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    Bert speaks w/ Doug Eastland, Geni Whitehouse, Michel Baudin, Michael Schrage

    in Business

    Michael Schrage research fellow with the MIT Sloan School's Center for Digital Business and visiting fellow at the Imperial College Business School in London. He is also one of the best read and most commented bloggers on the Harvard Business Review site.His latest ebook  is called 'Who Do You Want Your Customers To Become? 

    Geni Whitehouse the “comedian CPA.” A self-proclaimed nerd, former technology executive and CPA firm partner. She is a leader in the accounting profession and has been recognized as a Top 100 Influencer, One of 25 Thought leaders, and one of the Most powerful Women in Accounting. She is the author of “How to Make a Boring Subject Interesting

    Michel Baudin has been consulting since 1987, teaching courses and writing technical books. He intends to keep working with like-minded partners in the Takt Times Group and contributing improvements in the management and technology of manufacturing as a consultant, trainer, and writer 

    Doug Eastland top producing Realtor serving the Central Texas market. Doug has been helping clients buy and sell homes for over 17 years. Doug is also a best selling author on real estate with his newly released book "The Ultimate Home Buyers Guide"


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    Does any organization bear its soul for the world?  It does if it's Freemasonry. We are a pious bunch. "Piety" doesn't wear well anymore.  We watch politicians jump ship, knowing the idealists have already jumped ahead of them. We barely tolerate  manipulation of power, hubris and greed.  We give men the resources to be free thinkers and present them with opportunity to rise above the clamour to find the bigger man

    Forever we've recreated the external world in masonic values. We never stopped doing that; always hopeful using insight and reason to release potential.  We've waited, generation after generation; stiff jawed protectors of 'the way" combating the bunk, junk and lizards.

    Before the villagers rally and hunt us down here at Masonic Home Companion we really must talk. Are you noticing the glimmer of light too?     

    Each discovery, discussion and insight prepares the canvas on which we portray our lives. Today, when we build the cathedral, with pencil, protractor  and ruler nearby, we work not in two dimension but three and even computer assisted. The WWW isn't not a new tool but it is renewed every time we use it. It brings the greatest libraries of the world to us.   When we didn't have access, we went about our business perhaps less informed. But today we live a stones throw from the Tate Modern the  Louve and the Hermitage and visit all in an afternoon. It is a testiment to the Craft to flow so much material to our students and reseachers. The geni is out of the bottle. Limits of imagination do not exist. The zeitgeist is about the fluid exchange of ideas.  This exposes little of the practice of freemasonry which remains as shared experiences by small groups of men,  a process of the intellect- achievement of awareness.

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    What the Future of Gig Apps Will Bring? Five Cities Have Answers.

    in Internet

    Forward-thinking people in five U.S. cities hit the bleeding-edge of innovation this past weekend while answering the question, “what can we do with a gig?” The future of gig apps looks particularly bright according to French telecom company, Orange, which hosted this first-ever multi-city hackathon.

    Will Barkis, Technologist for Orange Silicon Valley, gives us a rundown of some of the interesting applications and inventive solutions that can impact education, healthcare, entertainment and business. Those participating in GigHacks represent communities with citywide gigagit networks and those with plans on the drawing board.     

    San Francisco, CA

    Orange GigaStudio paired with several Bay Area firm to leverage gig technology with a focus on online music collaboration, 360 video, VR use cases and video chat. 

    Kansas City, MO & KS

    Teams formed to build pilots in virtual and augmented reality for the classroom, Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems for public safety and civic engagement, digital health and other technologies.

    Chattanooga, TN

    Orange partnered with several local businesses and the Chattanooga Public Library to leverage municipal broadband, GENI and a group of talented UT Chattanooga-GIGTANK Fellowship applicants

    Burlington, VT

    Advanced teams formed to leverage Burlington Telecom's fiber network in the areas of smart grid energy management, cyber-security, edu-gaming, food systems, and secure mobile health.

    Charlotte, NC

    Charlotte projects included cancer genome analysis, unstructured data analysis and visualization, video collaboration, energy innovation and civic engagement.

    Enjoy Gigabit Nation? Check this out!

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    Geni Hulsey, President of Church Bookstore Network, Interviewed by Lloyd Hildebrand

    in Books

    Geni Hulsey, President of Church Bookstore Network, opened and managed The Garden Bookstore at Houston’s First Baptist Church in 1993. In 2005, Dave Condiff, publisher of Christian Retailing, invited her to be a part of the start up of the Church Bookstore Magazine, and that same year Stephen Strang (Strang Communications) asked her to help start a group that would educate and support church bookstores—hence, The Church Bookstore Network.
    Geni taught Church Bookstore workshops at CBA and assisted in opening over 50 church bookstores across the country. Each year she assists Dave Condiff in organizing The Gathering—formerly known as The Gathering of Church Bookstores.

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    Multi-talented actress Hilary Shepard

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    Actress, musician, game inventor, writer and model Hilary Shepard started her career as a model for the likes of Gianni Versace and Diane Von Furstenberg and soon began acting, joining the world famous comedy improv group, The Groundlings, alongside Phil Hartman and Kathy Griffin. She simultaneously formed the all-girl rock band, American Girls, and played bass, percussion, and co- wrote all the songs for their 1984 album on IRS Records. Her songs were featured in the movies Tough Guys and Troop Beverly Hills, which she also appeared in.

    Hilary has starred in over 23 movies including Private Resort, starring opposite Johnny Depp, and is best known for  playing  the evil queen, Divatox, in the movie Power Rangers: a Turbo Adventure. Besides reprising her role as Divatox on the television series, she also re-occurred on television in Star Trek Deep Space 9 and appeared on pretty much every iconic TV show from the 80ies and 90ies from Family Ties and Full House to the Golden Girls and Doctor Doctor.

    Hilary also co-invented the best-selling award winning board games LIEbrary, Famous Last Lines, and Call it! with her best friend, actress Daryl Hannah. As a writer she co-created the CBC sitcom "Material World" that won a Geni for Best New Show and her personal essays have appeared on the websites Freshyarn, CrazySexyLife, and The Conversation.

    She is author of a new book, SHESUS. Hilary's 16 year old daughter, popular teen model Scarlett Turner posed for the cover of  the book which was shot by her other daughter, award winning photographer Cassidy Turner.

    Follow Hilary Shepard on Twitter

    Those Diner and Motorcycle Guys website

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    Records and Reconciliation

    in Education

    You are in for a treat as we visit with Jamaican native, Kenneth Kwame Welsh, who will share with us his genealogical journey which began when he was 3 -4 years old as his father began teaching him about his family history. 
    "By the time I was 12 we had a library at our house. The other kids in our Bronx, NY, neighborhood would rather come to our house than the public library. At that same time, I stopped just trying to memorize what my parents told me and started taking notes.
    "At 17, my dad took me on a trip to Jamaica. We visited 7 out of the 14 parishes, and met many relatives. By the time, I was in my early twenties, I was helping people track down their roots (all along the East Coast)," said Kenneth.
    Join, our host, Robin Foster, to learn about Kenneth's experience assisting people internationally, as the president of the California African American Genealogical Society, and how technology such as Geni has allowed him to expand his research.  

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    Real Talk with Big Trav and The Diva

    in Friends

    Every Friday from 6-8PM PST, it's Real Talk Radio with host, Big Trav and The Diva.  This week, roller derby girls 12 GAGE and Geni-Sydal will be in the studio chatting it up! It will never be a dull moment with Big Trav and the Diva as you will never know who will stop by or what he has up his sleeve! So join them for Real Talk Radio Fridays at 6PM PST

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    GeneaBloggers Radio - Guest Interview Noah Tutak of Geni.com

    in History

    Join us for another episode of GeneaBloggers Radio on Friday, March 11, 2011 starting at 10pm EST, 9pm CST, 8pm MST and 7pm PST! This week we'll be discussing a variety of genealogy and family history subjects - especially since this week's episode of Who Do You Think You Are? on NBC is a repeat of the Kim Cattrall episode.

    Our very special guest this week will be Noah Tutak, CEO of Geni.com (http://www.geni.com). We’ll be interviewing Noah about the role of social media in genealogy as well as collaboration among family members and genealogists. Of course, we'll be discussing Geni.com products and services and how they can be used. Callers will be able to talk to Noah and ask him questions.

    WOW!! Talk about generous door prizes! Geni.com will have several 3-month Geni.com PRO accounts which gives you full access to all its features. But wait! There’s more! A grand prize package of Geni.com conference swag (a hoodie, t-shirts, etc.) plus a LIFETIME Geni.com PRO account!

    And, as usual, you never know what aspect of genealogy we’ll discuss at GeneaBloggers Radio so tune in!. Again, we'll have special Geni.com door prizes to give away! GeneaBloggers Radio is about the most fun you can have with your genealogy on a Friday night!

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    Embracing Technology: Where to turn next?

    in History

    Join us for another episode of GeneaBloggers Radio on Friday, May 20, 2011 starting at 10pm Eastern, 9pm Central, 8pm Mountain and 7pm Pacific when this week we'll be talking about genealogy and technology: Embracing Technology: Where to turn next? with special host Ol’ Myrt of the DearMYRTLE website and blog! Our special guests will include Tami Glatz of the Relatively Curious About Genealogy blog, Bruce Buzbee of RootsMagic, and Earl Mott of SharingTime & Noah Tutak of Geni discussing AncestorSync. And, as usual, you never know what other aspects of genealogy and family history will be covered at GeneaBloggers Radio so tune in! GeneaBloggers Radio is about the most fun you can have with your genealogy on a Friday night!

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    Divine Diva Inspiration With Guest Linda Salazar

    in Lifestyle

    Linda is a certified life coach, a spiritual growth teacher and an author. We are going to talk about her new book Awaken The Geni Within today.
    Visit her site at www.awakenthegeniewithin.com