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    The Death of Cardinal Francis George of Chicago...

    in Entertainment

    Gwyneth Paltrow Fail.
    Cardinal Francis George, the man.
    The fight for fifteen.
    I'm on Amazon
    Smart Quiz Question/What year did the Chicago Cubs sign their first black player?
    Hilary Needs a progessive challenge.
    Episode 67.

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    Inside Track with George Najjar

    in Business

    George Najjar, Founder and CEO of Boresha International hosts this monthly show. George interviews the top performers from Boresha’s Customer and Distributor Referral Programs. On this show, these top producers share how they're building their businesses and insights that will help you grow YOUR Boresha business. Boresha is about sharing, caring and growing. Join us here the second Tuesday of each month, 3:00 pm PST/6:00 pm EST, to celebrate with and learn from them.

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    Go-To Market Challenges for HR Technologies with guest George LaRocque

    in Technology

    Talent Talk Tuesdays Welcomes George LaRocque in the Studio to discuss Go-To Market Challenges for Technology and How HR Professionals can Best Evaluate Solutions

    Technomedia hosts Talent Talk Tuesdays - we'll chat with George LaRocque about pressing issues facing new and evolving technologies in HR. In addition, we'll discuss best practices for tech evaluation and help HR professionals determine which solutions are best for their organizations.  

    George is the operator and organizer of the InfluenceHR conference where vendors marketing and selling to the HR Buyer learn to transform their marketing strategy. Working exclusively in the Human Capital Management marketplace with technology and service vendors, George focuses on go-tomarket, product positioning, sales strategy, and brand performance. 


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    JobsiteTalk & George LaRocque - Technology for the Jobseeker

    in Jobs

    Last 5 Years: Which Technology Has Changed "How We Find a Job" the Most and Why   - Episode 2 
    Jobsite Talk explores job search technology and how the jobseeker can benefit from it.  
    Rayanne Thorn will chat with George LaRocque about how technology has changed how we search for jobs.  Last 5 Years: Which Technology Has Changed "How We Find a Job" the Most and Why by George addresses five key changes to job search technology.  This conversation will help the jobseeker understand the basis of each tech and how to benefit. 
    If you are unfamiliar with any of the terms listed below, you may want to listen in
    Veritcal Search and Job Aggregation Social Networking and Online Communities Semantic Search Twitter and Social Media Management Mobile Technology George and Rayanne will discuss these different techs and what they mean for job search.  
    The Twitter Deets:
    George LaRocque @GLaRocque Rayanne Thorn @Ray_anne Jobsite.com @JobsiteUS

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    Live Rock Solid (Joey LaRocque)

    in Sports

    RockSolid is committed to making football safer and more enjoyable for everyone. Seeing a major void in player safety in so-called "non-contact" play, former NFL players have come together and designed the first head protection ever made specifically for flag football and high school off-season practice. We believe there's no such thing as "non-contact" football, and we're here to make the game as safe as parents and players expect it to be. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest information on player safety, and to get updates on our efforts to protect the players and protect the game!

    RockSolid was founded by former NFL players Joey LaRocque and Caleb Hanie. During their playing days, Joey and Caleb saw many head injuries during flag football play, as well as during “non-contact" drills, and 7on7. When they retired from the NFL, Joey and Caleb knew this issue needed to be addressed immediately. Joey and Caleb designed this product to fill a significant void in player safety among our nation’s youth. It is our mission to make sure every child in the country is properly protected.

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    Just Breath w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Great Conversation about how to not be anxious for anything!

    Scripture and prayer to refill you and fortify you!

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Great Conversation about the healing promises of God!  Did you know that God can, is willing to, and in most cases already has healed your finances!  Say what!?!  Tune in!  Don't miss your blessing!

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Discussion on how to Heal.  Wisdome Word and Prayer.

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    Healing School w/ Dorothea George

    in Motivation

    Great Conversations about the healing promises of God!  Getting your "Believe" right!

    Guest;  James Cannon

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    Mr George Nyendwa- Lusaka Mayor

    in Current Events

    Mr George Nyendwa was elected as Mayor of Lusaka on March 3, 2015 taking over the realms from late president's son Mulenga Sata. Mr Nyendwa was Chaisa Ward 20 Councilor and is said to be the longest serving Councilor in the city of Lusaka. He apparently won without any opposition and pledged to work with his colleagues, and particularly pledged to address the scourge of street vending in the city streets. Mayor Nyendwa will share his numerous years of service as a councilor, how he envisions Lusaka's immediate and long term needs, how does he intend to alleviate the traffic congestion and perpetual population growth which the current infrastructure cannot sustain any further? Join us for this long awaited discussion as we hear from the top leader of Zambia's capital and largest city.

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