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    Pt 1: 2015 - Weirdest Year of News Yet | Pt 2: Geology and the Bible

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    Rick tells us why he thinks 2015 is the winner of the Year of the Weirdest News Headlines. In Part 2, petroleum geologist Dr. Billy Caldwell talks about his book Geology in the Bible.

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    Neil Haley interviews Dr. Peter Ward, Scientist and Expert on Ozone Depletion

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    Dr. Peter Ward worked 27 years with the United States Geological Survey as a research geophysicist, branch chief, and program manager.  For 27 years, Dr. Ward studied volcanoes, earthquakes, plate tectonics, and regional geology and as a leader in developing the U.S. National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program. He chaired a committee for The White House, testified before Congress, worked on a committee with former VP al Gore, and published over 50 scieintific papers. He retired in 1998 and has devoted his time to resolve egnimatic questions on global warming.  Please visit his website for extensive factual information on this subject.  www.ozonedepletiontheory.info 

    Dr. Ward is based in Jackson, Wyoming.  He has even given a TED Talk, and looks forward to speaking on ozone depletion to both the Governor of Wyoming and to the Geological Society. 


    Contact: peward@wyoming.com 

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    THE GREAT FLOOD : Archeaology, Geology and the Bible Pt. 2

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    The Great Flood spoken of in Genesis 6 is not a topic that's been debated for millinea or centuries...the argument against it is a fairly young one in the overall history of man. It is european science and atheism that has brought this into question so we're going to slowly look at evidence and see what we find.

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    THE GREAT FLOOD : Archeaology, Geology and the Bible Pt. 1

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    The Great Flood spoken of in Genesis 6 is not a topic that's been debated for millinea or centuries...the argument against it is a fairly young one in the overall history of man. It is european science and atheism that has brought this into question so we're going to slowly look at evidence and see what we find.

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    September - November Predictions With Rebecca

    in Spirituality

    Do you feel that something is about to happen? Do you sense that it is going to be rather large? Rebecca channels the angels and she is going to speak on what they have shared. These next 60 days are going to be very interesting period of time for us and it may bevery challenging for the entire world. One could say that this is going to be a wake up call for the world. We will speak on the state of the economy, the world, mother nature and geology. I feel that this short period of time is going to be very interesting with the huge possibility of seeing things to a magnitude of the likes that we have never seen in modern times. We already know that the largest El Nino ever seen is forming in the Pacific which usually means a lot of stroms for the west? Join Rebecca and Steven as they offer insight in the coming times.

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    IndieReview BTS spotlight Cogs in Time 3 Anthology! Author Timothy Black

    in Entertainment

    ~~Hello Everyone! My name is Michelle Cornwell Jordan, I am your host! 

    ~~The definition of Maverick is an unorthodox or independent-minded person.

    Also called a TrailBlazer! I have the pleasure of chatting with one of these "Thinking Outside The Box Artists"  Author Timothy Black one of the authors of the Cogs in Time 3 Anthology!( Steamworks Ink publishing). #ReleaseDayOctober07th!

    Timothy Black: Born a modern-day nomad in the Deep South, Timothy Black wandered through most of the southern United States in an attempt to find his life, love, and home. After studying Geology, Astronomy, and the Occult, he found himself with a degree in Philosophy and a habit of writing odd things. A serial killer of coffee and whiskey sours, he has since found his den in the Pacific Northwest with two raucous bird ladies that peck him when he gets too far out of line. That's a whole lot of beaking.

    Timothy is also an Award-winning author and popular podcaster and Steampunk-Horror author published under Blysster Press ... with werewolves!

    Contact: http://timothy-black.com/


  • Predictions September through November with Rebecca

    in Spirituality

    Join Steven as he talks with Rebecca Steiger a channel for the angels. We will be discussing the next three months and global events. We have three super full moons in a row which is extremely unusual never been recorded before. Super moons affect tides and techtonics with greater pull. There is also a super El Nino forming in the Pacific which affects our weather greatly the size of this one also has never been seen beofre. Things are beginning to increase in our world as change is coming in how we may live and operate. We will be discussing things like the global economy, Mother Nature, and of course geology and lastly the human and our experiences. Where are we headed? What are we going to become? It has been predicted that our reality is going to shift and is known as the "Shift of the Ages" I feel that it is very near. Join in the conversation by calling in 718-664-9735. If you would like to contribute please do.

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    TJ Morris 's Era Cop Magazine w/Psychic Archaeologist - Dr. L. Shandon

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    Dr. La'Urie Shandon Ph.D. in Archaeology/Geology, & Psychic Expert's Investigative Reporting (APE) of Colorado Springs, Colorado. USA. Dr. Shandon is also a musician and goes by Laurie Rose as her stage name. La'urie is Irish and Shandon is French according to Laurie Rose the very fun and outoing Psychic Archaeologist.

    Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris will begin the Fall Season 2015 for the TJ Morris ET Radio Show. Theresa began doing PodCast with Blog Talk Radio June 3, 2012 with the launch of the TJ Morris ET Radio Show. Theresa returns to Thursday Night to continue supporting her friends of the Education Research Association Community Online People's  Press. Theresa will share various topics dealing in Parapsychology each week to include the Paranormal and Ascension Center Education wtih Alien Contact Organization on Saturday. eracop.com

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    10 Steps To Detoxification With Dr. Janet Starr Hull

    in Health

    Dr. Janet Starr Hull visits Perfectly Healthy And Toned Radio to chat about essential steps for detoxification.

    Janet Starr Hull has a very diverse background with academic degrees and experience in geology, international geography, environmental science, fitness training and nutrition. She is an OSHA Certified Environmental Hazardous Waste Emergency Response Specialist and Toxicologist, a former firefighter and college professor.

    In 1991, Dr. Hull had an unexpected change in career after she was diagnosed with “incurable” Grave’s Disease. Through diligent research and her thorough understanding of toxicity, she later discovered her “Grave’s Disease” was actually aspartame poisoning. She has since worked to inform consumers about the health dangers of artificial sweeteners.

    Dr. Hull’s experiences have provided pieces to a life-long puzzle – the damaging effects of artificial sweeteners. She combined her various skills to form a unique application to natural medicine. Her work is based upon the interrelationships of all sciences as she personally discovered “what works in nature, can surely work in man.”

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    Geology and the Paranormal

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    How can our natural environment affect our investigations? Do certain elements or rock offer false readings? Listen in as our Geology expert, Kimberly Flanagan, explains these phenomena.

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    Dr. Carmen Boulter: The Pyramid Code, Post Series Discoveries

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    The Pyramid Code is a made-for-television documentary series of 5 episodes that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. The series is based on the extensive research done in 25 trips to Egypt and 51 other countries around the world by Dr. Carmen Boulter formerly from the Graduate Division of Educational Research at the University of Calgary in Canada.

    The Pyramid Code features interviews with prominent scholars and authors in multidisciplinary fields (see Cast): geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, bilogical engineering, magnetic field theory, hieroglyphics, and Egyptology. The series explores penetrating questions:

    Who were the ancients and what did they know?
    Could the pyramids be much older than traditional Egyptology would have us believe?
    Could it be that the ancients were more technologically advanced than we are today?

    Dr. Carmen Boulter is a Professor at the University of Calgary in Canada. She teaches in the Graduate Division of Educational Research in the Faculty of Education. She has been researching and writing about the sacred feminine in ancient Egypt and goddesses around the world for 2 decades. Her book, Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world.