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    "Donde Te Ubicas: El Impacto de la Tecnología de Geo"

    in Technology

    El programa será transmitido en vivo el viernes 19 de julio a las 11 a.m. América Central / 12 PM CDT / 13:00 EDT. Llamen durante el programa a (714) 816 - 4717.
    Nuestro programa hoy se llama "Donde Te Ubicas: El Impacto de la Tecnología de GeoLocalizacion”. Tenemos como invitado a Javier Carranza, asesor e investigador en temas de gobierno electrónico y información. 
      Enlaces: http://www.geocensos.com/ http://itc.academia.edu/JavierCarranzaTresoldi/Papers   Vinculos o referencias software o aplicaciones favoritos: www.tripadvisor.com/ https://developers.arcgis.com/ https://maps.google.com www.waze.com/ http://www.mapbox.com/ http://oasispakistan.pk/oasismap.php    

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    Talking GPS and Social Media

    in Social Networking

    Now that mobile is no longer a "how it's going to be one day" and fast becoming "remember when" let's talk about GPS and and how it works into the local and global social scene.
    Do you use GPS for any of your apps? What are your favorite geolocation tools?
    One of my most used and favorite tools is JogTracker. Android only. http://jogtracker.com/

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    in Spirituality

    Alert to all Truth Seekers have you ever wanted to know the underlining Truth to all reality? Do you feel like you are on the cusp of being complete but still one step away? This is now your time. Join me your host Sevan and my guest Willem De Swart for a explosive revelation on a tightly kept secret in regards to Numbers as Archetypes and how our entire existence functions on a sequence that when fully discovered frees you from the bonds of duality and unities you with the circle of the infinite.
    Topics discussed:
    The Exact way to dissolve the Illusion. Power up and never short circuit again.
    The Role of Planet Earth and The High Priestess Warrior Virgin
    Misconceptions of the Phi Ratio.
    How the five becomes a straight line and of course how to work beyond the confusion.
    The true number that symbolizes energy by proven facts.
    Geolocation of the Planets - Learn what country represents what Planet (!)
    More and More and More this show is guaranteed to blow your mind. You won't want to delay hearing this...

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    You need to know about Data Privacy w/ Shaun Dakin, Fellow,

    in Business

    If you are developing web or mobile applications, data privacy and security are front and center, particularly in 2011. Washington, DC, both the White House and Congress, is extremely interested in doing "something" about protecting the privacy of consumers. In May alone there were 3 hearings in Congress on privacy, data breaches, and mobile geolocation.
    Shaun Dakin, MBA is a social media expert who specializes in brand building, management and marketing, and issues surrounding public/ private information. He started a non-profit, The National Political Do Not Contact Registry, in 2007 to fight for voter’s privacy rights and to fight against those evil political robocalls.  In the space of a year he took the organization from a start-up to over 200,000 members and he became the spokesperson for voter privacy throughout the nation.   During that time he testified in the US Senate, was on CNN, MSNBC, NPR, XM Radio, NBC, CBC, and ABC.  He is most proud of helping to introduce the Robocall Privacy Act with Senator Feinstein. Twitter: @ShaunDakin @PrivacyCamp @IsCool   Hosts: Cindy F. Solomon @cindyfsolomon w /Adrrienne Tan @brainmates   http://www.prodmgmttalk.com @prodmgmttalk

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    Dennis Mink from FootFeed

    in Internet

    We we able to catch up with Dennis Mink from the multi-check in service, FootFeed on this episode. He offers insightful information on the future of geolocation services. You won't want to miss a single minute of this interview jam packed full of mild blowing information. Could Google be the network that flexes it's geolocation muscle? Stay tuned to Tech in Twenty: Technology News That You Can Use Today.

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    IE Radio/Steve Coast, founder, OpenStreetMap

    in Technology

    Entrepreneur Steve Coast founded geo-location company OpenStreetMap in 2004 as a "free editable map of the world" based on a user wiki. His second venture, CloudMade, has already raised over $15 million. Coast will discuss successful models for crowdsourcing, wikis, and geo-location data, as well as the challenge of competing head to head with Google.

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    CU Water Cooler Liquid Lunch

    in Finance

    Morriss Partee and Gene Blishen will discuss current geolocation apps and discuss the potential uses in the credit union world. Join us for some brainstorming!

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    Limor Schafman Presents: Gregg Smith, CEO of Acuity Mobile, Speaks on Mobile Advertising

    in Technology

    Mobile advertising has been a hoped for, believed in, just around the corner about to happen phenomenon for the past 5 years. Now we have a down economy in which advertising is usually the first revenue stream to diminish (to put it mildly). So what is the reality of mobile advertising? What works? What are consumers willing to accept? And where are advertisers putting their money now?

    Join Gregg Smith, CEO of Acuity Mobile (http://acuitymobile.com/)and Limor Schafman as they explore the reality of mobile advertising today.

  • SEO 101 at SES Chicago 2008

    in Internet

    SEO 101 is on location at SES Chicago 2008 to discuss topics including personal and universal search, keywords, geolocation, indexing, ranking, and more with Kate Morris of New Edge Media, Dave Snyder of Search and Social and more.