and even Across Los Angeles CA. My Flag has been the subject of radio shows and the topic of several conversations. My Flag is a being dedicated and donated to the George S. Patton Museum at Chiriaco Summit California. About a year ago I stopped at the Museum on the way to Texas to see my son and his family, we stopped I ran out of the car, posed with my flag and a picture was taken. A few days Mike Pierson called me and invited me to stop and get it flown for real on the flag pole. About a month or so late an episode of the PBS show “History Detectives “ came on and mentioned Columbus New Mexico and the 1914 raid by Poncho Villa and as a side note the start of Patton’s career in Mechanized Warfare. Also US Army Captain Colin Fulbright was stationed in Europe.

    Intertwined in all this was a co-worker who mentioned that Patton’s Home Church is in San Gabriel California. Thusly the Journey Began. Today the flag is coming to a new home after flying at battle sites, gravesites, US Air Force Planes, US Army Helicopters, Church sites and state park sites. It is going to flown and retired at the Museum. I have had a lot of fun with this I now to share it with everyone

    I want say thank You to Mike Pierson, Colin Fulbright , Joy des Rosier , Armando Sanchez, William Allen, The Church of our Saviour San Gaberial CA. , Pancho Villa State park NM, The Deming Museum NM. (And the lovey ladies there), Walter Benjamin, Mary Ann Richmond,John Avatefi, and of course my wife who accompanied me on my travels. If I missed anyone please forgive me.  



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    Inside Track with George Najjar

    in Business

    George Najjar, Founder and CEO of Boresha International hosts this monthly show. George interviews the top performers from Boresha’s Customer and Distributor Referral Programs. On this show, these top producers share how they're building their businesses and insights that will help you grow YOUR Boresha business. Boresha is about sharing, caring and growing. Join us here the second Tuesday of each month, 3:00 pm PST/6:00 pm EST, to celebrate with and learn from them.

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    V8 S Series Live

    in Automotive

    This Episode is dedicated to Daddy Dave. We are all pulling for you. Get better soon!

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    in Lifestyle

    The Don S. McClure Show - Our Show Topic for tonight:


    There is a true energy source inside of you. 

    You were born with this amazing power.                                                                                                                     

     But knowing how to tap into this wealth of knowledge and energy, can be a problem.

    What are the true signs that you are not using your full power? 

    How do you know when this power inside is turned on. 

    And most important, when do you use this power in both good and bad situations and decisions. 

    Are you paying attention to other things that have found a way to tap into the power grid?

    While I was in Downtown Indianapolis, Indiana.

    I passed by this sign in front of the City County Building and read how they had found a way to make electricity more affordable.


    It will generate an ESTIMATED (1, 080 Kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.)

    Which is the amount of electricity required to power an AVERAGE HOME for one entire month.

    Why are we not using and directed toward the same power and usage in our own life? 

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    "The Verdict that Changed Amercia Forever: The George Zimmerman Case"

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    A few short years ago, America was turned upside down when George Zimmerman was found Not Guilty of 2nd Degree Murder/Manslaughter. If you missed our classic special on “The Verdict” where we discussed the facts of the case, America’s reaction to the case and where we as a community go moving forward in regards to the healing process, tune into “The Dedan Tolbert Show” TONIGHT at 9:00pm EST for a rebroadcast. Whether you agreed with the verdict or not, please join us for a discussion on the Stand Your Ground Law, as well as the definition of Reasonable Doubt by calling 646 200 0366 or listen online worldwide at www.dedantolbertshow.com.... “REAL Radio that Matters for Over 10 Years”.

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    in Religion


    Join Coach Zipporah Patton on Saturday's from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., "Possessing the Land," Where panelist from many walks of life testify and share their success stories, education and inspiration with listeners. 

    Topics include; Biblical Truth, Family, Health, Wellness, Real Estate, Finance, and much more!!!


    Being a Real Estate entrepreneur utilizing biblical truth as I journey through life, I am convinced that as we continue to provide you with the necessary information to be successful and educated you can posses God's promises. 


    When God said, "Go in and Possess the Land to Israel". (Deut 1:8) This promise was fulfilled, Yet our heavenly Father still confirms a much greater promise to those who are in Christ Jesus and called according to his purpose (Mark 10:28-31) 

    Coach Zipporah Patton

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Discussion on how to Heal.  Wisdome Word and Prayer.

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    PMP: Nature's Child - Cernunnos Rising's George Nicholas

    in Spirituality

    George Nichols, singer/songwriter, musician, artist, and Druid of Many Trades, will be joining KaliSara and RevKess for another uproarious conversation about music, life in the British Isles, and how one's spirituality can and will effect your art - whatever type of art that is.

    Cernunnos Rising has recently released their third album, Nature's Child. Like Wild Soul and Urban Druid before it, Nature's Child embraces George's Druid path and leads the listener into a deeper understanding of that path and encourages the listener to take a journey with both the music and their own soul.

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    Curious Times – Numerologist Carol Patton, Your Number Forecast

    in Spirituality

    Tonight Carol and I will discuss numerology and how it can be useful in your day to day life. This is a non-reading show, but we will be happy to take calls from folks who have questions about numerology. 

    Carol Patton has studied Numerology for a long time and feels it’s her duty to help people co-exist peacefully and get through life. She does not feel life is about material possessions, but rather, it’s about embracing each other.

    Carol uses Numerology to help people understand what their purpose in life is, why there are here and why things are happening.

    For a personal reading please visit http://www.yournumberforecast.info

    To contact the host: www.curioustimes.ca or https://www.facebook.com/curioustimesradio