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    Geo Politics and The New Financial System

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    Discussion of geo political events.

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    My Win Vs Geo Zavala Shocked the World I Bet

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    Listen to the full Story on How the Fight Happened and here is the Full Fight How I Destroyed Geo Zavala with ease a tv fighter with knockout power whos a super heavyweight thats clearly in his prime i not only proved the delusional haters wrong with this Victory I completely erased these people thier sick mentally ill sadistic bastards that troll online. what can those tards say now ? what can hbo say now ? what can deontay wilder say now ? what can showtime say now ? what can dana white say now ? what the fuck is the ufc tuff-n-uff ? wtf is all that i sure showed em whos the toughest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIKpK4owg0

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    Charlie Zelenoff Embarrased Geo Zavala on video

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    I beat the shit out of Geo Zavala On Video Matter Fact I beat a mainstream boxer deontay wilder and a mainstream mma fighter both from the television in the same year 2014. I am the GOAT None other then Charlie Zelenoff #1P4P 

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    NPLFA #123 The Economy and Geo Politics W/ Guest Writer/Historian Ken Schortgen

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    The show promotes and discusses the ideas of true freedom and liberty for all people without the partisan politics. Exposing the government for what it is, a mafia that rules only by the threat of force without concent. The show supports peaceful consentual voluntary relationships.Where the people are not robbed, oppressed, controlled and abused under the threat of force and in many cases actual force is used to force compliance. 

    Governments and it's rulers have no place in the world. I don't want someone else to represent me and make decisions about how I should live my life, when I know what's best for me and can represent myself. I am not a republican, I am not a democrat. I'm not a liberal, I'm not a conservative. I will not allow you to define me, or force me to join one of your gangs. I am an individual and I believe in freedom and liberty for all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation as all human beings have a right to freedom and liberty. I will stand up to government oppression and do what I can to educate the public on the illusion and or lack of true freedom in America.

    Facebook: www.facebook.com/nonpartisanlibertyforall; www.facebook.com/endthegovernmentpolice

    Twitter: @NPLibertyForAll

    email: nonpartisanlibertyforall@gmail.com

    YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/nonpartisanliberty

    Google Plus: Dave Bourne/Non Partisan Liberty for All

    Listen to the archives on ITunes!!

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    Geo-Engineering, Climate Change & HAARP | Dane Wigington

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    Dane is the lead researcher for www.geoengineeringwatch.org and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from chemtrails to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his production of “What in the World are They Spraying” and has appeared on an extensive number of interviews to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level.

    Dane focused his efforts and energy on the geoengineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying as he also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and research into the geoengineering issue about a decade ago.


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    Living & Thriving Gust: Geo Derice, Author, Speaker

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    Geo Derice life mission is to help make sure that the kids of tomorrow don't walk down the road of life aimlessly, but that they know the proven formula that will serve as their personal GPS to ensure their final destination - their dreams are met!

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    #1P4P Charlie Zelenoff Wrecked Geo Zavala What Now "boxrec.com" ???

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    i just knew it from the start that "boxrec.com" was a joke. I exposed them so many times I brutally knocked out floyd mayweather sr I brutally knocked out mike lyubarsky I brutally snapped deontay wilders jaw shall i keep going ? I exposed all of you. and mainstream mma got exposed too I punked chuck liddell in real life and I beat Geo Zavala On video beat the shit out of him with ease shutout lopsided 1 sided Unanimous Decision Win For Me right here on video . you clueless forum bots on "boxrec.com" didnt take my Word for it when i said Im gonna go down In history as the GOAT now your witnessing History the History thatll for ever be cemented Known As Boxing history that Charlie Zelenoff Is #1P4P Of All Time

    @"boxrec.com" that website would make blogs about Me And Hate on Me For No Reason at all pure jealousy i end up winning 69 Fights in the Underground Pros without a single loss Beating Deontay Wilder And Geo Zavala Both on video 2 mainstream fighters that participate in that show bs staged planned choreographed boxing/mma tv fights . they lost to me in Real Battle So what now "boxrec" ????? what did I tell you idiots back when i was a 17 year old kid you clowns didnt take my word for it. now you fucktards see it to believe it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYIKpK4owg0

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    Ask geo

    in Spirituality

    Call in and question geo about his quest, the next step, why he's asking for support, and find out about his plans to help heal the world.

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    Charlie Zelenoff Shocks The World Outboxes Geo Zavala With Ease

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    I Beat Geo Zavala On Points On Video !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im literally #1P4P i proved it and the haters who doubted me are all delusional pschyopaths Charlie Zelenoff Is The Greatest Of All Time 

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    I beat Geo Zavala And Deontay Wilder in the same year Im the GOAT

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    I beat a mainstream boxer and a mainstream mma fighter both in the same year I derailed you haters and i derailed that sham blog known as "boxrec.com" golden boy promotions got exposed the second i bombed on wilder with that left hook and tuff n uff got exposed the second i posted that shutout vs Geo Zavala i destroyed Zavala wasnt even close Im #1P4P Im Unbeatable 68-0 

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    Charlie Zelenoff Outboxes MMA Mainstream Heavyweight Geo Zavala Yesterday

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    1 sided Victory for the GOAT Charlie Zelenoff 20th Win Of 2014 I Am The Greatest i exposed the haters yesterday like never before the haters are beyond repair delusional and deranged since I beat Geo Zavala umm yeah Im the Greatest Of All Time that guy would kill klitschko and wilder. 


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